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									  Computer Studies (option)

              Paul Galea
Assistant Director (Curriculum Development)
          Computer Studies (option)

   Is an academic subject comparable to other
    scientific studies such as Physics, Chemistry and
   A three year course that prepares students to sit
    for the “O” level at SEC.
   All teachers in State Schools have a Degree in the
    subject and professionally trained
   Opens good prospects of a carrier in a number of
    computer related professions
   Computer Studies is not ECDL
      Computer Studies (option)

Computer studies is subdivided into:
   Computer applications

   Hardware

   Computer systems

   Problem solving and Programming

   Communications and Information Systems

   Coursework
         Computer Studies (option)

Students who obtain a good pass in the subject will
  be able to continue their studies at a higher level
 Vocational courses run by MCAST

 Intermediate or Advanced level in Computing

 Intermediate or Advanced level in Information
 University Degree

 CISCO or Microsoft Academy courses
           Computer Studies (option)

   Foundation Certificate in Computing (O level not required)
   First Diploma in IT Practitioner
   National Diploma in IT Practitioner
   Higher National Diploma in Computing
         Computer Studies (option)

University Of Malta
Faculty of Education
      B.Educ Hons. (Secondary) in teaching of Computer St.
Faculty of Engineering
      B.Sc. Hons. in Informatics
      B.Sc. Hons. in Computer Science
      B.Sc. Hons. in Computer Systems Engineering
      Certificate in Information Technology
      Diploma in Information Technology
          Computer Studies (option)

University Of Malta
Faculty of Science
      B.Sc. Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence
      B.Sc. Computer Information Systems
      B.Sc. Computer Systems Engineering
      B.Sc. Gen. Computing and other Subjects
            Computer Studies (option)
Swatar Training Centre
NCC Courses (full time)
      Certificate in Computer studies (short course no “O” levels required)
      Diploma in Computer Studies (3 “O” levels + Computer Studies)
      Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies
      B.Sc Hons in Computing and Information Systems
                                          (London Metropolitan University)
      M.Sc. In Computing (Portsmouth University)
CISCO Courses (part time)
      IT essentials
      Network Operating Systems
      CISCO Certified Network Assistant
          Computer Studies (option)
Local courses run on behalf of Foreign Universities
St Martins Institute of IT
 A variety of courses in conjunction with University of

  London at B.Sc. level

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