2007-2008 Student Council Officers by PLeIE5


									                         2012-2013 Student Council Officers!
         All Officer Responsibilities:
              Meet with Mr. Hurley to improve school.
              Stay after school a couple days a marking period
              Be a GREAT role model
              Be responsible and take charge!
         President:                                     Secretary:
              Take attendance                              Update calendar
              Help lead meetings                           Create flyers
              Answer teachers’ questions                   Help with attendance
              Speak at school wide assemblies                    Computer skills especially
                    Must be organized and out                      word
                      going                             Treasurer
                                                            Organize any money
         Vice-President:                                    Help take UNICEF coins to Coin-
              Assist and fill in for President               star machine
                                                                  Must have excellent math
                                                                    and organization skills
Dates to remember:
 1.   Tuesday, September 18th: Turn in application at Student Council Meeting.
 2. Tuesday, September 25th: Speeches will be videotaped (Please dress up) and Election
      Posters are due.

I, ____________________________________, would like to be a student council officer.
I would like to run for:
                    □ President                         □ Secretary
                    □ Vice President                    □ Treasurer

Please write a paragraph why you feel you would be good for this position. (This is NOT your speech).

_______________________ ______________________________                          _______________
Student’s Signature              Parent’s Signature                             Phone Number

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