iPhone app developers introduce Passbook app – a digital wallet

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					         iPhone app developers introduce Passbook app – a digital wallet

It seems iPhone application development teams have done it again with introducing a new concept or feature called Passbook in
the latest version of Passbook. This particular feature seems to have captured the attention of many people the marketing and
advertising professionals as it opens the door to some new innovative marketing techniques. Undoubtedly, any kind of new
marketing technique will definitely help marketing and advertising professionals to reach out to their client’s customer base in a
much more effective manner.

This IPhone application development feature called Passbook will be made available for iPhone and iPod Touch and it is an
app that will literally act as a digital wallet because it will store digital tickets, coupons and loyalty cards all at one place. It
seems that this would revolutionize the way
people use their wallets. With its launch of
iPhone 5, IPhone app developers have made
sure that this app gets launched with a couple
of more other apps. Other new features
include Apple’s own mapping app and
integration with Yelp and Facebook. The
new iOS 6 software will be installed not only
on iPhone but also the iPod Touch and iPad.
iOS 6 is also available as a free upgrade for
most of the old Apple device owners such as
iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Even though there were much speculation
and discussion about adding the digital
wallet feature to phones, it is only now that
iPhone App developers have actually turned this concept into a reality. Passbook will definitely in the future pave the way
towards mobile payments, once Apple garners a good number of followers of this particular iPhone application. Any version of
iPhone has always created a euphoria and it is no different with this one too where it seems about 200 million more iPhones will
be eventually sold by the year-end of 2013.

iPhone app developers have really been hard at work with this new application that allows users to easily scan the device to
redeem a coupon, get into a movie or even check into a flight.

During summer, Apple did show a preview of Passbook and other important iOS features to various iPhone application
development teams. These people are actually responsible for creating the apps and for also adding a host of features to the
existing applications. Many iPhone app developers are trying to fine tune their applications or make changes to them so that
they are able to adapt to Passbook. The advantage that Passbook lends, which is not there with any other app is that offers                                                                         1
actually gets displayed without even opening the app and these are sent even before one enters the store. Hence, iPhone
application development is definitely taking a leap forward into enhancing the relevancy of the apps. It is doesn’t seem
surprising that most analysts seem extremely excited about this new feature that iPhone app developers have created and that
can go a long way in revolutionizing the concept of digital wallet.                                                                 1

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Description: IPhone app developers have always introduced innovative development techniques and come out with features that have never been thought of before.