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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                     Digital Photo Printing Explained
                                                                   By CJ Thomas

   If you are new to digital photo processing, it is a good idea to take a few minutes to understand how
the process works. Digital photo printing has many benefits over traditional photo processing and gives
you much more control over how your images will turn out. If you have ever gone to pick up your
photos from a processing store, only to be disappointed with the results, this new way of printing
photos will give you the ability to change your pictures before you print them.

 In order to be able to use digital photo printing, you’ll first need to have a picture that is either scanned
in, or that has been taken using a digital camera. You can transfer these images onto your computer
either through a flatbed scanner, or right from your camera with a special cable. Once you have
imported that photo into your computer, you’ll be able to change it anyway that you would like.

 At this stage, it’s time to edit your photos and get them prepared for digital photo printing. In most
cases, this is very easy to do and will require only a few minutes of time for each photo. If you’re
adding special effects or making corrections, it may take a bit longer. You’ll need to save that photo
with an extension just as .jpg to make sure that the photo printing service can open the file.

 Now it’s time to upload the file to your digital photo printing service. This is usually done right from
your browser, and will take a few seconds to complete. It’s a good idea to save the file on your
computer where you can easily find it. If you are uploading one or two images, you can just save them
directly to your desktop. However, if you are going to be printing several, it’s easiest to create a folder
on your desktop and save the images in there. Then, you can easily access them in one place.

 The upload process will transmit your photo from your computer, over to the digital photo printing
service. Typically, your photos will be stored securely in your account and you can then pick which
ones you would like to have printed. You can arrange them any way you’d like to make it easier to
share them later, or just have them all printed in bulk.

 Once you’ve got this done, you can order your digital prints. Numerous different sizes are available,
but most people find that 4x6 works best for most cameras. You can try experimenting with different
sizes until you find the one that works best for you. Most digital photo printing services will offer a wide
range of sizes so that you’ll be able to pick the one you want.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 The a free online photo album site can then print your photos for you using high quality paper that will
resist fading and damage. You can have them delivered right to your door after they are all done and
begin sharing them right away.

CJ Thomas writes for a variety of websites, including Hoorray (, a photo
sharing site that offers the quickest and easiest way to build a free online photo album, as well as free
online photo storage.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

               Does the Type of Camera You Use Determine Digital Photo Printing Quality?
                                                                By CJ Thomas

As entry level digital cameras become more popular, many consumers are jumping into the world of
digital photo printing for the first time. Since most of us have experience with traditional photo
processing, it’s easy to expect really good results from your digital photos. However, unless you are
using the right type of camera, you may end up disappointed in the results. Here is a quick guide to
finding the right kind of camera to use when you need to use digital photo printing for your images.

 Cellphone Cameras – These are great cameras for every day use, but they just can’t take pictures that
will print well. This is mainly due to the low resolution these cameras offer for images, and the end
result is usually quite blurry and may even be unusable. Out of all the cameras you can use for digital
photo printing, these are probably the ones that will produce the worst results.

 Webcams – Many computer companies throw in a free webcam with the purchase of a computer and
even if you have to buy one on your own, the costs are very low. This has made it easy for people to
take pictures in front of their computer, but if you are planning on using these photos for digital photo
printing, you may be disappointed. Once again, we are dealing with an issue of low resolution and
smaller image sizes that may not translate well for digital photo printing.

 The exception to this rule would be webcams that are higher end and offer resolutions in excess of 3
megapixels. However, these are usually priced out of range of the average user, and unless you plan
to use it heavily, you may be overspending.

 Novelty Digital Cameras – These are becoming increasingly popular as technological advances make
it easier to include cameras in just about anything we own. You can even find keychains that have
small digital cameras attached to them. However, even though these are widely available, they
typically produce very low quality images, and it can be difficult to transfer your photos to your
computer for digital photo printing.

 Traditional Cameras – If you haven’t quite made the switch to digital cameras yet, you can still take
advantage of digital photo printing. You’ll need to first take the picture and then have it developed.
Most photo processing stores now offer the option to have your pictures transferred to a CD or DVD
where they can easily be placed on your computer. Once you have them on your computer, you can
easily send them in for digital processing.

 Dedicated Digital Cameras – These cameras are the most expensive on this list, but they will
generally produce the best results. For the highest quality images, try to find a camera that offers more
than 3 megapixels. These are becoming increasingly more affordable and are perfect for digital photo
printing, and it’s best to put your money into one of these cameras.

CJ Thomas writes for a variety of websites, including Hoorray (, a photo
sharing site that offers the quickest and easiest way to build a free online photo album, as well as free
online photo storage.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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