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					                          LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
                                   Group Essay

       To reduce health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity, people

need to exercise and maintain a diet enforced by personal lifestyle changes. Being active

and exercising helps people become healthy and to maintain a health lifestyle. Exercising

also makes people feel better, and it reduces age-related problems with our body.

However, people have a myriad of excused not to exercise: it is too difficult to do or

learn, it requires too much time, it requires equipment, it requires a gym membership, and

the list goes on. Any form of exercise requires some effort, especially a bit of knowledge

and skill to prevent injury. Some common exercises that are easily included in a new

exercise routine that also address some of the most common excuses are running, weight

lifting, and swimming.

       One of the most popular forms of exercise is running because it is one of the

easiest activities to start. It can be as easy as stepping outside one’s front door. Running

can be done at any time of the day and on any safe surface without any type of

equipment. Some of the benefits of running include weight loss, an increase in one’s

metabolism, lower total blood cholesterol, and strengthening the bones, all of which lead

to a stronger immune system. Some people run for recreation while some run for sport.

Despite which reason motivates someone to run, it is important to do it safely. One

purchase that is necessary to prevent injuries is a show with adequate support. The other

safety tip does not require money but requires attention to posture. Many people make

the mistake of keeping their shoulders and chin up while running when the best posture is

to run upright. The speed one runs and the stride one takes can vary while still being

beneficial. Running speeds range from jogging to sprinting. Jogging is moving in a

slow, continuous path while sprinting is a full-speed run. As a runner increases his/her

strength and comfort, he/she can improve by paying attention to his/her stride and timing.

Stride is the length from step to step while running and beginning runners usually do not

have a long stride or manage a high number of strides per minute.

       Another easy and important form of exercise is weightlifting. Many people use

this activity to increase muscle strength and develop body mass. Many people think

weightlifting always builds bulk and fail to realize that adding weightlifting exercises to a

routine workout helps build bone density, which helps prevent broken bones as people

age. One can also target muscles that may need strength to prevent pain in areas such as

the knees. Weightlifting first became important to strengthen athletes in other sports, but

it became more common when it was added to the Olympic Games, where both men and

women compete. Many of the same weightlifting events seen in Olympics can be used

by almost anyone. To get started in weightlifting, it is smart to learn the proper technique

from a trainer to prevent injuries, which may involve a short-term cost. Weights may

also be purchased, but normal household goods such as cans of food may be used in place

of store-bought weights. The everyday athlete typically wants to build strength without

bulk by using lighter weights and more reps while competing weightlifters use more

weight and few reps. Just two days a week of weightlifting can provide a lifetime of


       Swimming is a sport that many people find enjoyable because when most people

think of water, they think of “fun.” That may be enough to get someone motivated to

start swimming. Usually, the biggest obstacle is finding a place to swim. Many cities

have city pools, and many schools open their pools to the public during designated hours.

Doing a little research may result in discovering a place to swim close to home and with

little or no cost. Swimming is an extremely effective form of exercise because it is a full-

body workout without muscle strain. The buoyancy in the water makes swimming the

best exercise for people with joint pain. Furthermore, people do not even have to know

how to swim because many pools provide water aerobics classes that provide equipment

that keeps the exerciser afloat. For those who want to exercise in the water the traditional

way, swimming has many different types of strokes such as freestyle, breast stroke,

backstroke, and the butterfly. All swimmers must pay attention to breathing, trying to

breathe as little as possible when racing, but beginners should breathe normally.

         Regardless of what type of exercise and diet a person chooses, he/she must stick

with it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a major component when it comes to

staying fit and in shape. Starting a healthy routine at a young age makes it easier to

maintain a healthy lifestyle as people age. This also reduces health issues that are

associated with aging. People who suffer from health issues due to weight and unhealthy

food choices should find a way to fit in a daily exercise routine in their life by choosing

one or more of the exercises above. By following simply and consistent health routines,

people can lead a better quality of life, which is what most of us strive for as we grow



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