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					KIFALAT Campaign with ROSHNI HOMES
           for Ramadan
    Brief Introduction of Roshni Homes

Roshni homes is a volunteer, non-religious and non- sectarian
Orphanage (Trust) which strives to provide a home, a family and
education to the orphaned-abandoned and destitute children. It is
the only orphanage which has a designed orphan care and
education system as per Islamic guidance for orphans.

Moreover, the system has also been recognized at Child Rights
Convention (Geneva).
         Mission/Objective of Roshni Homes
• To provide protection, home, family, higher education and health
  facilities to children deprived of parental care.

• To increase awareness for the cause and its extent, and provide
  possible solutions for all forms of child welfare.

• To improve the quality of current efforts and to detect, treat and
  improve the quality of services rendered to these destitute children.
                   KIFALAT CAMPAIGN DURING


•   ‘KIFALAT’ is an Arabic word meaning to support a child or a family
    in need as per Islamic Ideology.

• The idea behind the campaign is that every body loves his/her
  parents but not everybody can make or dedicate a hospital, school
  or Welfare Homes due to financial constraints. But under Kifalat a
  child could be supported by as little as Rs.10/-, this Kifalat program
  will help Roshni Homes to provide good living and best education
  from school till their University Degree. In this way, will help
  promote the nation’s forgotten talent.
            BIG IDEA
McDonald’s being the Corporate Social
    Responsible citizen launches
      Children Kifalat program
         for Roshni Homes
              McDonald's & Roshni Homes
              together for a Social Cause

•   To create awareness about the Kifalat program & persuade people to
    contribute to the noble cause.
•   To raise funds for Roshni Homes to support orphanage program/under
    privileged children’s living & education.
•   To enhance corporate image & reinforce McDonald’s link with the local
    community by supporting social cause & raising funds for them.
•   Keep continue building brand trust bank & positive image to immune the
    brand against negative vibes and be it a part of local fabric.

• McDonald’s & Roshni Homes will launch joint promo titled “Kifalat
  Program” on the mutually agreed mechanics.

• A comprehensive communication plan to be devised in which both
  organizations leverage each other on the resources.

• On ground activities to be launched to create awareness at the
  community level.
   Mechanics of Kifalat Program
   Kifalat campaign will be executed at all nationwide stores during
   the month of Ramadan on the following proposed mechanics:

1. After the order our counter crew will ask for the contribution
   something like “Sir 10, 20 or more” whereas this will be supported
   through CRT & other merchandising.
2. Contribution through reply SMS.
3. Charity boxes for donation during the campaign period.
4. Celebrity endorsement can also be explored.

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