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									The Maverick Newsletter                            Issue 23   School Year 2010-2011   2/11/11

I will not be able to write a newsletter next week, so this one will have information
for the upcoming two weeks. Make sure you hang on to it for menus and
activities for the weeks of February 14-18 and 21-25!

                                  Upcoming Events
Friday, February 11- District 12 Boys basketball @ Minot Auditorium
              (4:30 or 7:30pm depending on last night (Thursday)’s outcome)
Saturday, February 12- District 12 Boys basketball @ Minot Auditorium
       Science Quiz Bowl @ Bismarck
       10 am - Junior High boys basketball Westhope/ Newburg @ Mohall
Sunday, February 13- College Goal at MSU - 1-3pm
Monday, February 14 - Happy Valentine’s Day! (parties at 2:00pm)
       Junior High Boys basketball @ Kenmare 4:30, 5:30
       Sherwood Fitness Center Open House 7pm
Tuesday, February 15- JH Boys basketball @ Bottineau 4:30, 5:30
       Girls basketball @ Washburn 6:00 & 7:30
       Elementary parent-teacher conferences 4-7pm
Wednesday, February 16- Math Counts 9am - MLS
       Renville County Elementary Spelling Bee in Sherwood
       K-12 Parent-Teacher conferences 4-7pm
Thursday, February 17- Parent-Teacher conferences grades 7-12 Mohall 4-7pm
Friday, February 18- Zumba party 6-7:30pm in Mohall gym
Saturday, February 19 - Girls basketball @ Wilton 2:00-3:30-5:00pm
       Speech meet at Bowbells
       Livestock, crop, sales in Rugby
Monday, February 21- Presidents’ Day - NO SCHOOL
       Region 6 Boys basketball tournament
Tuesday, February 22- Boys basketball Region 6 tournament
Wednesday, February 23- FCCLA STAR event @ Harvey
       Renville County Junior High Spelling Bee @ Glenburn 9:30am
Thursday, February 24- Junior High Boys basketball with W/N
              @ Westhope 3:00,4:00
       Boys region 6 Basketball tournament
Friday, February 25- Girls basketball District tournament @ Minot Auditorium
Saturday, February 26 - Junior High Boys basketball @ Glenburn 10:00am
       Girls basketball District Tournament @ Minot Auditorium
       Livestock, Crop, Sales @ Carrington

A big congratulations goes to Summer Smith, who became an aunt for the
second time when Bentley Nicole Westerness was born on February 8 th. Bentley
is the daughter of Corey and Chelsea (Smith) Westerness, and the sister to Cale
Anthony Westerness. She weighed in at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Congratulations to
little Bentley’s family!
The Maverick Newsletter                           Issue 23   School Year 2010-2011   2/11/11

                     This Week’s Menu (February 14-18)
Monday: Breakfast: cold cereal, toast, juice, milk
        Lunch: tacos, salad bar, fruit, milk
Tuesday: Breakfast: cold cereal, muffins, juice, milk
         Lunch: Pizza, salad bar, fruit, milk
Weds:    Breakfast: cold cereal, toast, juice, milk
         Lunch: Chicken strips, wedges, salad bar, fruit, milk
Thursday: Breakfast: cold cereal, long johns, juice, milk
          Lunch: tator-tot hot dish, green beans, fruit, milk
Friday: Breakfast: cold cereal, toast, juice, milk
        Lunch: fish wedges, baked potatoes, corn, fruit, milk

                    Next Week’s Menu (February 21-25)
Tuesday: Breakfast: cold cereal, toast, juice, milk
         Lunch: BBQ chicken drummies, chicken rice, green beans, fruit, milk
Weds:    Breakfast: Biscuit w/ sausage gravy, juice, milk
         Lunch: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit, milk
Thursday: Breakfast: pancakes, ham, juice, milk
          Lunch: pork roast, mashed potatoes, cream corn, fruit, milk
Friday: Breakfast: cold cereal, cinnamon rolls, juice, milk
        Lunch: chicken alfredo, peas, bread, fruit, milk

                         Elementary basketball practice
There will be basketball practice for any girls in grades 3-6 who are interested.
Coach Brackenbury will be working the girls on fundamental skills. Practice will
start at 9:30am with doors open at 9:15am, and ends at 11:00am.

On Friday, February 8 , there will be a Zumba party from 6-7:30pm at the gym in
Mohall. The cost is $7.50 a person. If you would like to check out Zumba, this
would be a great opportunity! Also, remember that there is a Zumba exercise
class in Sherwood every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:00. There is a
dedicated group of women who have been attending. Come and join in the fun! If
you have questions, call Ardelle at 267-3357.

                               Valentine’s Parties
A quick reminder that we are having our last classroom parties of the year on
Monday, February 14th at 2:00pm.Thanks to all of the parents for your help with
the school parties this year. We couldn’t do it without you!
The Maverick Newsletter                            Issue 23   School Year 2010-2011   2/11/11

                             Renville County Spelling Bee
The Renville County spelling bee will be held at Sherwood on Wednesday,
February 16th. Students in grades 3-6 will be competing from various school
throughout the county. It takes quite a few people to make this event a success.
Volunteers are needed. If you would be interested in helping with checking the
tests, please contact Mr. Lyle Simoneau at 459-2214.

                                 Piano Students
A quick reminder that Joyce Atwood’s piano students will be performing their
festival pieces at the Good Samaritan center in Mohall at 2:00pm on Sunday,
February 13th. Also, the piano festival will be held on Saturday, February 19 th at
Minot State University. Good luck to all of those who are participating!!!

                      Sherwood Fitness Center Opening
The Sherwood Fitness Center is having its Grand Opening on Monday, February
14th at 7:00pm. Currently, the center will be open from noon to 6pm Monday
through Friday. Membership costs will be $20.00 a month for individuals and
$30.00 for couples, with yearly memberships only available. There will be
refreshments served at the open house, along with door prize drawings. For
more information, contact Debbie Moucha at 459-2261 or 833-3895.

                           Parent-Teacher Conferences
On Tuesday, February 15th and Wednesday February 16th from 4-7pm, teachers
will be available for conferences at the MLS-Sherwood school. Parents are
encouraged to visit with all of your child’s teachers and discuss their progress in
school. We are lucky to have a teaching staff who is so dedicated to our students
and they would love to share with you what happens during your children’s day.

Also, please note that if you have students in grades 7-12, those teachers will be
available for conferences from 4-7 pm on Wednesday, February 16th and
Thursday, February 17th at MLS-Mohall. The different dates are new this year,
and have been put in place to give parents an opportunity to visit both schools if
necessary. The parents I have spoken with have really liked the change, so be
sure to thank the administration if you like this new arrangement.

                             Students of the Month
Congratulations to the January Students of the Month from grades 7-12 at MLS!
Jacob Smith is the student of the month from grades 7&8. He is the son of Jeff
and Trichele Smith. Other nominated were Cameron Powell and Seth Southam.
Tasha Hahka is the student of the month from grades 9&10. She is the daughter
of Duane and Pamela Hahka of Mohall. Also nominated was Madison Southam.
Wyatt Stanley is the student of the month for grades 11&12. He is the son of Bill
and Ruth Stanley. Also nominated were Logan Daeley and Dalton Hanson. I
think we can be very proud of our students!!!!

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