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									Teacher Learning Plan 7
                                          Typing Introduction and Internet Practice
Lesson Objectives

     1. Students begin to use a typing software program -- lesson 1.
     2. Students review the vocabulary to describe browser and Internet operations.
     3. Students review typing URL addresses correctly to access specific web pages.
     4. Students review how to navigate and scroll within the browser program.
     5. Students copy and paste text from a web page to Microsoft Word.

Linked CASAS Ability

     1. Effectively utilize common workplace technology and systems 4.5
     2. Understand concepts and materials related to job performance and training 4.4

Required Material

        Computer lab, student portfolios, floppy disks, white board, Student Learning Plan 7
        class assignment sheet, overhead projector, transparencies for record keeping.


        Student class participation, on-line reading exercise.


        Class work, learning objectives and quiz result is recorded in each student’s portfolio.

                                                                          Teacher Learning Plan 7

Lesson Objectives:

               Task checklist                                 Notes to instructor

Review Vocabulary
                                                   Vocabulary: colon, dash, dot, underscore,
___ Review vocabulary shown on the right.          forward slash, highlight, copy, paste, scroll,
                                                   navigation toolbar, navigation buttons,
                                                   hyperlink, link, online.

                                        (10 min)

Intro to typing program
                                                   Using the projection system, give the
Home Row                                           students a basic orientation about using the
___ Demonstrate how to use the typing program.     typing program.

                                                   Note: The program icon for the typing
___ Students follow along with the teacher and     program should be created on the computer
    then continue on their own for about 20        desktop for easy access.
                                        (30 min)

Reading on the Internet
                                                   Use the Student Learning Plan 7 --Class
___ Demonstrate for the students how to use the    Assignment sheet as your guide. Go online
    web site called “The Writing Den”. Review      and demonstrate all the steps that the
    how to use the browser navigation buttons      assignment requires, including the reading
    and scroll within the browser window.          and the quiz process.
                                                   The student’s monitors should be turned off
                                                   during your demonstration. They watch you
___ Demonstrate how student’s can paste the quiz   as they follow the reading instructions on
    result to Microsoft Word and put their name    the class assignment sheet.
    at the top or bottom of the document.
                                                   Note: Use the Internet Explorer browser for
                                                   all lessons involving copying and pasting to
___ Review how to print a document and then        Word. Netscape does not copy well to
    save it to the floppy disk.                    Word. Also, feel free to use a different
                                                   reading web site if you find it is better for
                                                   your needs.
                                        (25 min)

                                                                           Teacher Learning Plan 7

                Task checklist                                 Notes to instructor

Class assignment
___ Students complete an online reading             Note: Make sure that each student prints his
    assignment following the instructions on the    or her quiz result page and saves it to the
    Lesson 7 Class Assignment sheet.                floppy disk.

                                                    * Student Learning Plan 7 -- Class
                                                    Assignment sheet is in the student’s binders.

Closing Programs
____ Students close Internet Explorer browser
     program, shut down windows and turn off

Record keeping                                      This is the time for students to give you
                                                    feedback on the lesson.
____ Students complete their Student Learning
                                                    The following skills were taught or reviewed
     Plan 7 evaluation and fill out the Learning
                                                    in this lesson:
     Objectives Record.
                                                    Typing Skills – Hand position and finger
____ Students record the reading quiz result and
    date on the Class Assignment and Tests
                                                  Internet Navigation – browser vocabulary,
    Record Sheet.
                                                  basic navigation skills, typing a URL
                                          (15min) address correctly, printing a web page,
                                                  using hyperlinks, copy and paste from web
                                                  page to Word.

                                                    Word Processing – Create and save a
                                                    document, printing a document.

                                                    Reading Skills – Understanding facts and
                                                    main ideas, sentence order.

-- End of Learning Plan 7 --


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