Grade 8 Health by 26MqjbG


									                   Grade 8 Health
            Ch 1 Wellness Web Assignment
           Last class we began to look at your overall wellness by filling
           in a grid with activities that define your wellness.

Physical       Intellectual   Emotional   Spiritual   Vocational   Environmental   Social

           By using the activities that you had included in your wellness
           grid, develop a collage of images that illustrates the different
           sections of your wheel. You will need to label the sections to
           differentiate between them. You should collect at least 10
           images per section – that means different activities.
           Remember to personalize the collage by using images that you
           participate in or are interested in
How to begin:

  1.   Create a folder in my drop box. (Hoddinott/Health/8-
  2.   Wellness wheel collage). Label this folder with: ch
       1collage/your first and last name ie (ch1collageMr
  3.   In your own folder create subfolders to hold the
       images in each section of the wellness wheel. You
       should have 7 sections
  4.   When you have this completed. Use a program of your
       choice (notebook, paint etc) to arrange each section a
  5.   We will then create a big collage that will include all
       of the sections in a wheel made of Bristol board.

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