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									          Digital Learning Environment

                  The Box Is Not the Solution…

       Lloyd Spruill, Knowledge Network Solutions

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    21st Century Work Skills!

Your challenges are
varied and daunting – We
Changing Teaching & Learning!

  David Thornburg, Technology Education:
  Expectations Not Options, May 2004
     Traditional                                              21st Century
Learning Environment                                      Learning Environment
Teacher-centered instruction                                 Student-centered learning
  Single-sense stimulation                                    Multi-sensory stimulation
  Single-path progression                                        Multi-path progression
        Single media                                                      Multimedia
       Isolated work                                                Collaborative work
    Information delivery                                         Information exchange
      Passive learning                                     Active/inquiry-based learning
 Factual, knowledge-based                         Critical thinking and informed decision-making
     Reactive response                                        Proactive/planned action
 Isolated, artificial context                              Authentic, real world context

                                Source: International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETS Project,
                                National Educational Technology Standards for Students, June 1998, p. 2.
        Technology Bottleneck

                  Teachers Use
                  of Technology

             Professional Development
             eliminates this bottleneck
HP – K12 Professional Development: Orient/Integrate/Deliver/Collaborate
Professional Development                             Course              Hrs   Teacher   Lead      School   Student   Parent
                                                                                         Teacher   Leader
Orientation to Technology and Introduction to        Teaching and        6        X         X         X        X         X
Integration (Tablet, Laptop, Desktop)                Learning
Integrating Technology into Curriculum               TITLE Ph I          30       X         X
21st Century Teacher Delivery Skills
Mastering NETS-T w/ MS Office
Teacher Projects and Presentations                   TITLE Ph II         18       X         X

Lead Teacher – Adult Learning & Best Practices for   TITLE Ph III        18                 X
School Leadership Instruction for Teacher            School Leadership   6                            X
Integration Eval w/ Rubrics
Supplemental Curriculum – science, social studies,   Discovery Ed /      6        X         X                            X
math - (6) Hr Session
“Real-Life” Skills – Creation, Editing &             Photoshop           12       X         X                  X         X
Presentation – Movies, Photos, Podcasts,             Elements
Websites, Wikis, Blogs, - (3) Hr Sessions            Acrobat
Classroom Management - Monitoring and                DyKnow              6        X         X                  X
Classroom/Internet Presentation
Interactive WhiteBoard Integration into              SmartBoard/         6        X         X         X        X
Classroom Instruction                                ActiveBoard/
Organization and Note Taking for Teachers and        OneNote             6        X         X         X        X
Students in Education
Communication and Collaboration – (3) Hr             Skype               6        X         X         X        X         X
Sessions                                             GotoMeeting

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            Knowledge 9
                KNS Professional Development for HP
    Product                         Scope/Features                             Benefits
Tablet Teaching      Students Learn best practices including:           •   Sessions led by
and Learning or          • Features & operation of Computer                 classroom teachers
Intro to Tech               Choice                                      •   Techniques learned
Integration with         • Pen enabled functions and                        decrease paper use
Laptops/Desktops            Handwriting Recognition                     •   Rekindles teachers’
                         • Audio/Video Capabilities                         enthusiasm for
                         • MS Office tools, Education Pack,                 teaching and
                            Experience Pack, Tablet PowerToys               learning
                         • TECH INTEGRATION IDEAS for K!2
Mobile Lab           Students Learn:
Computing                 • Mobile Lab set-up and pack-up               • Reduced support costs
                          • Support and troubleshooting                 • Higher uptime
                          • Classroom Best Practices                    • Higher usage rates
                               •PC, Projection & Presentation skills    • Maximize return on IWB
                     Students Learn:                                    • Reduced support costs
Whiteboard Best
                          • Features, operation and troubleshooting
Practices for
                          IWB devices
Classroom Learning
                          • Classroom Best Practices and lesson plans
                          • Use of Inking and Notebook applications
          KNS Professional Development for HP
Product             Scope/Features          Benefits






                                      
             - Technology Integration for Teaching
              and Learning in Education
• Setting the Stage: Project-Based Learning and Technology
  Integration for K-12 Curricula Windows XP:/Vista Operating
  System and File Management for the Classroom
• Collaboration and the Writing Process for Project-based
  Learning Using Microsoft Word
• Improving Critical Thinking Using Databases: Collecting,
  Organizing, Analyzing and Reporting Information with
  Microsoft Excel as a Database Tool
• Applying Inquiry Learning to Organize, Calculate, and Display
  Data for Project-based Learning Using Microsoft Excel as a
  Spreadsheet Tool
• Synthesis and Communication - Key Aspects of Project-based
  Learning: Synthesizing and Communicating Information Using
  Microsoft PowerPoint
              Delivery Methods
• Instructor-led from HP/KNS
  –   “Live” – 6 hrs. of hands-on instruction
  –   Virtual – “live-on-line” – 2 hr. seminars
  –   Use in-service days or pay subs for teachers
  –   Summer boot camp with a carrot
• Train-the-Educator
  – Build capacity in the district with Lead Teachers or PD staff
  – Work with teachers during planning periods, before and
    after school
• On-going Mentor support
• Self-paced Online – Atomic Learning
A Technology Integration Project

Building a Kaleidoscope: A Constructivist
 Approach to Learning for Project-based
                        Effective Planning

• Solid unit/lesson plan directed at Standards-Based learning
• Activities which focus on the student as the Active Engaged Learner
• Technology as a tool for learning and an integral part of lesson that
  should not be isolated from the academic curriculum.

   Subject Area(s)
   Outcome
   Academic Standards
   Technology Standards
   Teacher-Led Activities
   Student-Centered Activities
   Resources Needed
   Student Assessment Strategy
Sample of Standards-based, Student
Centered Activities

•   Building a Kaleidoscope
•   Building Vocabulary
•   Research Sites
•   Geometric Shape Tally
•   Student essay
      How Is a Kaleidoscope Like a Good
           Learning Plan for Kids?
• Write Your Ideas Using Journal, Word, or
• Ever changing
• Need light for true illumination
• Parts must work in conjunction with each other
• All parts must be relevant
• Need to reflect on all the parts to make a

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1 October, 2012   18
   We as educators must prepare
students for their future, not for our
past; therefore, we much change the
            way we teach.

                      •Project-based ,
                      addressing the
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