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									FSKU Tip Sheet

Using the Notify Button

The Notify button is found on most PeopleSoft Financial pages. Its function is to enable a
user to direct another FSKU user to the exact same FSKU page via an email notification.
The activity allows the sender to add information to the email explaining the purpose for
reviewing the FSKU page.

How to use the Notify button
       1. Locate the Notify button
       2. Complete the Send Notification page
       3. Field descriptions
       4. Lookup Recipients
       5. Send the notify email
       6. Receive the email

Tips on Setting up the Internet browser
Troubleshooting problems

Using Notify

1. Locate the Notify button, usually found at the bottom of the page, left-hand side.

Click on the Notify toolbar button to open the Send Notification page, where the user can enter a
personal message and send an email notification to one or more FSKU users.

2. Complete the Send Notification Page

Using the Notify Button                     Page 1 of 5                                   3/30/2009
Complete the Subject and Message fields.
The FSKU user email address must be looked up using the Lookup Recipient link.

3. The Send Notification fields are described below:

To                Grayed out and not available for direct entry.

CC (carbon        Grayed out and not available for direct entry.
BCC (blind   Grayed out and not available for direct entry.
carbon copy)
Priority          Select a priority level for the notification: low, medium, or high. The priority can
                  also be left blank if no value is selected.

Subject           Enter the topic or a brief description of the notification.
Template          Displays the template text, which is based on a predefined notification template.
Text              The link to the FSKU page will be part of this predefined text. This field should not
                  be editable by users.
Message           Enter your own comments. Explain why this notification is being sent and what
                  action do you want the recipient to accomplish.
Lookup            Click to access the Lookup Address page. Enter the first characters of a recipient
Recipient         and click Search to receive a list of people who match your search. To use
                  someone as a recipient, select the check box for the type of recipient (To ,CC,
                  BCC) and click Add to Recipient List.
                  ** The email address must display in order for the recipients to be chosen from the
                  list. If the name appears without an email address, the notification can not be
Delivery          This feature is not used for KU and can be ignored.

4. Using the Lookup Recipient page

Click on the link

Enter information for the Recipient’s name and click on the Search button:
         1. Can do partial search on Last name
         2. Can do a search with Last,F (no space after comma)
         3. Field is not case sensitive

Using the Notify Button                          Page 2 of 5                                    3/30/2009
The search will return matches to the Name search

In the Search Results, select on those names that should receive the email notification and click
on Add to Recipient List so they display in the Recipient List (if “Add to Recipient List is not
clicked, the recipient names are not saved in the recipient list). Repeat the Name search for
additional recipients. Click OK to return to the Send Notification page.

** If names are added to the Recipient List in error, cancel this page and begin again.

When all Recipients have been added, click OK to return to the Send Notification page

5. Send the Notify email

From the Send Notify page, complete the email transaction

6. Receipt of Notification email

The recipient will receive an email from your email address with the Subject line displaying what
was added to the Send Notification page.

The body of the email contains the Template Text with the hyperlink and the Message you added
to the Send Notification page.

Using the Notify Button                      Page 3 of 5                                  3/30/2009
Email recipient uses the hyperlink to open the exact same FSKU page used to send the
     • If the user is in FSKU, the link will change the page to this link
     • If the user is not in FSKU, they will be prompted to sign in and then the page indicated in
          the link will open.

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Internet Browser tip:

When a user is sent a link to a webpage and they already have the browser open, the browser
can be set up to open a new/different window. This is a helpful set up change so users will not
lose the work being done in the original browser window at the time an email link directs the user
to another page.

In both Internet Explorer and Firefox, navigate to Tools – Internet Options – Advanced tab.
Find the setting for “Reuse windows for launching shortcuts” and make sure the checkbox is

Save this setting.

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Troubleshooting Problems:

     1. The intended recipient did not get an email

          When using the Lookup Recipient link, the email address must be displayed for the user
          selected or the message will not be sent.

Using the Notify Button                      Page 4 of 5                                   3/30/2009
          Please notify the system administrator (jjhanson@ku.edu) that the email data is missing.

          If a user has a dual-monitor set up, the Notify must be done from the primary monitor.
          Using notify from the secondary monitor will not complete the task, but the sender will not
          be aware that the email was not delivered.

     2. The email recipient cannot get the hyperlink to work correctly.

          The recipient may not have security access for the notified page. Check to see if the
          recipient can navigate directly to the location.

     3. The Notify I sent out did not contain my correct email address in the “FROM” field.

          FSKU will use the email address that is associated with your user id. If that information is
          not correct, please contact the system administrator (jjhanson@ku.edu) explaining this
          error. The recipient will get the email from peoplesoft @peoplesoft if your email address
          is not correctly set up.

     4. The Notify I sent out showed it coming from peopleSoft@peoplesoft

          FSKU does not have an email address associated with your id. If you do not use an
          email address with ku.edu as the domain, we are not associating an email address with
          your operator id. Contact the system administrator (jjhanson@ku.edu) if you have

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