Question         EIS facilitates aggregated and context data.
                 This is its ________.
Correct Answer   Benefit
Question         EIS/ESS cannot utilize hypertext and
Correct Answer   False
Question         The application development cycle by
                 Kanter suggests implementation stage to
                 consist of :-
Correct Answer   Code computer programs , Develop
                 installation plan , Initiate productive
Question         BV is the short form of :-
Correct Answer   Bank payment Voucher.
Question         ________ system is rigid and not amenable
                 to change.
Correct Answer   Close
Question         In OOP, inheritance refers to the ability to
                 take more than one form.
Correct Answer   False
Question         Post audit may look into areas such as :-
Correct Answer   System control , Technical evaluation ,
                 Economic evaluation
Question         The Debit Note details are given from Audit
                 to one of the following :-
Correct Answer   Accounts Payable System.
Question         EDP focuses on decision support for top
Correct Answer   False
Question         A bus which specifies whether to read or
                 write data from input device is:
Correct Answer   Control.
Question         ________ is a type of Project Report.
Correct Answer   Summary
Question         ________ systems are man-made.
Correct Answer        Artificial.
Question              Process of preparing prototype is referred to
                      as ________.
Correct Answer        Prototyping
Question              Polymorphism is the ability to take more
                      than two forms.
Correct Answer        False
Question             Correct Answer          Your Answer

information          information system      information system
processing           planning                planning
top management       resource allocation     resource allocation

logistics            distribution            distribution

personnel            salary administration salary administration

finance              cost analysis           cost analysis
Question              Asking Method in which questions have a
                      defined set of possible answers from which
                      the respondent selects, is called ________
Correct Answer        Closed Questions
Question              One of the following is the most recent of
                      database models proposed by Dr. E.F Codd
                      in 1970 :-
Correct Answer        RDBMS
Question              Store Item Entry is a output document of
                      inventory management.
Correct Answer        False
Question              CASE tools cannot :-
Correct Answer        Easily interface with databases , Give
                      standardization based on single method
Question             Correct Answer         Your Answer

strategic planning   formulation of          performance reports
Office automation    focus on                budgets
system                communication

transaction           shipments and          focus on
processing            receipts               communication
operational control   performance reports    shipments and
management control    budgets                 formulation of
Question               The different types of printers available are
Correct Answer         Dot matrix. , Laser. , Ink jet.
Question               Disadvantages of vacuum tubes are that, it
Correct Answer         Generated lot of heat. , Consumed more
                       power. , Had very short span of life.
Question               The different techniques used for collecting
                       primary data are :-
Correct Answer         Observations. , Questionnaires. , Interviews.
Question               Data Warehousing is a support to one of the
                       following :-
Correct Answer         DSS
Question               The NDBMS features data logically as many
                       to many relationships.
Correct Answer         True
Question               The functions of the operating system are :-
Correct Answer         Scheduling computer events. , Monitoring
Question               The ________ phase leads to the final stage
                       of the Simon model.
Correct Answer         Design
Question               Data and storage instructions are stored
                       temporarily in :-
Correct Answer         Primary storage.
Question               IDS is the short form of :-
Correct Answer         Integrated Data Store.
Question               Expert Systems are OOP applications.
Correct Answer   True
Question         Following are characteristics of Procedure-
                 oriented approach :-
Correct Answer   Global data shared by functions , Top down
Question         The control system should be definite and
                 determinable. This is done under :-
Correct Answer   Objective.
Question         In the data hierarchy collection of ________
                 make up a Record.
Correct Answer   Fields
Question         The ________ phase leads to the selection
                 of a specific alternative from the ones
Correct Answer   Choice
Question         The second generation of computers used
                 integrated circuits/chips.
Correct Answer   False
Question         One of the following is a database that
                 collects business information from many
                 sources in the enterprise covering all
                 aspects of the company's processes,
                 products and customers :-
Correct Answer   Data warehouse.
Question         EIS/ESS incorporates graphics and text in
                 the same display to provide better view.
Correct Answer   True
Question         The ________ phase involves inventing,
                 developing and analyzing probable courses
                 of actions to the opportunity.
Correct Answer   Design
Question         What denotes the hierarchy of and
Correct Answer   organization structure
Question         Some of the MIS applications in service
                 industry are :-
Correct Answer   Airlines , Hospital
Question         Positive Pay Off implies ________.
Correct Answer   Profit
Question         The increased management complexities in
                 today's world could be attributed to :-
Correct Answer   Information feedback system. , Management
                 science technologies.
Question         Operational level information is mainly for
                 the top management.
Correct Answer   False
Question         DML is the short form of :-
Correct Answer   Data Manipulation Language
Question         Some of the frequent practical managerial
                 applications of data mining are :-
Correct Answer   Customer segmentation. , Assessing credit
                 risk credit worthiness. , Vendor analysis.
Question         The flow of information through MIS is
Correct Answer   need dependent
Question         The audit trial help security and control in a
                 number of ways like :-
Correct Answer   Tracing all updates performed , Finding
                 incorrect / fraudulent updates , Finding the
                 person who carried out updates

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