Why Choose Best One for Your Exit Cleaning in Rentals

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					       Why Choose Best One for Your Exit Cleaning in Rentals
If you are renting a house or an apartment and are planning to move out, maybe to your own house or
another property for rent, you know that there are items that you need to fulfil first before the property
owner lets you go and return the bond to you. One of these requirements is the bond cleaning, which
includes carpet cleaning. Best One offers just the right kind of solution for your bond cleaning task.

Carpet cleaning can be a very challenging task, and if you decide to do this job by yourself, there are
certain risks involved. If the carpet has been soiled for quite some time and if the stain is hard to
remove, the carpet may not be completely cleaned with simple techniques using ordinary vacuum
cleaners. There is also a chance that you might damage the carpet completely, and this could be
troublesome when you are looking to get back the bond.

Best One offers Bronze carpet cleaning package, a specialised Carpet Cleaning Brisbane package
specifically targeted to people moving out of a rented property. The package gives customers a special
discount if they pre-vacuum the carpet before the Best One team arrives. Upon arrival, the Best One
team conducts a full assessment of the carpet to come up with the best solution to remove hard to
remove stains and dirt, and possibly, pests living in the fabrics of the carpets.

The entire carpeted area will be treated with a pre-stain solution, and using a truck mounted vacuum
machine, the dirt and stains are sucked out of the carpet fabrics. Customer benefit much from the
company’s use of truck mounted vacuums as these will not use your water and electricity, an extra
charge for you once you leave the rental property.

Best One makes sure that the post vacuum process leaves the carpets deodorised and free from
moisture that could attract pests. A final inspection is done to make sure that the carpet is cleaned using
the highest standards. Best One utilises an effective cleaning process that lets the carpets dry in a span
of two hours.

As part of its efforts to help people doing bond cleaning, Best One also offers complete cleaning of
kitchens, bathrooms and tiles. Best One also offers pest control service as part of the total bond cleaning
package. Clients are sure to be very much satisfied with Best One’s bond cleaning package, which makes
use only of environmentally safe products.


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