Morning Warm- Up! The cat needs some water. The dog wants a bone by 26MqjbG


									          Morning Warm- Up

We live in a world with
 many people. Some
people are our friends
 and our neighbors.
What do good friends
 and neighbors do?
           Morning Warm- Up

   Today we will read
about Horace and Morris,
   but mostly Dolores.
  These three mice are
really good friends. What
  makes a really good
           Morning Warm- Up!

Today we will read about
 Bear and Duck. Duck is
Bear's greatest and truest
   friend. He makes a
 decision to help Bear.
 Have you ever helped a
            Morning Warm- Up!

 Today we will read a story
 about some young soccer
 players. The photographs
show that they like working
  and laughing together.
What do you like to do with
       your friends?
           Morning Warm- Up!

 This week we read about
  some characters who
worked hard at being good

   It's not always easy.
 What does it mean to be
a good friend or neighbor?

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