video list annotated by v6XTCxT7


       VC 1
        Oedipus Rex
         Author: Sophocles Translation by William Butler Yeats
         VHS color (90 min.)
        Description: Filmed by the British actor and director Sir Tyrone Guthrie, this version
of the play adds a brilliant stroke – the actors wear masks, performing their roles just as the
Greeks did in Sophocles’ time. The story of Oedipus’ gradual discovery of his primal crime
– killing his father and marrying his mother – has influenced many of the great plays, films,
and books of our time.
Subjects: Ancient Greece; Sophocles. (ENGL 218R, ENGL 315, HIST 201)

         VC 2
         Life’s First Feelings by NOVA
          Author: Thomas D Cottle ; James Lipscomb ; Bill Wander. 2nd in 2 part series
          VHS color (60 min.)
          Description: The emotional development of babies is an ever-unfolding story, and
nurturing this development often becomes a major concern for parents. Are infants born
with programmed facial expressions? Do these expressions have evolutionary and adaptive
significance? How much emotional development depends upon family, environment, and
culture? NOVA reveals the surprising emotional capabilities of newborns and very young
Subjects: Emotions in children; Child psychology; Infants – Development. (PSYCH 320,
SFL 210, SFL 331)

         VC 3
         Anastasia; Dead or Alive? by NOVA
          Author: Stacy Keach; Michael Barnes
          VHS color (60 min.)
          Description: In 1918, the last Czar of Russia, his wife and children, were brutally
murdered by the Bolsheviks. Four years later, a young woman surfaced in Berlin claiming
to be the Czar’s youngest daughter, Anastasia. Ever since, believers and skeptics have
been battling over her identity. Did Anastasia escape the Romanov’s fate and end up living
in Virginia? NOVA tracks the investigation from a secret mass grave in Siberia to forensic
DNA analysis, and discovers the surprising solution of a 75 year old mystery.
Subjects: Anastasiia Nikolaevna, Grand Duchess, daughter of Nicholas II, Emperor of
Russia, 1901-1918; Russia – History—Nicholas II. (HIST 202)

        VC 4
         Le Nozze Di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)
          Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
          VHS color (pt . 1- 101 min., pt. 2- 80 min.)
         Description: Mozart's Marriage of Figaro is a comedy whose dark undertones
explore the blurred boundaries between dying feudalism and emerging Enlightenment.
Filmed in 1976 to a soundtrack recorded the previous year. Cast includes: Mirella Freni,
Kiri Te Kanawa, Maria Ewing with Wiener Philharmoniker.
Subjects: Operas ; Man-woman relationships – Drama; Marriage in Opera; Mozart,
Wolfgang Amadeus. ( HUM 101, HUM 202, MUSIC 101)
        Much Ado About Nothing
          Author: William Shakespeare
          VHS color (111 min.)
Description: An exuberant tale of love and enchantment set against a backdrop of mistaken
identities and bawdy good fun- filmed in the Tuscany landscape. Cast includes Kenneth
Brannagh, Micheal Keaton, Robert Sean Leonard, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson and
Denzel Washington.
Subjects: Motion picture plays; William Shakespeare. (ENGL 218 R, HUM 101)

        VC 7
        Assessing Student Learning
         Produced by the BYU Faculty Center
         VHS color (21 min.)
Description: This film-the fourth in the Master Teaching Film series-provides several key
considerations in approaching the problem of assessing student learning. With a musical
backdrop provided as a metaphor for exploring the kinds of assessment that evoke student
learning, different classroom stings are used as cases to understand how these professors
grappled with assessment and successfully identified means to better capture what their
students were learning in class.
Subjects: Education, Higher-Evaluation, Educational evaluation; Brigham Young University.
(PSYCH 361, PSYCH 375)

         VC 8
         Quilts in Women’s Lives
          Author: Pat Ferrero
          VHS color (30 min.)
Description: This film presents a series of portraits of contemporary quilt makers who, as
they speak about their work, reveal the passion and values behind this continuing tradition
of quilt making. A California Mennonite, a black Mississippian, and a Bulgarian immigrant,
talk about their art and the influences on it. They describe how this work has sprung from
their daily lives to become an art form which allows them the joy of making pattern, of self-
expression, and of creating meaning in their lives.
Subjects: Quilting – United States, Quilts – United States; Quiltmakers – United States;
Women – Social life and customs; Folklore. (ENGL 391)

         VC 9
         The Private Lives of Plants
          Author: David Attenborough.
          VHS color
Description: David Attenborough’s study of the world of plants, which demonstrates, with
the aid of time-lapse photography, the rich and varied ways in which they flourish.
Subjects: Plants; Botany; Seeds – Dispersal. (BIO 100, PHY S 100)

VC 9 Part 1 Branching Out - Plant seeds are seasoned travelers using animals, insects
and wind in their journey for roots. Some employ aeronautical technology like the squirting
cucumbers’ jet propulsion and the Himalayan balsam’s violent explosions to propel their
seeds. (50 min.)

VC 9 Part 2 Putting Down Roots - Plants cultivate a myriad of survival techniques. Infant
plants race across the forest floor to climb a tree. Tropical leaves strain to catch shafts of
life giving sunlight. Others use poisonous sap and crafty disguises as defense mechanisms.
(50 min.)

VC 9 Part 3 The Birds and the Bees - Ingenious plants help insects and birds discover
their hidden pollen with intricate, brilliantly colored flowers. Plants are also deceitful with
false promises of food or sex as rewards for transferring male pollen to the female parts of
another plant. (50 min.)

VC 9 Part 4 Plant Politics - Struggling for survival, plants use some hair-raising strategies,
such as arson, to engineer catastrophes. Attenborough dangles 200’ up in Borneo’s jungle
and dodges flames in Australia to show how plants exploit disaster to meet their species’
needs. (50 min.)

VC 9 Part 6 It’s a Jungle Out There - Description: Attenborough journeys to the four
corners of the Earth and encounters plant life from the coldest Arctic wastes to the driest
deserts; where plants endure in a harsh and changing world in environments where humans
often cannot exist. (50 min.)

         VC 10
         Don’t Get Caught in the Web: Research strategies Using Library
          Brigham Young University
VHS and DVD color (17:39 min.)
Description: Dramatizes the library research experience of a first-year college student who
is trying to do a research paper by only using the Internet. A savvy advisor appears and
helps him discover the wealth of resources available in the university library and leads him
through a basic research strategy. The video has four breaks for discussion.
Subjects: Library research; Harold B. Lee Library. (ENGL 315, ENGL 316, WRTG 150)

         VC 11
         Teens: What Makes Them Tick?
         Author: John Stossel- ABC News Special
          VHS color (47 min.)
          Description: What happens during the teen years to make kids so different? In
this ABC News special, John Stossel talks to a variety of teens and their parents and visits
the Harvard Medical School's Brain Imaging Center to reveal some surprising physiological
reasons for teen behavior. He also discovers a social hierarchy among teens (the
influencers, the conformers, the passives, and the edge kids) that is responsible for most
fads, and talks with a psychologist and therapist about the secrets to successful parental
nurturing: have rules but make them few, allow room for mistakes, and lecture less and
listen more. (Oregon state university)
Subjects: Adolescent psychology; Teenagers – Physiology. (PSYCH 321, PSYCH 350, SOC
111, SOC 112)
         VC 12
         The Etruscans
         Author: Applause Video
          VHS color (16 min.)
         Description: Film briefly covers the history of the Etruscan civilization from 8 th
century B.C. to its absorption into Rome in the 1st century B.C. Uses animated techniques,
tomb paintings, sculpture, and other art forms to illustrate daily life, institutions, and
customs of the Etruscans.
Subjects: Etruscans, Ancient Rome. (HIST 201, MFG 201)

         VC 13
         A More Perfect Union; America Becomes a Nation
         Author: Ron Carter, Brigham Young University
          VHS 2- tapes color (Segment #1- 89 min Segment #2 - 95 min.)
          Description: The first comprehensive re-creation of those stirring, heated debates
during the sweltering summer of 1787. Filmed on location at Independence Hall,
Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America
became a nation and those underlying principles that guard our freedoms today.
Subjects: United States Constitution; United Stated – History – Revolution; 1775-1783. ( A
HTG 100, PL SC 110)

         VC 14
          A More Perfect Union; America Becomes a Nation
          Author: Ron Carter, Brigham Young University
          VHS color (114 min.)
           Description: The first comprehensive re-creation of those stirring, heated debates
during the sweltering summer of 1787. Filmed on location at Independence Hall,
Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America
became a nation and those underlying principles that guard our freedoms today.
Subjects: United States Constitution; United Stated – History – Revolution; 1775-1783. (A
HTG 100,PL SC 110)

          VC 15
          Childhood: Great Expectations
           Author: Geoff Haines –Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
           VHS color (57 min.)
 Description: Through the observation of 12 families on five continents, the series looks at
childhood from a number of perspectives-personal, scientific, historical and cultural-using a
variety of production techniques, including documentary sequences, provocative historic
films, and vivid clinical illustrations with on-screen commentary by experts. It explores the
importance of both nature and nurture in the development of children. Witnesses births in
Russia, America, and Brazil to show how different societies approach this experience.
Subjects: Nature and Nurture; Child development; Child psychology. (PSYCH 320, PSYCH
321, SFL 210, SFL 331)
          VC 16
          Childhood: Louder Than Words
          Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
          VHS color (57 min.)
 Description: An infant may not be able to speak, but research clearly shows that the roots
of future personality are present from birth. But is biology destiny? (amazon)
Subjects: Child development; Child psychology; Parent and child; Nature and nurture.
(PSYCH 320, PSYCH 321, PSYCH 341, SFL 210, SLF 331)

          VC 17
          Childhood: Love’s Labor
           Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
           VHS color (57 min.)
 Description: Explores brain and body development during the infancy period between six
months and three years. Examines improved coordination, increased mobility, the
acquisition of language, and an emerging sense of self. Demonstrates that infants are active
participants, instead of powerless beings.
Subjects: Infants – Development; Infant psychology; Child development; Child psychology.
(PSYCH 320, SFL 210, SFL 331)

          VC 18
          Childhood: In the Land of the Giants
           Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
           VHS color (57 min.)
 Description: Features three- to five-year-olds learning social and psychological intricacies of
family life. The families in this cross-cultural study teach their children how to view and cope
with the wider world as they interact with it at day care and school. Shows varying models
of behavior and codes of discipline to mold children in their culture's proper social image.
Discusses jealousy, punishment, gender task assignments, and the importance of birth
order to children.
Subjects: Children; Child development; Families; Jealousy in children; Child discipline,
(PSYCH 306, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 341, SFL 160, SFL 210, SFL 351, SOC 111)

          VC 19
          Childhood: Life’s Lessons
           Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
           VHS color (57 min.)
Description: Explores middle childhood development, from ages five to seven, as children
become more responsible and capable. Their brains and bodies mature and children may
begin formal training. Shows the first day of school in several countries and examines what
recent research says makes for effective education.
Subjects: Children; Child development; Child psychology; Learning; School children;
Cognition in children. (PSYCH 306, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 361, PSYCH 375, SFL 210, SFL 351)
         VC 20
         Childhood: Among Equals
         1991 Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
         VHS color (57 min.)
         Description: Explores the importance of peer relationships in middle childhood
development. Children are seen working out moral dilemmas and social relationships and
developing strong self- identity. Participation in youth groups and team sports become
rehearsals for life.
Subjects: Social interaction in children; Friendship in children; Peer pressure; Child
psychology. (PSYCH 306, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 350, SLF 210, SFL 351, SOC 111)

         VC 21
         Childhood: The House of Tomorrow
          Author: Geoff Haines-Stiles and Peter Montagnon.
          VHS color (57 min.)
          Description: Explores the emotional and physical transformations that
characterize puberty and adolescence. Shows varying rites of passage in different cultures.
Discusses the impact of childhood on the adult.
Subjects: Adolescence; Adolescent psychology; Puberty. (PSYCH 306, PSYCH 320, PSYCH
321, SFL 210, SFL 352)

        VC 22
        Utah’s Weather Wonders: A Survival Guide That Can Save your Life
         Author: Dan Pope KTVX
         VHS color (30 min.)
Description: Narrated by Dan Pope, this film shows you lightning, flooding, avalanches and
tornadoes at their fiercest and tells you how to avoid becoming the next victim.
Subjects: Natural disasters – Utah – Safety measures; Utah – climate. (GEOG 101)

         VC 23
         The Mechanical Universe and Beyond
          Author: California Institute of Technology; Annenberg/CPB Project
          VHS color
Description: An introduction to classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, relativity,
waves and optics, heat and thermodynamics, and modern physics. The second semester of
a college-level telecourse in physics. Video uses computer animation sequences, historical
reenactments, and close-up photography of experiments.
Subjects: Mechanics; Physics. (MFG 201, PHSCS 105, PHY S 100)

VC 23 Part. 3: 5. Vectors - Physics must explain not only why and how much, but also
where and which way. (30 min.) 6. Newton’s Laws - Newton lays down the laws of force,
mass, and acceleration. (30 min.)

VC 23 Part. 5: 11. Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism - Shedding light on the mathematical
form of the gravitational electric, and magnetic forces. (30 min.) 12. The Milikan
Experiment - A dramatic recreation of Robert Milikan’s classic oil-drop experiment to
determine the charge of a single electron. (30 min.)
VC 23 Part.6: 13. Conservation of Energy - According to one of the major laws of physics,
energy is neither created nor destroyed. (30 min.) 14. Potential Energy - Provides a
powerful model for understanding why the world has worked the same way since the
beginning of time.(30 min.)

VC 23 Part.8: 17. Resonance - Why a swaying bridge collapses with a high wind and why a
wine glass shatters with a higher octave. (30 min.) 18. Waves – With an analysis of simple
harmonic motion and a stroke of genius, Newton extended mechanics to the propagation of
sound. (30 min.)

        VC 24
        The Trials of Life
         Author: David Attenborough
         VHS color
Description: This series utilizes advanced technology to reveal new discoveries of how
animals meet the test of survival.
Subjects: Animal behavior. (BIO 100)

VC 24 Pt 1 Arriving - Being born is a trying experience, especially when the seas, other
creatures and the climate seem to conspire against it. In this film, Anthropologist Sir David
Attenborough finds the odds against survival extraordinarily high. Watch as a giant clam,
arctic snow geese, saltwater crocodile and a Christmas Island crab attempt to protect their
new born progeny. (50 min)

VC 24 Pt. 2 Growing Up - This film takes a crew to every corner of the globe to expose
remarkable examples of how baby animals gain the size and strength to survive. Encounter
Eider ducks, elephants, chimps, baby bats, tiger sharks, and newborn albatrosses. (50 min.)

 VC 24 Pt. 3 Finding Food - See the nearly perfect food-chain “designs” of plants and
animals who have evolved an amazing array of tactics to ensure their own survival. Saber-
wing hummingbirds, mice, monkey, lemurs, birds, spiders, pelican and geckos are
highlighted. (50 min.)

VC 24 Pt. 4 Hunting & Escaping - The life and death struggle in the world of animals.
Great skewer birds, killer whales, Ivory Coast chimps, and a mantis use camouflage,
mimicry, booby traps, strategy and even chemical warfare to catch their prey. (50 min.)

VC 24 Pt. 5 Homemaking - As long as living creatures have needed warmth and security,
they’ve built homes. Tour the great prairie-dog towns, observe the resolute male
weaverbird craft an intricate nest, and tour a 15-foot tall termite mound in West Africa
complete with vaults, a nursery and an air-conditioned cellar. (60 min.)

VC 24 Pt. 6 Living Together - Dive into a coral reef to meet an odd couple–a shrimp and a
goby fish. Watch finches clean giant tortoises, ants tend to caterpillars, oxpeckers groom
giraffes, and hermit crabs ramble around with stinging anemones on their backs. (50 min.)

 VC 24 Pt. 7 Fighting - Follow the wars in the animal world where two bull moose square
off, giraffes wield their necks like sledgehammers, and a pair of ibex go head to head.
Witness all manner of weaponry-stingers, sirens, pincers, even the pistol shrimp’s “stun
gun.” (50 min.)
VC 24 Pt. 8 Friends and Rivals - Move with a pride of lions and their matriarchs. Observe
the strict family lines of the hooper swans, tunnel underground to watch mole rats live
under a specialized regime as digger, earthmovers and soldiers. Watch mongooses divvy
up their assignments as hunters, sentinels, and baby-sitters, and observe the six caste
system of the ant.

 VC 24 Pt. 9 Finding the Way - This film looks at how animals get from one place to
another. Observe marching spiny lobsters, Artic terns flying from pole to pole, green sea
turtles swim to the Galapagos and millions of baby eels wriggle from the Sargasso Sea to
Europe. (50 min.)

VC 24 Pt. 10 Talking to Strangers - The animal world has always had its own intricate
forms of delivering the message. This is demonstrated with swamp frog mating calls in
Panama, monkeys differentiating predators in Kenya, fireflies pulse messages in Malaysia,
and jellyfish blink signals underwater. (50 min.)

VC 24 Pt.11 Continuing the Line - Examine the strategies animals use to pass their genes
on to the next generation. See the breeding practices of sea worms, barnacles, wrasse fish,
sea lions, spiders and albatrosses. (50 min.)

VC 24 Pt. 12 Courting - These natural courting rituals are subtle, varied and astounding.
Hear the English nightingale serenade his sweetheart. Watch hamsters, moose and bats
send out perfumed messages. Take in the dance styling’s of the spunky manikin birds with
their distinctive shuffles, flips jumps and loop-the-loop. (50 min.)

         VC 25
         The Video
          Author: Brian Jackson Fetzer
          VHS color (60 min.)
Description: A collection of concert recordings. Music titles: That’s Love, Businessman,
There’s a Western Way to Say I Love You, Matters of the Heart, Santa’s Gonna Be Ridin’ on
the Shuttle This Year, Festival of The Trees, Bethlehem Merchant, Woman, Carnival Time,
Dream, Keep the Good Times On My Mind, the Chicken Song, Love is Me When Love Is You,
America was Founded on Some Simple Yet Very Beautiful Principles, 50,00 Names on a Coal
Black Wall, I Have a Dream.
Subjects: Children’s songs; Popular music; Concerts. (MUSIC 101)

          VC 26
          President Gordon B. Hinckley 60 Minutes
          Author: Mike Wallace
          VHS color (13 min.)
 Description: Video recording of CBS 60 minute report on the Mormon Church. Interview
includes President Gordon B Hinckley, Willard Marriott, Orrin Hatch, Steve Young, and BYU
Subjects: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Presidents; Mormon Church; Gordon
B. Hinckley. (REL C 333, REL C 431)
         From the Last Supper Through the Resurrection series
          Producer: BYU Religious Studies Center
          VHS color
          Description: Programs in this series feature religious scholars from Brigham
Young University detailing the events that took place during the Savior's final hours in
Subjects: Jesus Christ – Biography; Jesus Christ – Mormon interpretations. (REL A 211,
REL A 22, REL C 431)
VC 27 Part 1: The Arrest - Lecture by Kent Brown. (25 min.)

VC 27 Part 2: A Time That Matters Most - Lecture by Andrew Skinner. (24:31 min.)

VC 27 Part 3: The Last Supper According to Matthew, Mark and Luke - Lecture by David
              Seely. (24:51 min.)

VC 27 Part 4: The Last Supper According to John - Lecture by C. Wilfred Griggs. (21 min.)

VC 27 Part 5: Jesus Before Jewish Authorities - Lecture by Dana Pike. (28 min.)

VC 27 Part 6: Jesus Before Roman Authorities - Lecture by Eric Huntsman.      (21 min.)

VC 27 Part 7: The Crucifixion - Lecture by Kent P. Jackson. (22 min.)

VC 27 Part 8: Responsibility for the Death of Jesus - Lecture by Thomas Wayment. (26

VC 27 Part 9: The Conspiracy Begins - Lecture by M. Catherine Thomas. (19 min.)

VC 27 Part 10: Early Accounts of Jesus’ Last Hours and Resurrection - Lecture by Richard
               Neitzelholzapfel. (40 min.)

         VC 28
         Return to Glory Michelangelo Revealed: The Restoration of the
         Sistine Chapel
          Author: Edwin Newman
 VHS color (52 min.)
 Description: In 1980, work began on the restoration of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the
Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. This is the exclusive film record of the first phase of the 12-year
endeavor. Mounted on the restorers’ scaffolding, the cameras closely follow the meticulous
cleaning of the lunettes. Newman explains each step while the restorers carefully analyze
and remove centuries of dirt to reveal the magnificent colors of the original art.
Subjects: Micelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564; Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican
City) – restoration. (ARTHC 202, HIST 202)
         VC 29
         Contemporary Marketing Plus series 8th edition
         Author: Louis E. Boone , David L Kurtz
         VHS color
Description: The Contemporary Marketing Video Disk set contains graphics, stills, maps
and video clips that can be used with any Boone and Kurtz marketing textbooks.
Subjects: Marketing. (BUS M 241)

VC 29 Parts. 1-2: Chapter 1 - Marketing: the Blue Jay way Chapter 2 - Samsonite: a
  quest for quality

VC 29 Pts. 3-4: Chapter 3 - AT&T- The evolving information superhighway.
  Chapter 4 – Whirlpool-home around the globe- a case study in global marketing.

VC 29 Parts 5-6: Chapter 5 - White Flower Farm- planning for and adapting to growth.
  Chapter 6 - The Walker Group- a case study in contemporary marketing research.

VC 29 Parts 7-8: Chapter 7 - Rogaine- a case study in consumer behavior. Chapter 8 -
The Delfield Company- a case study in business to business marketing.

VC 29 Pts. 11-12: Chapter 11- Cadillac STS-An American Home Run- a case study in
product development. Chapter 12 - Florida Power Corporation – a case study in service

VC 29 Parts 15-16: Chapter 15 - Dow Distribution – the global challenge. Chapter 16 -
Cherry Capital Airport – a case study in promotion management.

VC 29 Parts 17-18: Chapter 17 - W. B. Donor & Co. – touching the head, heart and
funny bone; a case study in advertising. Chapter 18 - 3M Health Care – personal selling
and sales management.

VC 30
BYU Salt Lake Center Dedication
VHS color (58 min.) 2 copies
Description: The dedication ceremony for the BYU Salt Lake Center on October 28,
1998, on Highland Drive. BYU president Merrill Bateman conducting, Invocation by Ann
Dibb, speaker Stan Petersen, dedication by Elder Thomas S. Monson and benediction by
Lee Glines.
Subjects: BYU Salt Lake Center

         VC 31
         Art of the Western World Series
         Author: Michael Wood -WNET Television New York
         VHS color
Description: An introduction to and study of artistic masterpieces from the Western
world. Interpretation and commentary by art historians emphasize the significance of
each work and its relationship to art movements, art theory and the social environment.
Subjects: Art – History; Art – Europe. (ARTHC 201, ARTHC 202, ENGL 311. HIST 201,
HIST 202, HUM 101, HUM 201, HUM 202, VASTU 101)
VC 31 Vol. 1: Part 1- The Classical Ideal Description: Traces the origins of the
classical style from Ancient Greece to the Roman Empire. Part 2 - A White Garment of
Churches-Romanesque and Gothic. Description: Covers early Christianity and the
origin of Gothic and High Gothic architecture. (114 min.)

VC 31 Vol. 2: Part 3 - The Early Renaissance. Description: Rebirth of humanistic ideas
in the Florentines, Ghiberti and Botticelli. Also details the Flemish masters Van Eyck and
Gruenwald. Part 4 - The High Renaissance. Description: DaVinci, Michelangelo, and
Raphael are displayed along with the Venetians like Titian, Tintoretto, and Palladio. Part
5 - Realms of Light-The Baroque. Description: Counter reformation religious scenes,
with royal commissioned major paintings by Velasquez and Rembrandt. (171 min.)

VC 31 Vol. 3: Part 6 - An Age of Reason, An Age of Passion. Description: Shows the
Rococo style with Watteau, Fragonard and Boucher, leading to the Romantic painters
Goya, Gericault and Delacroix. Part 7 - A Fresh View-Impressionism and Post –
Impressionism. Description: Studies the first giants of the modern age from Courbet to
Manet, Monet, Degas, and Renoir. Also features the Post-Impressionist painters van
Gough, Cezanne, Seurat, and Gauguin, including England’s Pre-Raphaelites Millais,
Rossetti, Homer, and Whistler. (114 min.)

VC 31 Vol. 4: Part 8- Into the Twentieth Century. Description: Emergence of Picasso
and Cubism, Kandinsky and color abstraction experiments. Dada’s nihilism, and the
Surrealists Dali, Magritee, and Miro are discussed. Part 9 - In Our Own Time.
Description: The Abstract Expressionist movement with Pollock, Warhol, Lichtenstein
and Oldenburg. (114 min.)

         VC 32
         The Plan
         Author: Diane Orr, C. Roberts
         VHS color (54 min.)
Description: As the world looks to LDS women for examples of successful and devoted
motherhood, modern mothers in the Church draw inspiration from their pioneer
grandmothers and seek new ways to bring efficiency and creativity to the rearing of
their own children. One outstanding LDS mother, who was Utah's young mother of the
year of 1978, is Michele Moulton Meservy, 28, mother of five small children. The busy
young mother organizes her time so she can meet her own needs, have time with her
husband and keep the house clean and in order. (Lynn Hollstein Hansen, Church News)
Subjects: Meservey, Michele Moulton; Families; Families – Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints Home economics; Time management. (REL C 234, SFL 100, SFL 205,
SFL 471)

         VC 50
         Russia: Hidden Memory
         Author: Thomas A Griffiths
         VHS color (56 min.)
Description: This video takes viewers on a journey through remote areas seldom visited
by outsiders. Russian folklorist Galina Sysoeva, teams with American folklorist Deirdre
Paulsen. Together they search out the few survivors who remember the “pure” rituals
and celebrations that were performed for centuries and capture them for future
Subjects: Folk dancing – Russia; Russia – Description and travel. (ENGL 391, SFL 160)
         VC 51
         Dancing; The Individual and Tradition
         Author: Rhoda Grauer
         VHS color (58 min.)
Description: Filmed on location on five continents, this film explores the oldest and
most compelling of languages: the art of communication called dance. This program
examines the art of “making it new” in the work of Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham,
Katherine Dunham, George Balanchine, Twyla Tharp, Eiko and Koma, Sardono Kusumo,
and Garth Fagan.
Subjects: Dance – History; Choreography – History. (ENGL 391)

         VC 52 pt.3
         Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth; Program 3-The First
         Author: Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers.
 VHS color (58 min.)
 Description: Campbell discusses the importance of accepting death as rebirth as in the
myth of the buffalo and the story of Christ, the rite of passage in primitive societies, the
role of mystical Shamans, and the decline of ritual in today’s society.
Subjects: Campbell, Joseph; Myth; Religion historians – United States; Revelation.
(ANTHR 101, ENGL 311, ENGL 391, HUM 101, REL C 351, SOC 350)

         VC 53
         The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
         Author: Vincente Blasco Ibanez, Vincente Minnelli, MGM/UA Home Video.
         VHS color (2hours 34 min.)
 Description: The world in 1938 was poised on the brink of WW II. Julio Madariaga
brought together three generations of his wealthy family to celebrate their unity, only to
discover that the Nazis had torn them apart. Glenn Ford, Ingrid Thulin, and Charles
Boyer star in this adaptation of Blasco’s novel.
Subjects: World War II - History; Nazis. (ENGL 315, PSYCH 350, SFL 160)

         VC 55
         National Geographic Baka: People Of The Forest
         Author: Phil Agland.
         VHS color (60 min.)
Description: An intimate encounter with the Pygmies of an African rain forest.
Subjects: Baka (West African people); Anthropology. ( ANTHR 101, GEOG 101, SOC

        VC 56
        Christopher Columbus; The Discovery
        Author: Peel Enterprises – Warner Bros.
        VHS color (121 min.) Rated PG-13
        Description: Retelling of the story of the mapmaker from Genoa who sailed off
into the unknown. Filmed on location in Spain, Malta and the open sea. Stars Marlon
Brando, Tom Selleck, and Rachel Ward.
Subjects: Columbus, Christopher – fiction; America – Discovery and exploration –
Spanish. (HIST 201)

        VC 57
        Hollywood vs. Religion
         Author: Michael Medved
         VHS color (59 min.)
Description: Using clips from well-known movies, this video exposes the entertainment
industry’s ignorance, distrust and fear of organized religion – especially evangelical
Christianity, Catholicism and traditional Judaism.
Subjects: Motion Pictures – Religious aspects – Moral and ethical aspects; Television
broadcasts – Moral and ethical aspects; Popular culture – Moral and ethical aspects;
Culture conflict – United States. (COMMS 101, SOC 111, SOC 112)

         VC 58
         The Story of English
          Author: Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil
          VHS color
          Description: Robert MacNeil hosts this journey through the history of the
English language travelling to both densely populated and remote locations and other
areas where English exerts its influence.
Subjects: English language – History; English language – usage; English language –
Dialects. (HIST 202, SOC 111)

VC 58 Pt. 1: Program 1 - An English Speaking World Description: This program
explains how English has risen to the prominence of over 320 million people speaking it
as their first language. (58 min.) Program 2 - Mother Tongue Description: Surveys
the growth of English from its Anglo-Saxon origins, through the Norman conquest, to the
poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer and medieval playwrights. (57 min.)

VC 58 Pt. 3: Program 5 - Black on White Description: Examines the beginnings of
Black English with the American slave trade, its migration from the South to the
northern states, the creole influence, Harlem’s jive talk, and today’s black rap. (58 min.)
Program 6 - Pioneers! O Pioneers! Description: The spirit behind the evolution of
American English from the Revolutionary War through the 1920s. (58 min.)

VC 58 Pt. 4: Program 7 - The Muvver Tongue Description: 19th Century British
colonialism played an important role in spreading English throughout the world.
Cockney, the language of London’s working class found a new impetus in imperialism
(58 min.) Program 8 - The Loaded Weapon. Description: English was first established
in Ireland in the 17th century. More than 43 million Americans claim Irish descent. This
program investigates the Irish influence on the language. (57 min.)

VC 58 Pt. 5: Program 9 - Next Year’s Words; A Look Into the Future Description: Latin
has broken into French, Italian, Spanish and others. Does a similar fate await the
English language? What does the future hold for today’s most influential global
language? (58 min.)
         VC 59 pt. 1
         The Story of English - copy
         Author: Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil
         VHS color
Description: Copy of selected programs from original video. Program 1 - An English
Speaking World (58 min.) Program 3 – A Muse of Fire (58 min.) Program 4 – The Guid
Scots Tongue (57 min.), Program 5 Black on White (58 min.)

         VC 59 pt. 2
         The Story of English - copy
          Author: Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil
          VHS color
Description: Copy of selected programs from the original video. Program 5 – Black on
White (58 min.), Program 6- Pioneers! O Pioneers! (58 min.), Program 7 -The Muvver
Tongue (58 min.).

         VC 60
         The Great Depression Series
          Author: Jonathan Towers, Mario Cuomo, The History Channel.
          VHS color
           Description: From the stock market crash of 1929 to the recovery by WWII,
this series looks at a difficult age. Photos and footage capture the era and friends,
family and scholars examine the era’s most influential figures. Hosted by Mario Cuomo.
Subjects: Depression – 1929 – United States; United States History. (A HTG 100,
ECON 110, COMMS 101, HIST 202, SOC 111)

VC 60 Pt.1: The Great Shake Up Description: Examines the changes that swept the
shaken nation from FDR’s 1932 landslide victory to the migration of Dust Bowl farmers
to California. Novelist James Michener tells how he rode the rails as a hobo, and
economist John Kenneth Galbraith explores the policies of the New Deal. (50 min.)

VC 60 Pt. 2: Face the Music Description: Explores how Americans sought release from
marathon dancing to the movies. Hollywood and radio enjoyed incredible popularity,
pioneering new genres. However, documentary photographers captured the essence of
the Depression in images like Dorthea Lange’s classic “Migrant Mother.” (50 min.)

VC 60 Pt. 3: Striking Back As the New Deal failed to live up to people’s expectations,
some Americans fought back against the system. Workers everywhere went on strike
and were often met with bullets, riots rocked Harlem over racial tensions, and bank
robber Pretty Boy Floyd became part of American folklore after being gunned down by J.
Edgar Hoover’s FBI. (50 min.)

VC 60 Pt. 4: Desperate Measures Description: 1932 was one of the low points with the
march of 25,000 WWI veterans to Washington, demanding payment of a promised
bonus. President Hoover ordered the Army to remove the camping veterans and
General Douglas MacArthur did so with tear gas and tanks. Louisiana’s populist
governor, Huey Long, galvanized the poor with his revolutionary ideas. Shows how the
approach of WWII did what the protests and recovery programs failed to do in ending
the Great Depression. (50 min.)
          DVD 1
          A More Perfect Union
          Author: Ron Carter - Brigham Young University
           DVD color (114 min.)
          Description: The first comprehensive re-creation of those stirring, heated debates
during the sweltering summer of 1787. Filmed on location at Independence Hall,
Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America
became a nation and those underlying principles that guard our freedoms today.
Subjects: United States Constitution; United Stated – History – Revolution; 1775-1783. (A
HTG 100, PL SC 110)

         DVD 2
         The Stone Carvers
         Author: Marjorie Hunt, Paul Wagner
          DVD color (29 min.)
          Description: Through an informal reunion, this film captures the work and spirit of
a small group of Italian-American artisans who have spent their lives carving designs on the
Washington Cathedral, a gothic monument begun in 1907.
Subjects: Washington Cathedral; Stone carvers – Washington D.C.; Stone carving –
themes, motives. (ARTHC 202, HUM 101, SOC 111)

          DVD 3
          Emotional Intelligence: A Cornerstone of Learning Communities
          Author: Daniel Goleman
          DVD color (53 min.)
Description: In our culture, we have tended to value purely cognitive intelligence almost to
the exclusion of any other type of intelligence. When it comes to social systems, however,
where progress depends more on the harmonious interaction between them, emotional
intelligence may be the gating factor for continued growth and success. In this
presentation, Daniel Goldman shares his thinking on the important role that emotional
intelligence can play in ensuring the success of learning communities.
Subjects: Emotions; Emotions – Social aspects; Social intelligence; Emotional conditioning;
Conditioned response. (ORG B 221, PSYCH 350, SOC 111, SOC 350)

         DVD 4
         Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers
          Author: Elana Mannes, Bill Moyers.
          DVD color (90 min.)
          Description: The hymn “Amazing Grace” has been adapted by scores of
performers from country music to folk singers. This program features performers as they
express what the hymn means to them. Judy Collins, Jessye Norman, Johnny Cash, Jean
Ritchie, and the Boys Choir of Harlem are featured.
Subjects: Hymns, English; Baptists – Hymns; Spirituals (Songs); Gospel music; Amazing
grace (Hymn). (ENGL 391, MUSIC 101)
          DVD 5
          The Face; Jesus in Art
          Author: Dr. James Clifton
          DVD color (2 hours)
          Description: This documentary traces the different ways in which Jesus has been
represented in art throughout history and around the world from ancient Rome to 20 th
century America. This film utilizes the latest digital technology to illuminate the incredibly
varied representations in unprecedented detail, proximity and quality.
Subjects: Jesus Christ – Art; Christian art and symbolism. (ARTHC 201, ARTHC 202. HIST
201, HIST 202, HUM 101, HUM 201, HUM 202)

          DVD 6
          Old Testament DVD Presentations; For Youth and Adult Sunday
          School Gospel Doctrine Classes
           Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints
          DVD color
 Description: 12 short videos related to the teachings found in the Old Testament.
Subjects: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Doctrines; Bible Old Testament –
Study and teaching. (REL A 301, REL A 302, REL C 431)
       Lesson 1 - The Power of the Joseph Smith Translation. Neal A Maxwell illustrates
       how the Joseph Smith Translation gives us increased knowledge of Heavenly Father’s
       work and glory. (5:18 min.)
       Lesson 3 - In the Image of God. Teaches that we can see our eternal potential by
       remembering that we are children of God. (2:42 min.)
       Lesson 4 -The Fall. Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches that the Fall is part of the plan of
       salvation. (7:21 min.)
       Lesson 8 - Leading by Example. The righteous example of a young woman helps a
       friend become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. (6:28 min.)
       Lesson 10 - Marriage in the Covenant. President Gordon B. Hinckley counsels youth
       to marry in the covenant. (5:45 min.)
       Lesson 13 - Animal Sacrifice and the Atonement. A modern father teaches his son
       about the relationship between the ancient practice of animal sacrifice and the
       atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (6:38 min)
       Lesson 14 - Modern Idolatry. The invisible poison of carbon monoxide is compared to
       the danger of worshipping modern idols. President Ezra Taft Benson counsels us to
       put God first in our lives. (7:17 min.)
       Lesson 18 - Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve. An Arabian stallion’s
       obedience is tested in a time of hunger and thirst. (5:33 min.)
       Lesson 20 - Hannah’s Faith. Hannah shows her faithfulness by lending her son to
       the Lord. (3:16 min.)
      Lesson 22 - The Lord…..Will Deliver Me. Elder Dallin H. Oaks teaches about the story
      of David volunteering to fight Goliath. (3:37 min.)
      Lesson 30 - Ancient Temples. A visual tour of a representation of Moses’s tabernacle
      helps us understand temple worship and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. (8:34 min.)
      Lesson 31 - Trusting in the Lord. The story of a young skier who decides to follow
      his guide.
      Illustrates the principle taught in Proverbs 3:5-6. ( 4:30 min.)

         DVD 7
         New Testament Presentation For Youth and Adult Sunday School
         Gospel Doctrine Classes.
           Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints
           DVD color
 Description: 22 short videos related to the teachings found in the Old Testament.
Subjects: Bible stories; New Testament – Commentaries. (REL A 211, REL A 212, REL C
      Lesson 1 - The Message of the New Testament. Elder Thomas S. Monson speaks of
      the message of hope and joy in the New Testament. (1:35 min.)
      Lesson 3: - Luke II. Portrays the account of Jesus’s birth. (5:50 min.)
      Lesson 5 - The Woman at the Well. Jesus teaches a Samaritan woman that He is the
      source of living water. (8:15 min.)
      Lesson 6 - New Testament Customs – Anointed One. (.56 min.). Worship in the
      Synagogue .44 min. Purse and Scrip . (37 min.)
      Lesson 8 - New Testament Customs – Schoolmaster (.48 min.)
      Lesson 9 - New Testament Customs – Phylacteries       (1:13 min.)
      Lesson 10 - Come Unto Me. A woman anoints Jesus’s feet with oil. Jesus teaches
      the parable of the two debtors. (7:06 min.)
      Lesson 16 - New Testament Customs – The Synagogue( .55 min.) , Shepherd and
      Sheepfold (1:20 min.)
      Lesson 18 - New Testament Customs –Leprosy (1:10 min.),
      Lesson 20 - New Testament Customs – Phylacteries (1:13 min.)
      Lesson 22 - New Testament Customs – Marriage, (1:10 min.)
      Lesson 23 - New Testament Customs – Feasting (1:03 min.)
      Lesson 25 - New Testament Customs – Olive Press (.52 min.)
      Lesson 26 - To This End Was I Born. Portrays the final hours of Jesus’s mortal life.
      It also portrays His ministry in the spirit world and His Resurrection. (15:57 min.)
      Lesson 31 -The Second Coming. Elders Boyd K. Packer and Neal A. Maxwell give
      counsel and caution regarding the Second Coming. (2:31 min.)
       Lesson 35 - Godly Sorrow. A young woman learns the necessity of godly sorrow as
       part of the repentance process. (10:30 min.)
       Lesson 38 - Paul-A Chosen Vessel. This segment relates the life and mission of Paul.
       (10:34 min.)
       Lesson 39 - The Whole Armor of God. Through ancient and modern examples and
       the words of latter-day prophets, this segment teaches the importance of remaining
       clean and worthy to serve. (13:10 min.)
       Lesson 42 - The Body Is a Temple. This segment depicts the dangers of harmful
       habits and substances. (6 min.)

          DVD 8
          Presidents of the Church.
           Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
           DVD 3 -discs color
           Description: Contains a documentary, a testimony, and a photo gallery for each
Church president from Joseph Smith through Gordon B. Hinckley. Documentary section
contains biographical and historical information about each Church president. Testimony
section contains an excerpt of the Church president’s testimony (voices are reenacted for
the early Church presidents). Gallery contains nine pictures related to the Church
president, extracted from the Presidents of the Church Student Manual. Run time for each
clip located on disc cover.
Subjects: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Presidents – Biography; Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – History. (HIST 202, REL A 121, REL A 122, REL A 327,
REL C 324, REL C 325, REL C 333)

        DVD 9
        The Speeches Collection
          Author: MPI Home Video
          DVD- 2 discs color & Black and White (2 hours)
          Description: Contains the important and famous speeches of John F. Kennedy (
every major address during his 3 years in the White House), Martin Luther King, Jr.(from
the early days as a pastor in Montgomery to the march on Washington, and his final
prophetic speech in Memphis days before his assassination.), Gerald Ford (his swearing into
office, pardon of Nixon, honoring Queen Elizabeth during her visit to the U.S., accepting the
Republican nomination and his farewell address to Congress and The Nation), and Ronald
Reagan (1984 speech supporting Barry Goldwater, economic debate with CIA Director
George Bush, “evil Empire” presidential addresses, and final words of farewell to the
Subjects: Kennedy, John F.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Ford, Gerald; Reagan, Ronald;
Oratory – History; American speeches. (A HTG 100, HIST 202, PL SC 110)
        DVD 10
        Grasping for the Wind; Humanity’s Search for Meaning.
          Author: John Whitehead.
          DVD Color & Black and White (221 min.)
          Description: Seven part series shows what has happened to our culture over the
past 200 years and how we view life today by using history, biography, art, music, science
and technology as examples.
Subjects: Social evolution; Civilization, Western; Culture – History; Arts and society;
Irreligion and sociology; Religion; Technology and civilization. (HIST 202, HUM 101, HUM
202, PL SC 110, PSYCH 350, SOC 111, SOC 112, SOC 350)
       #1: Breaking with the Past. Compares Enlightenment thinkers to Romantic thinkers
       and looks at the revolutionary ideas of the 20 th century artists and writers including
       Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Rotten.
       #2: Where Are We Going? Examines the 20th century search for answers to
       questions such as Where do we come from Where are we going? and Who are we?
       Features Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, Jim Morrison and the Blade Runner.
       #3: Children of the Machine. Explores the relationship between culture and
       technology through the works of Ernest Hemingway, Sigmund Freud, and Salvador
       Dali, and in films including Batman, Noseferatu and Blue Velvet.
       #4: The Lost Generation. Describes how an American generation began seeking
       alternatives to Western Capitalism. Key people and films include Albert Einstein,
       Margaret Sanger, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Citizen Kane.
       #5: The Fat Dream. Recounts how many people, unable to make sense of war,
       began seeking an escape through spectator sports, music, gambling, drugs, alcohol
       and sex. Personalities and films in this episode include Joseph McCarthy, Marilyn
       Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Rebel Without a Cause.
       #6: The Winds of Revolution. Shows the youth movement of the 1950’s escalating
       into a rebellion against traditional values in the 1960’s, accented by politicized
       musicians such as Bob Dylan and in films such as Easy Rider, Bonnie and Clyde, and
       the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
       #7: The Narcissistic Culture. Explains how much of America’s culture began turning
       to weight loss, sex advice, and religious television. Key people and films include
       Robert Mapplethorpe, The Sex Pistols, The Big Chill and Forrest Gump.

        DVD 11
        Not Without My Daughter.
         Author: Betty Mahmoody, Ufland production.
         DVD color (1 hour 56 min.)
          Description: American Betty Mahmoody goes with her daughter and her Iranian-
born husband to his native Iran for a vacation. Soon Betty discovers her husband doesn't
intend to ever return to America. He will let her go, but her daughter must stay. As a
stranger in a foreign police state, Betty has no money, no friends, no rights, and makes a
desperate, heroic bid to escape with her child. Stars Sally Field and Alfred Molina.
Subjects: Mahmoody, Betty; Women- United States; Women – Iran; Wife Abuse; Islamic
law – Iran. (PL SC 150, PL SC 170, REL C 35, SOC 111)

         DVD 12-s pt. 1
         The Nature of Earth; An Introduction to Geology.
         Author: Professor John J. Renton
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
 Description: 12 lectures on Geology given by Professor John J. Renton of West Virginia
University. Origin of the Universe – Origin of the Solar System – Continental Drift – Plate
Tectonics – The Formation of Minerals – Kinds of Rocks – Sedimentary Rocks – Metamorphic
Rocks – Volcanic Activity – Phases of Volcanic Activity.
Subjects: Geology; Earth sciences. (GEOL 101, PHY S 100)

         DVD 12-s pt. 2.
         The Nature of Earth; An Introduction to Geology.
          Author: Professor John J. Renton.
          DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
 Description: Lectures on Geology given by Professor John J. Renton of West Virginia
University. The Hawaiian Islands and Yellowstone Park – Mass Wasting; Gravity at Work –
Mass Wasting Processes – Weathering – Soils and the Clay Minerals – Climate and the Type
of Soils – Streams; The Major Agent of Erosion – Sculpting of the Landscape – Stream
Erosion in Arid Regions – Ice Sculpts the Final Scene – Groundwater – The Production of
Subjects: Geology; Earth sciences. (GEOL 101, PHY S 100)

         DVD 12-s pt. 3.
         The Nature of Earth; An Introduction to Geology.
         Author: Professor John J. Renton.
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
Description: Lectures on Geology given by Professor John J. Renton of West Virginia
University. Karst Topography – Groundwater Contamination – Rock Deformation – The
Geologic Structures – Faults and Joints – Earthquakes – Damage from Earthquakes –
Seismology – The Formation of Mountains – Orogenic Styles – Economic Geology of Coal –
Economic Geology of Petroleum.
Subjects: Geology; Earth Sciences. (GEOL 101, PHY S 100)

         DVD 14
         The Elegant Universe
          Author: Brian Greene, NOVA
          DVD 2 disc color (3 hours)
          Description: Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia
University hosts this in-depth exploration of string theory. Part 1 – Einstein’s Dream, Part 2
– String’s the Thing, Part 3- Welcome to the 11th Dimension.
Subjects: String theory; Cosmology; United field theories. ( PHSCS 105, PHSCS 127, PHY S

         DVD 15 pts. 1-3
         Author: Carl Sagan
         DVD 2 disc color (120 min.)
         Description: Astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the
various elements and cosmological theories of the Universe. Part 1 – The Shores of the
Cosmic Ocean, Part 2 – One Voice in The Cosmic Fuge, Part 3 – The Harmony of the Worlds.
Subjects: Astronomy. (PHSCS 127, PHY S 100)

         DVD 15 pts. 4-7
         Author: Carl Sagan
         DVD 2 disc color (120 min.)
Description: Astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the various
elements and cosmological theories of the Universe. Part 4 – Heaven and Hell, Part 5 -
Blues for a Red Planet, Part 6 – Travellers’ Tales, Part 7 - The Backbone of Night.
Subjects: Astronomy. (PHSCS 127, PHY S 100)

         DVD 15 pts. 8-11
         Author: Carl Sagan
         DVD 2 disc color (120 min.)
Description: Astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the various
elements and cosmological theories of the Universe. Part 8 – Travels in Space and Time,
Part 9 – The Lives of the Stars, Part 10 – The Edge of Forever, Part 11 – The Persistence of
Subjects: Astronomy. (PHSCS 127, PHY S 100)

         DVD 15 pts. 12-13
          Author: Carl Sagan
          DVD 1 disc color (120 min.)
Description: Astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the various
elements and cosmological theories of the Universe. Part 12 – Encyclopedia Galactica, Part
13 – Who Speaks for Earth?
Subjects: Astronomy. ( PHSCS 127, PHY S 100)

         DVD 16
         The Art of Film: The Edited Image
        c 1975
        Author: Saul J. Turell 1921-1986. ; Jeff Lieberman ; Rod Serling 1924-1975. ;
        Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.
DVD color (21 min.)
Description: Explores the fundamental principles of both the mechanical and the artistic
aspects of motion picture editing, illustrating the concepts with excerpts from films such as
Saraband, Olympia, Le Bonheur, Metropolis, and Citizen Kane.
Subjects: Motion pictures – Editing (HUM 201)

         DVD 17
         La Traviata; An Opera in Three Acts
          Author: Guiseppe Verdi
          DVD color (141 min.)
Description: The tragic love story of the courtesan Violetta and her young admirer Alfredo.
Filmed live in Los Angeles with Renee Fleming, Rolando Villazon, and Renato Bruson.
Subjects: Operas; Verdi, Guiseppe. (HUM 101, HUM 202, MUSIC 101)

         DVD 18
         Wild Strawberries
          Author: Ingmar Bergman
          DVD Black & White (91 min.)
Description: Traveling to receive an honorary degree, Prof. Isak Borg is forced to face his
past, come to terms with his faults, and accept the inevitability of his approaching death.
Special features include commentary by film scholar Peter Cowie, a 90 minute documentary
of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, and improved English subtitles.
Subjects: ?; Bergman; Ingmar. (ENGL 315)

        DVD 19
         Author: Claudio Monteverdi
         DVD color (140 min.)
Jordi Savall directs Le Concert des Nations, La Capella Reial de Catalunya and the leading
soloists of early opera in a beautiful period production of Monteverdi's favola in musica
staged at Barcelona's Gran Teatre del Liceu in 2002. Gilbert Deflo's stage direction reflects
the sublime art and imagery found in Mantua's Palazzo Ducale, with its famous Hall of
Mirrors, where the opera was first performed in 1607. SPECIAL FEATURES -- "L'Orfeo in
Mantua" Stage director Gilbert Deflo in Mantua's Palazzo Ducale reveals the inspiration
behind his staging of "L'Orfeo," Illustrated synopsis of the opera. Italian with English
Subjects: Operas; Orpheus (Greek mythology). (HUM 101, MUSIC 101)

         DVD 20
         Author: William Shakespeare
         DVD color (135 min.) Rated PG
Description: Mel Gibson plays the prince of medieval Denmark, sensing a dark conspiracy
behind his royal father’s death. Other cast members include Glenn Close, Alan Bates, Ian
Holm and Helena Bonham-Carter.
Subjects: Hamlet; Shakespeare, William; Princes – Denmark. (HUM 101)
         DVD 21
         The Day the Universe Changed: Darwin’s Revolution
          Author: James Burke, BBC
          DVD color (52 min.)
Description: Explores the study of geology and fossils and their ideas that species evolved
over great periods of time. Also delves into how Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest
was adapted to justify Nazism, U.S. robber-baron capitalism, and communism.
Subjects: Evolution – Moral and ethical aspects; Evolution – Political aspects; Science –
History. (BIO 100, GEOG 120, HIST 202, PHY S 100)

         DVD 22
         The Ashton Family
         c. 2007
         DVD color (65 min.)
         Description: Presentation by the parents of the Ashton family. With 13 biological
         children already, the Ashtons explain their decision to adopt 6 more children, with
special needs. They answer questions about how they deal with mealtimes, transportation,
and other everyday issues.
Subjects: Families; Families – Religious aspect; Children with disabilities; Adoption;
Adoption – International. (REL 324, SFL 100, SFL 160, SFL 205, SFL 240)

         DVD 23
         The Stages of Labor: A Visual Guide
          Author: in joy videos
          DVD color (30 min.)
Description: 3D animation illustrates what happens inside the body during each stage of
labor, along with labor footage and parent interviews creating a complete look at both the
physical and emotional progression of labor.
Subjects: Labor (Obstetrics); Delivery (Obstetrics); Childbirth; Pregnancy. (PD BIO 205,
SFL 331)

         DVD 24
         Revising Prose
         Author: Richard A Lanham
         DVD color (27 min.)
Description: Using animation this video describes various writing styles such as The Official
Style and how to revising it using the much preferred (PM) Paramedic Method.
Subjects: Rhetoric; English language – Style; Business report writing; Editing. (ENGL
312,ENGL 315, MCOM 320, WRTG 150)

         DVD 26
         Life in Cold Blood
         Author: David Attenborough
         DVD 2 discs color (250 min.)
Description: The story of cold-blooded life, from golden frogs to sea snakes, and from
armadillo lizards to giant tortoises. Episode 1-The Cold Blooded Truth, Episode 2 – Land
Invaders Amphibians, Episode 3 – Dragons of the Day Lizards, Episode 4 – Sophisticated
Serpents Snakes, Episode 5 – Armoured Giants.
Subjects: Cold-blooded animals; Amphibians; Reptiles; Science. (BIO 100)

         DVD 27
         Earth: The Biography
          Author: Dr. Ian Stewart
          DVD 2 discs color (230 min.)
Description: This series uses footage and specialist imaging to tell the story of the great
forces that shape the planet – volcanoes, the ocean, the atmosphere and ice. Travelling
from Ethiopia’s unique lava lake to an ice cave under a glacier in Greenland and a host of
amazing locations in between, we examine the forces that have helped create and foster life
on Earth.
Subjects: Volcanoes; Ocean; Atmosphere; Ice; Earth; Science. (GEOG 101, GEOG 120,
PHY S 100)

         DVD 28
         The Call of Story: An American Renaissance
          Author: Syd Lieberman, Carmen Deedy, Rex Ellis, Dovie Thomason-Sickles,
          Donald Davis, Waddie Mitchell.
DVD color (57 min.)
Description: Six internationally renowned storytellers share both stories drawn from their
lives as well as insights into the value of storytelling in our homes, our communities, our
cultures, and our world.
Subjects: Storytelling; Oral history; Folklore. (ENGL 391, SFL 160)

         DVD 29
         Secret History of the Credit Card
          Author: David Rummell, Lowell Bergman
          DVD color (60 min.)
Description: FRONTLINE and the New York Times examine how the credit card industry
became so pervasive, so lucrative, and so politically powerful.
Subjects: Credit cards – United States. (ECON 110)

         DVD 30
         Journey of Faith
          Author: Peter N Johnson, S. Brown, Noel B Reynolds, Adam Lisonbee, Neal A
          Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.
DVD color (90 min.)
Description: Filmed on location in the Middle East, this film chronicles Lehi’s family from
their days in Jerusalem to their ocean journey, with the eye of the camera and the insights
of scholars from a broad range of backgrounds. Shows the land of Nahom, where Ishmael
was buried, and the most likely location for Bountiful, where Nephi built his ship.
Subjects: Lehi; Nephi; Arabian Peninsula in the Book of Mormon; Middle East – Geography;
Book of Mormon – Geography. (REL A 121)
         DVD 31
         Journey of Faith; The New World
         Author: Peter N. Johnson, S. Brown, Noel B Reynolds, Adam Lisonbee, Neal A.
         Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.
DVD color (90 min.)
Description: Thoughtful insights from 32 to scholars continue to journey into the Book of
Mormon’s thousand year span, aiding understanding of this sacred text. Mormon’s
description of the land, religious history, culture, and traditions create a fascinating mosaic.
Beautiful images filmed on location in Guatemala and Mexico combined with the art of
Joseph Brickey illuminate the rich culture of the Book of Mormon.
Subjects: Mormon; Book of Mormon – Geography; Book of Mormon – Evidences,
authorities. (REL A 121)

         DVD 32-s
         Emotional Intelligence
          Author; Steve Miller, David Ellis, Kirby Timmons.
          DVD color (30 min.)
          Description: Film focuses on interviews with emotional intelligence team
members, illustrating how EI can be integrated into the workplace to enhance other
knowledge and technical capabilities. It illustrates how organizations are accessing the
power of emotions to create better, more productive team and team members.
Subjects: Emotional Intelligence; Psychology, Industrial; Self-perception; Employees –
Attitudes. (ORG B 221, PSYCH 350, PSYCH 375, SOC 111, SOC 350)

         DVD 32 –supplement
         Emotional Intelligence
         Author: Steve Miller, David Ellis, Kirby Timmons
         DVD color (no run time – text only)
Description: Emotional intelligence training Power point presentation and print version.

         DVD 33
         Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
          Author: Adriano Barbaro, Jeremy Earp, Jason T. Young
          DVD color
Description: Drawing on the insights of health care professionals, children’s advocates, and
industry insiders, the film focuses on the explosive growth of child marketing in the wake of
deregulation, showing how youth marketers have used the latest advances in psychology,
anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most
powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world.
Subjects: Child consumers – United States; Advertising and children; Marketing research.
(BUS M 241, COMMS 101, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 320, SOC 111, SOC 112)
       Introduction (6:33 min.)
       The Floodgates Open (7:04 min.)
       By any means necessary (10:44 min.)
       Under the Microscope (7:09 min.)
       Brand New World (6:12 min.)
       Cradle to Grave (8:47 min.)
       Rewiring Childhood (9:47 min.)
       Our Future (7:55 min.)
       What Parents Can Do (9:34 min.)
       Barney vs. Power Rangers (7:51 min.)
       Jolts and Tricks (7:15 min.)

         DVD 34
         Slim Hopes
          Author: Jean Kilbourne
          DVD color
Description: An in-depth analysis of how female bodies are depicted in advertising images
and the effects those images have on women’s health.
       Section1: Intro - The advertising industry’s obsession with thinness, and its impact
       on girls and young women. (2:31 min.)
       Section 2: Impossible Beauty - How advertising constructs impossible, virtual ideals
       of beauty while dismembering and objectifying the bodies of women. (2:08 min.)
       Section 3: The Waif Look - The evolution of advertising’s obsession with thin body
       types, its connection to girls’ dissatisfaction with themselves, and the alarming
       increase in eating disorders. (3:23 min.)
       Section 4: Constructed Bodies - How the “fit” and “voluptuous” look in advertising
       glamorizes breast implants, sending the message that women’s subjective pleasure
       is less important than being the object of someone else’s pleasure. (3:31 min.)
       Section 5: Food & Sex The ambivalent relation between food advertising and the
       obsession with thinness; how this ambivalence normalizes disordered eating
       behavior by portraying food as a drug, a way to alter moods, a substitute for sex.
       (3:34 min.)
       Section 6: Food & Control How the equation of food with sex turns eating into a
       moral issue for women; how this moral discourse represents a cultural response to
       the real power of women. (4:02 min.)
       Section 7: The Weight-Loss Industry How the marketing of weight-loss products
       presents diets as a form of salvation, perpetuates prejudice toward overweight
       women, and portrays cigarettes as a diet aid. (6:54 min.)
       Section 8: Freeing Imaginations The need to view advertising’s obsession with
       thinness as a major public health problem, and to change the cultural environment
       through education, more speech, and a broader range of representations of women’s
       power and health. (3:41 min.)
Subjects: Women in advertising; Advertising – Psychological aspects; Leanness – Social
aspects; Body image in women; Eating disorders. (COMMS 101, NDFS 100, PSYCH 306,
PSYCH 342, PSYCH 350, SOC 112)
         DVD 35
         Beauty Mark; Body image & the Race for Perfection
         Author: Diane Israel, Carla Precht, Kathleen Man
         DVD color
Description: Examines American culture’s unhealthy fixation on thinness, beauty, and
physical perfection. Diane Israel, a psychotherapist and former champion triathlete, talks
about her long and agonizing personal struggle with eating disorders and obsessive
exercising, and fearlessly confronting her own painful past as she attempts to come to
terms with American culture’s unhealthy fixation on self-destructive ideals of beauty and
       Introduction (2:19 min.)
       Racing Her Heart Out (5:45 min.)
       A Distorted Mindset (7:59 min.)
       Mayhem (9:20 min.)
       Searching for Beauty (11:29 min.)
       Re-Imagining Beauty (5:39 min.)
       Going Home (8:46 min.)
       Diane in Recovery; Two Years Later (10:56 min.)
Subjects: Israel, Diane; Anorexia Nervosa; Exercise addiction; Body image; Beauty-
Psychological aspects. (NDFS 100, PSYCH 306, PSYCH 342, SOC 112)

         DVD 36
         Mormon Myth-ellaneous
          Author: Shawn Rapier, Jacob Hoehne, Brad Barber
          DVD color (35 min.)
Description: Unlock the hidden mysteries of Mormon urban legends, faith –promoting
rumors, and alluring facts and fallacies. Researchers, experts, and everyday people weigh
in on issues not exactly critical to your salvation, but that you’ve always wondered about
such as: Did Elvis read the Book of Mormon? Why are the Three Nephites always
hitchhiking? Was Yoda modeled after an LDS Church president? Was a Jaredite barge
really found in Lake Michigan?
Subjects: Mormons; Mormons – Folklore. (ENGL 391, SOC 111)

         DVD 37
         Studying Marital Interaction: John Gottman’s Research Program
          Author: Kathleen M. Galvin, John Mordechai Gottman
          DVD color (29 min.)
Description: Part of a teleclass series. In a lecture before an audience, Kathleen M Galvin
introduces John Gottman’s research into marital interactions and examines his major
contributions. Describes his three categories of marital styles, explains the negativity to
positivity ratio, discusses “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Includes a visit to the
research laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle, and some clips from
interviews with Dr. Gottman.
Subjects: Gottman, John Mordechi; Communication in marriage; Marrige; Communication
in families; Interpersonal communication. (SFL 100, SFL 224)
         DVD 38
         Mars, Venus or Planet Earth? Women & Men In a New Millennium
          Author: Michael S Kimmel
          DVD color (54 min.)
Description: In this lecture, speaker and author Michael Kimmel moves beyond the popular
inter-planetary notion that men are from Mars and women are from Venus to advance a
decidedly more earth-bound and interconnected view of the things men and women have in
Subjects: Interpersonal relations; Sex role; Sociology; Women-Employment; Man-woman
relationships; Femininity; Masculinity. (PSYCH 306, PSYCH 35, SFL 223, SFL 224, SFL 325)

         DVD 40
         The Love Lab: Putting Marriages Back Together
          Author: Jamie Hellman, Barbara Leibovitz, Sally Kellerman
          DVD color (51 min.)
Description: This program goes inside John Gottman’s renowned “Love Lab” to see how one
of America’s foremost marriage counselors and his staff analyze and advise couples in
marital distress. Videotape of spouse interactions is the key to determining marital
stability… and the likelihood of divorce. Footage is provided of couples undergoing
assessment – in their homes and cars as well as during 15 minute monitored conflict
discussions and 18 hour live-ins at the Lab –and of Dr. Gottman and the rest of the his
Subjects: Gottman, John Mordechai; Marriage counseling; Case histories. (SFL 100, SFL

         DVD 41
         State of the Planet: The Complete Series
          Author: David Attenborough, Rupert Barrington
          DVD 2 disc color (50 min.)
Description: Deforestation, global warming, depletion of aquifers, rising sea levels, and
mass extinctions – how much longer can earth compensate for these damaging forces? In
this 3 part series, David Attenborough and some of the world’s leading experts on
environmental matters consider the future life on this planet.
        Disc 1: Episode 1- Is there a crisis?
                 Episode 2- Why is there a crisis?
        Disc 2: Episode 3 - The future of life.
Subjects: Environmental degradation; Nature-Effect of human beings on; Greenhouse
effect, Atmospheric Climactic changes; Conservation of natural resources; Environmental
protection; Global warming. (GEOG 101, GEOG 120, PHY S 100)

         DVD 42 pt. 1
         Theories of Human Development
         Author: Professor Malcolm W. Watson
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
Description:12 lectures on human development. Discuss various schools of thought in
developmental psychology, including those of Freud, Erickson, Bandura, Ainsworth, Piaget,
and Vygotsky.
Subjects: Developmental psychology.(ENGL 315, PSYCH 111, PSYCH 301, PSYCH 302,
PSYCH 304, PSYCH 320, PSYCH 321, PSYCH 341, PSYCH 342, PSYCH 350, PSYCH 361,
PSYCH 375, SFL 210, SFL 352)
          1. Introduction – The Value of Theories
          2. The Early History of Child Study
          3. Two Worldviews – Locke vs. Rousseau
          4. Later History – Becoming Scientific
          5. Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory
          6. How We Gain Contact with Reality – The Ego
          7. Erikson’s Psycho-Social Theory
          8. Erikson’s Early Stages
          9. Identity and Intimacy
          10. Erikson’s Later Stages – Adult Development
          11. Bowlby and Ainsworth’s Attachment Theory

        DVD 42 pt. 2
        Theories of Human Development
         Author: Professor Malcolm W. Watson
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
Description:12 lectures on human development. Discuss various schools of thought in
developmental psychology, including those of Freud, Erickson, Bandura, Ainsworth, Piaget,
and Vygotsky.
Subjects: Developmental psychology. ( ENGL 315, PSYCH 111, PSYCH 301, PSYCH 302,
PSYCH 304, PSYCH 3210, PSYCH 321, PSYCH 341, PSYCH 342, PSYCH 350, PSYCH 361,
PSYCH 375, SFL 160, SFL 210, SFL 352)
              13. How Nature Ensures That Attachment Will Occur
              14. Development of Secure and Insecure Attachments
              15. Early Attachments and Adult Relationships
              16. Bandura’s Social Learning Theory
              17. Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory
              18. Piaget’s Cognitive-Developmental Theory
              19. Piaget’s Early Stages
              20. Concrete Operations
              21. Piaget’s Last Stage
              22. Vygotsky’s Cognitive-Mediation Theory
              23. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development
              24. Conclusions – Our Nature and Development

        DVD 43-s pt. 2
        Understanding the Brain
         Author: Dr. Jeanette Norden
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
Description: 12 lectures designed as a survey course to introduce individuals without a
background in science to the modern field of neuroscience. Drawing on everyday
experience and popular books, as well as current research, the course seeks to inform the
learner about the brain.
Subjects: Brain; Neurophysiology; Neuroscience. (PDBIO 205, PSYCH 301, PSYCH 302,
PSYCH 304, PSYCH 375)
          13. The Visual System – The Cortex
          14. The Auditory System
          15. The Somatosensory System
          16. Agnosias
          17. The Motor System – Voluntary Movement
          18. The Motor System – Coordinated Movement
          19. Parkinson’s Disease
          20. Language
          21. The Limbic System – Anatomy
          22. The Limbic System – Biochemistry
          23. Depression
          24. The Reward System – Anatomy

        DVD 43-s pt. 3
        Understanding the Brain
         Author: Dr. Jeanette Norden
         DVD 2 disc color (30 min. per lecture)
Description: 12 lectures designed as a survey course to introduce individuals without a
background in science to the modern field of neuroscience. Drawing on everyday
experience and popular books, as well as current research, the course seeks to inform the
learner about the brain.
Subjects: Brain; Neurophysiology; Neurosciences. (PDBIO 205, PYSCH 301, PSYCH 302,
PSYCH 304, PSYCH 375)
              25. The Reward System – Drugs
              26. Brain Plasticity
              27. Emotion and Executive Function
              28. Processing of Negative Emotions – Fear
              29. Music and the Brain
              30. Sexual Dimorphism of the Brain
              31. Sleep and Dreaming
              32. Consciousness and the Self
              33. Alzheimer’s Disease
              34. Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
              35. Wellness and the Brain – Effects of Stress
              36. Neuroscience – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

        DVD 44
        Discovering Psychology
         Author: Philip G Zimbardo, Harlan Reiniger
         DVD 7- disc color
         Description: Updated edition highlights major new developments in the field,
offering an overview of classic and current theories of human behavior. Leading
researchers, practitioners, and theorists probe the mysteries of the mind and body. Based
on extensive investigation and superior scholarship, this introductory course in the
psychology features demonstrations, classic experiments and simulations, current research,
documentary footage, and computer animation.
Subjects: Psychology. (PSYCH 111, PSYCH 301, PSYCH 302, PSYCH 306,PSYCH 320,
PSYCH 321, PSYCH 341, PSYCH 342, PSYCH 350, PSYCH 361, PSYCH 375, SFL 210, SFL
       Disc 1:
               1. Past Present and Promise intro (2:50 min.)
               2. Understanding Research (9 min.)
               3. The Behaving Brain (10 min.)
               4. The Responsive Brain (3:30 min.)
       Disc 2:
               5. The Developing Child intro (1 min.)
               6. Language Development (7 min.)
               7. Sensation and Perception (12 min.)
               8. Learning (6 min.)
       Disc 3:
               9. Remembering and Forgetting intro (1 min.)
               10. Cognitive Processes (10 min.)
               11. Judgment and Decision Making (6 min.)
               12. Motivation and Emotion (8 min.)
       Disc 4:
               13. The Mind Awake and Asleep intro (1 min.)
               14. The Mind Hidden and Divided (5 min.)
               15. The Self (9 min.)
               16. Testing and Intelligence (11 min.)
       Disc 5:
               17. Sex and Gender intro (1 min.)
               18. Maturing and Aging (9 min.)
               19. The Power of the Situation (8 min.)
               20. Constructing Social Reality (9 min.)
       Disc 6:
               21. Psychopathology intro (1 min.)
               22. Psychotherapy (8 min.)
               23. Health, Mind, and Behavior (13 min.)
               24. Applying Psychology in Life (3 min.)
       Disc 7:
               25. Cognitive Neuroscience (18 min.)
               26. Cultural Psychology (21 min.)

        DVD 45
        The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes
         Author: Bess Lomax Hawes
         DVD Black & White
Description: Bess Hawes made four films when she was an anthropology & folklore
professor at San Fernando Valley State College.
Georgia Sea Island Singers (1964, 18 min.) presents a small part of the sacred repertoire of
an isolated community from St. Simons Island.
Buckdancer (1965, 12 min.) Ed Young from Panola County Mississippi shows a classic dance
and plays the cane fife.
Pizza Pizza Daddy-O (1967, 18 min.) looks as continuity and change in girls’ playground
games at a Los Angeles school.
Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle (1970, 17 min.) features Earl Collins, a master fiddler
in the Missouri Oklahoma hoedown tradition.
Subjects: Tap dancing; Fife music; Playgrounds; African American children’s games;
Singing games; Spirituals; Fiddle tunes; Fiddlers. (ANTHR 101, PSYCH 350, SOC 111)

         DVD 46
         Old Believers
        Author: Margaret Hixon
        DVD color (29 min.)
        Description: Shows how the Russian Old Believers of Oregon’s Willamette Valley
have preserved their way of life. Observes how, as two families prepare for a wedding and
its community celebration, religious ritual intertwines with a rich folk tradition.
Subjects: Old Believers- Willamette River Valley; Weddings; Religious life and customs.
(ANTHR 101, ENGL 391, ANTHR 101, PSYCH 350, SFL 102, SOC 111)

         DVD 38
         Food, Inc.
          Author: Robert Kenner, Elise Pearlstein, Kim Roberts
          DVD color (91 min.) rated PG
Description: This film lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing how our nation’s
food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of
consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own
Subjects: Food Industry and trade– United States; Cereal products industry – United
States; Dairy products industry – United States; Meat industry and trade; Food Safety;
Agricultural processing – Quality control; Food prices. (ECON 110, NDFS 191)

         DVD 47
          Author: Eric Till
          DVD color (2 hours 4 min.) rated PG-13
Description: Regional princes and the powerful Church wield a fast, firm and merciless grip
on 16th century Germany. But when Martin Luther issues a shocking challenge to their
authority, the people declare him their new leader – and hero. Even when threatened with
violent death, Luther refuses to back down, sparking a bloody revolution that shakes the
entire continent to its core.
Subjects: Luther, Martin; Reformation Germany; Lutheran converts; Revolutions –
Religious aspects; Germany – Religious life and customs. (HIST 202, HUM 202)

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