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									                                      Around the Bay in LPA
                                             Official newsletter of the
                                    San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                                     Little People of America
Vol. 11, No. 2             Chapter founded in 1962              Summer 2008

    San Francisco Bay Area Chapter                        various members of the Contractor=s Safety
     Receives Very Large Donation                         Forum were applauding the event.
                  By Jon Welch
                                                          It was an absolutely incredible evening. A
Thanks to the generosity of members of the                sincere and heartfelt thanks to Al and Cindy
Contractors Safety Forum, the San Francisco               VanNieuwburg and the members of the
Bay Area Chapter of LPA received a large                  Contractor=s Safety Forum for your
donation from the proceeds of a recent charity            overwhelming generosity. Many thanks also to
golf tournament. Longtime SFBAC member                    Yvette, Jim, and Yvonne Farrington for the
Yvette Farrington=s uncle Al VanNieuwburg                 kindness of your family and for including LPA
organizes the golf tournament each year which is          in this monumental event. □
comprised of many different contracting
companies working with Valero Petroleum
Company in Benicia.

On Friday, June 20th, with temperatures hovering
above 100 degrees, roughly 200 golfers played
on two different courses in Fairfield and
Vacaville. Each of the many companies
involved donate prizes for the raffle and also
contribute large donations of money that are
given away to different charities. This year, the
tournament raised a record $45,000 which was
given away to six different organizations. Al
decided that he wanted to do something very
special for his niece and dedicated a portion of
the proceeds to SFBAC.                                    Al VanNieuwburg, top row second from left; Jon and
                                                          Sonia Welch, Yvette Farrington, bottom row.
At a dinner that was held after the tournament, I
was asked to accept the donation to the chapter.           2008 Chapter Calendar
The Farrington family invited Sonia and me to
sit at a table with them. A very nice introduction         June 21-2--National Conference, Detroit.
about LPA preceded our invitation to come up               July 25, 26, 27--Samuel P. Taylor Camping. Hosted by
and accept the donation. As I walked up to the             the families of Spencer Uniacke and Dylan Herschkorn.
front of the room with speech in hand, I was               August 9–14 --Painted Turtle Camp, Lake Hughes.
given a large cardboard replica of the actual              Sept 6th--Pool Party in Larkspur. Hosted by the family
check. After it was announced the amount we                of Spencer Uniacke.
had received, and I had seen it for myself, I was          October 4th--Pumpkin Patch at Countryside Farm,
speechless. The San Francisco Bay Area                     Lodi. Hosted by Linda Dominguez/Gerrie Kay.
Chapter received a check for $7,000.00. As I               October 24-26th--Painted Turtle Skeletal Dysplasia
pulled myself together to accept the check,                Family Weekend, Lake Hughes.
                                                           Nov. 1st--Bringing in the Holiday Party in Campbell.
                                                           Hosted by the family of Gavin Su.
                                                           Dec.--Christmas parties to be determined.
              President's View                       parts of the world live and to learn their cultures
                By Ethan Crough                      first hand. She and her parents are very brave!

Thanks to everyone for getting out another
newsletter for the San Francisco Bay Area
Chapter! It takes the ability to make the time for
volunteering in order for our chapter to keep
going and so to all the tireless volunteers we
have, please keep up the great work.

I hope you had a great spring and are looking
forward to a fun summer! We are in full swing
and have some great events planned for our
chapter. We had some good get togethers this
spring for a lot of different chapter members.
We are ready to move into our some of our
traditional SFBAC summer events, with a new
twist here and there!

As some of you may have seen in the most
recent issue of LPA Today, I am running for the
national office of Vice President of Membership
for LPA. If I am elected, my term will start this
summer while Emily, Iris, and I are in Detroit.
Unfortunately, that means my duties as chapter                                                 After
president will have to be given to another willing   returning from Europe, Lucy will volunteer at
and able volunteer. Jon Welch has                    Painted Turtle Camp. Look for her among the
graciously agreed to step in as acting president,    camp councilors, but don’t give her a hard time!
though I'm sure he'd love some volunteers to
help him out. If you have ever thought about         Ben will also work at a camp this summer. He
getting involved, please do!                         will be at Camp Winnarainbow, a circus
                                                     performing camp run by Wavy Gravy. Alright
In the meantime, I'll be here to help with the       Ben, expect us to come calling the next time we
transition and to do whatever I can to help the      need entertainment for the children’s room at
chapter run smoothly. Thanks for having me be        conference!
a part of it.
                                                     This fall, Lucy will attend the University of
I look forward to working with you all on a new      California at Berkeley because of its excellent
national level.                                      engineering program. Ben will attend Foothill
                                                     College while he decides what to major in, “the
As always please feel free to contact me with any    arts, computer programming or graphics,
ideas, concerns, or issues. □                        animals, or child care/psychiatry (you can
                                                     see why I'm a wee bit indecisive in how those
                                                     could intermingle.)” We are fortunate that both
        Two Successful Graduates                     Lucy and Ben will still be around the bay area.
Congratulations to Lucy Williams and Ben             Good luck in this summer and in college! □
Bromley-Coolidge for graduating from high
school. Lucy plans to travel alone to Europe this
summer, visiting London, Paris, Dublin, and
Italy. She is eager to see how people in other

       Spring Fling at the Garrett’s
                 By Caroline Jones

We all had such fun at the Garrett Family's
annual spring party! We were joined by some of
our newest members, Abigail Parkhurst, her
brother Ben and parents Jennifer and Robert, as
well as Peyton, Julie and Steve Alexander. And
we were thrilled to meet Jon and Sonia Welch's
adorable son Garrett. Congratulations!
                                                   Charlotte Boyle helps Ben Greenbaum
                                                   find eggs.

                                                                    Tilden Park
                                                   What a perfect day for a picnic. The Stronach-
                                                   Greenbaums reserved a spot for our annual
                                                   picnic. Although near our usual spot, it seemed
                                                   a world away. Tucked into a little ravine, the
“Do we put the eggs in or dump them out?” Peyton   Big Leaf picnic area gave us the feeling of
                                                   camping. Of course, the tents Josh and Keren set
After a delicious meal we all headed off to a      up helped the camping ambiance. Keren
beautiful park for the Easter egg hunt which was   provided great crafts for the kids. Grace and
great fun. The kids who had arrived first and      Talia made lovely flower crowns, while Gavin
claimed most of the loot were easily convinced     and Trey covered their crowns with swords and
to re-hide some eggs for the younger kids. A
new game of finding and re-hiding was hatched,
and they all wound up having a great time.

Many thanks to the whole Garrett family for
opening their lovely home and extending such a
warm welcome to us all.□

                                                                 Gavin and Talia make crowns
                                                   We had a different crowd this picnic. For years,
                                                   I’ve envied the 9-10 year old crowd of boys who
                                                   run around our events. Well, Tilden had more
                                                   than half a dozen first and second grade boys.
                                                   Cassie Nielson’s grandparents brought foam
                                                   swords, and you should have seen the war!

             A band in the making!

Between water guns and swords, not a soul was          Achieving the proper lie angle on your irons may
left unscathed. Even Cassie joined in the melee,       be the most critical issue for which a custom
while Charlotte Boyle tried her best to shoot a        club maker can help a little person in arriving at
water gun. Watch out boys, she’ll have quite an        a custom set of clubs. Lie angle refers to
aim in a few years!                                    whether, when you stand over the ball ready to
Thanks again to the families of Charlotte Boyle        swing, the toe (farthest from the shaft) of your
and Talia Greenbaum for a wonderful picnic.□           club too high or too low. Lie angle is critical to
                                                       your aim, particularly from the 8 iron and higher,
Why Custom Fitted Golf Clubs?                          and a club maker will have a bending machine to
                By Don Davidson                        make the adjustments needed to bring your irons
                                                       into correct lie angles based on your own
                               If your stature is      particular swing.
                               not what is known
                               as “average,” and
                               you want to learn
                               how to play golf,
                               you are not going
                               to be able to play
                               with regular clubs.
                               I know because I
                               am much taller
                               than average, and
                               I need clubs long
                               enough to allow
                               me to make a
                               comfortable swing
. I became interested in custom club fitting for
my own personal reasons, but I have learned that
the most important outcome in custom-club
making is comfort; when standing over the ball
ready to swing, are you confident in your clubs?                              Melanie
Custom made clubs should feel comfortable in           My friend Willem came to me because he
your hands and in your mind because you have           needed someone to make a set of clubs which
been directly involved in the development of the       would put him in the best position to compete as
final product.                                         a member of his high school golf team. He was
                                                       using an old set of irons (known as “blades”:
Golf is a tough enough sport to learn and to play      very difficult to hit consistently) with steel shafts
consistently without having clubs which are right      which had been merely cut to size without
for you. Custom golf clubs allow you to choose         allowing for flex and lie angle. I recommended
the club heads, shafts, and grips which, when          graphite shafts to give him more flex to generate
assembled, are made to your size and what feels        more club head speed and thereby hit the ball
best to you. All golfers want to hit the ball a long   higher and farther. I recommended a particular
way. Although consistency is more important            set or irons because they were specially designed
than distance, a little person will be better served   to be bent as much as 10 degrees (most irons can
using graphite shafts instead of steel to provide      only be bent about 2 degrees).
the best chance of hitting the ball higher and
farther.                                               After assembling the irons, we analyzed lie
                                                       angles of each club based on his swing and
                                                       where he struck the ball. Bending the irons was
definitely necessary until all clubs were correctly   Thank you to Linda Peterson for putting together
dialed in. Willem chose his grips from a large        the gift bags and together with Tony Winkelman
selection of styles and colors. In the end, his new   for hosting the BBQ after the round.
custom set of irons matched his high school
colors: red and black!                                Remember that these golf tournaments are open
                                                      to all skill level of golfers, your friends, your
There are two other reasons to consider a custom      relatives, anyone who wants to play. The
club maker: price and personal attention. You         fundraiser for DAAA and the chapter will be in
may be able to go to a golf store and have some       the fall and the one in the spring is good
clubs made for you, but if you want Nike or           practice.
Calloway or Cleveland clubs, you will pay more.
If you need to have your clubs adjusted, re-          Hope to see you come out to play this fall at the
gripped, or repaired, your custom club maker          regional!
will be there for you.□

Wild Wind and Great Golf for the Spring Bay
          Area Golf Tournament
             By Ethan Crough

Thanks to all of you for coming out to Bodega
Bay for the tournament! We all braved the 30
mph winds and sun to make some great shots out
on the golf course. This is the second
tournament for the San Francisco Bay Area
Chapter. We are going to try and have two per

Out of the field of seventeen players,
congratulations go to Melanie Leyva, Carlos
Leyva, and Johnny Leyva for posting the lowest
score of 68 (-2 under par) to be the winning
team. We'll have to look out for them at the next
Willem Winkelman, Javier Leyva, and Chris
                                                                      Colin and Joe Miller
Sparrow came in second with a score of 73.

Congratulations also go to Joe Miller, winner of
the closest to pin contest! He was within 13 feet
of a hole-in-one. Here's to seeing his son Colin
coming out to play in the next few years.

We also had a longest drive competition in the
LP and TP flight which was won by Willem
Winkelman and Ron Murphy, respectively. We
all had to keep it low hitting it into such a

  The Importance of Customized Golf
              By Willem Winkelman

When I started my golf career, a mere 12 months
ago, I was playing with a set of cut down steel
shafted clubs. They were very stiff and hard to
hit. They were all right, but they wouldn’t cut it
for me. That’s when I met Don Davison, Don
makes custom golf clubs and I asked him to
make a set for me. He worked with me on what
kind of shafts that will work best for me, based
on my swing speed, and the club heads that will
do what I need them to do. The shafts are really
flexible and the club heads are easy to hit and the
iron heads can tilt 10° each way to even out the
lie angle, for all the non-golfers that is how the
club sits on the ground. That will allow me to
make a more solid shot. With the shafts he cut
from each side of the shaft to keep some of the
flex, instead of taking it all off one end. With
custom-built clubs there is a variety of options
for your clubs, more options than if you were to
buy a set of clubs from a golf store. My new
clubs have definitely made a difference in my
golf game. From shooting in the high 110’s, I am
now shooting in the low 90’s. I now am on the
traveling golf team at my school in the number 5
spot playing like I should be in the number 3
spot. I can hit the ball farther than I could before
and more accurately. Without them I wouldn’t be
playing as well as I do now. □

Tween Pool Party an Interesting Experiment
By Shari Weiser

The tween pool party was a nice experience.
Finn Martinez-Owen, Cassie Neilson, Ben Foos
and Spencer Uniacke enjoyed the day poolside,
swimming and creating exotic smoothie
creations. The day felt kicked back, and the
foursome had an opportunity to deepen their
friendships. Given the long distances everyone
drove, we grown-ups hung around and got a
chance to bond as well. On September 6th we
will be hosting another pool party. Everyone is
invited and I hope lots of you can come.□

           By Jon Welch

A great time was had by all at the annual SFBAC
Sports Day and Swim Party held at Amador
Valley Community Park in Pleasanton. A
sizeable group of kids and adults enjoyed what
turned out to be a warm sunny day. The event
was hosted was the Foos family, and Joe Foos
organized a couple of different games and relays
that all of the kids participated in. Playing with
frisbees and soccer balls rounded out the rest of
the activities for the first part of the afternoon.
On the sidelines of all the activity, families lined
the lawn with chairs and blankets to set up picnic
lunches. This provided a great opportunity to
meet some of the newer members of our chapter
and to catch up with others that hadn’t been seen
for a while.                                                           Joe Foos teaches soccer

After the field activities were over, the majority
of the group walked over to the swimming pool               One Achievement, Team Effort
complex next door. It was a perfect day for
swimming, and most everyone took advantage of                         By Bob Padecky
the opportunity to cool off. Thank you very                         Democrat Columnist
much to the Foos family for once again hosting a              Published: Sunday, March 9, 2008
very successful Sports Day.□
                                                       SEBASTOPOL- Put Chris Sparrow in a
                                                       convertible, alone, top-down, hands up. That's
                                                       what city officials proposed. Make Chris part of
                                                       this city's Apple Blossom Festival on April 26.
                                                       Put him in the parade. He'd be a float unto
                                                       himself. By then everyone here would have
                                                       heard the story about Chris, sinking that free
                                                       throw against Healdsburg in February.

                                                       By April 26, everyone would know about that
                                                       night and what happened at Analy High School
                                                       the next week and the telling and re-telling of it
                                                       would have created such momentum, shoot,
                                                       Chris would have to be in that car.

                                                       Teachers don't usually ask students for their
                                                       autographs, but four of them at Analy asked
                                                       Chris for his. High school kids don't usually ask
                                                       another high school kid for his autograph, but
                                                       they did this time. Students don't stop what they
                                                       are doing in class and applaud another kid, but

that's exactly what they did in shop and a studies     a second skin. "There's not a day that goes by,"
class…                                                 she said, "that I don't wish I was taller."
                                                       Ridicule? Yes, she knows ridicule. When she
It seemed the right thing to do, putting 4-foot-6      was at UC Berkeley on her way to a degree in
Chris Sparrow in a car, the tiny high school           social science, an athlete approached her and
senior who played in his first and only high           said, "Hot damn, they are making Barbies now
school basketball game, and scored that single         that walk and talk!" "I thought it was hilarious,"
point to a roar that, say the people around here,      she said. And yes, it helps to have a tough hide
still hasn't subsided. How could one refuse that?      if you are a small person. …

Laura and Ron Sparrow could, and did. They             At nine months Chris was diagnosed with
refused the honor. "It wasn't just about Chris,"       hypochondroplasia, a form of short-limbed
said Laura, an advertising director for a San          dwarfism. She had suspected as early as the
Francisco department store. It was Analy's             week after his birth that Chris was a dwarf, even
athletic director, the two head coaches, the           though his birth dimensions were 6 pounds, 3
players from both teams, and, finally, a game          ounces and 19 inches long. But she kept out hope
official, who got Chris to the foul line. A lot of     that her suspicions were wrong. When they
people put Chris Sparrow at the line on Feb. 14 -      weren't, the affect on her was profound. "I
- and some of them weren't even in the Analy           definitely mourned the child I thought I had,"
gym.                                                   Laura said. …

"For all those guys who picked on me," Chris           After a time, only one solution made sense, one
said, "you never kept me down." Sparrow                that fuels Chris and his parents to this day. Get
remembers it all, remembers thinking he'll be          on with life."What's that line -- 90 percent of
damned if he was going to give up. The worst of        living is just showing up?" Laura said. That's
it happened for him when kids are at their             what they did. Sure, Chris could have thrown a
meanest, insensitive and unconscionable. For           daily pity party. And what would be the point?
Chris, that meant his time at Brookhaven Middle        he asked himself. After the party is over, he'd
School, especially as a sixth-grader. "People          still be 4-foot-6, still couldn't play football,
would pick me up," he said. "People would spin         basketball, baseball with his high school buds.
me around." Kids would pick up Sparrow either          And the knuckleheads would still be there with
under the armpits or by the ankles and make            their sharp tongues and dull minds.
looping circles with his body horizontal to the
ground. "They would call me names in both              And so the Sparrows circled the wagons, Ron,
English and Spanish," Sparrow said. Did he ever        Laura, Chris and sister Lauren, 16, an Analy
fight? "No," he said. "I knew I couldn't win."         junior and staunch defender and supporter. It was
                                                       Lauren who stepped in when Chris was being
Somewhere between rage and indignation, his            teased at school. It was Lauren, 5-foot-3, two
parents lived, managing their anger, adjusting to      years younger but all-too-willing to be the big
a life that challenged them. Teaching Chris            sister.
maturity, they had to display that characteristic
as well if it was to have any influence. It is a       So now with 50 seconds left in that game against
dynamic all parents of special-needs children          Healdsburg, Chris hits the free throw. Does that
experience, but in the Sparrows' case, it was even     wipe out all the mess he had to endure to get
more demanding.                                        there? "Yeah, sort of," Chris said. Not
                                                       completely, he was saying. The people who
Laura is 4-foot-10 -- "on a good day" -- and           demean someone, they should know that. Scars
knew first-hand the road Chris would have to           remain, and how proud of that could they be?
travel. Not a dwarf, just a person of small stature,   Brag on that and see how far that gets you.
Laura has a wish, a wish so close to her, it's like
The real victory for Chris Sparrow that night        Gavin was too small. However, Goodwill had a
wasn't that he sank the free throw or that he was    trail-a-bike, so I figured that it was worth trying.
even in the game. The victory for him, like his
mom said, was showing up. Keep showing up,           The Adam’s trail-a-bike worked perfectly. I
and something good will happen. "Chris became        needed to replace the crank shaft with a shorter
average," Laura said. On a night in the middle of    one and add blocks to the pedals. I tried an
February, Chris Sparrow became what he always        adaptive crank shortener that I found at
wanted to be. Average. One of the guys. No
more. No less.

And so if the city of Sebastopol wants to truly
honor that achievement, Chris Sparrow doesn't
ride by himself in a convertible at the Apple
Blossom Festival. He rides in the back of a flat-
bed truck with his coach and teammates, with
Analy's coach and the Analy players, and with
that game official who sent him to line. They all
wave. They smile. They take their bows. They're
all in this together.

Sometimes 100 percent of life is just showing
                                                     Adaptivemall.com. The trail-a-bike’s crank shaft,
                                                     however, was too narrow for the wide crank
               Tandem Biking                         shortener. I also tilted the handlebars to help
                By Susan Larkin                      Gavin reach. We’ve been using the bike ever
I had no qualms about Gavin attending
kindergarten. I knew and liked his teacher. We       There are disadvantages. When Gavin wiggles,
had a great IEP team. However, the question in       the bike jiggles. When we’re riding together, I
my mind was how to get to school. In preschool,      concentrate on our balance and am not good at
Gavin took the school bus, which the district        changing gears. We, thankfully, have a
provided for students with disabilities. He loved    relatively flat commute, though I now know that
the bus; it was a big part of preschool              the school is up a slight incline.
experience. The district could continue to
provide Gavin with bus transportation, but we        However, the advantages outweigh the
live only a mile from school, and I felt he should   disadvantages. First, the bike makes Gavin
go to school the same way that Grace did:            popular. Everyone notices the boy on the cool
walking or biking. Walking was out of the            bike, and all the students want their parents to
question; I wasn’t up to leaving 20-30 minutes       get one. Not a day goes by that we don’t
earlier in the morning. A stroller was               overhear a kid asking for a similar bike. It also
inappropriate. I considered getting a wagon, but     gives us both lots of exercise. Although Gavin
that wouldn’t give Gavin any exercise.               can’t steer, break, or change gears, I know when
     I wanted a bike. I love to bike and so does     he’s pedaling by the boost power from the back.
Grace. Though Gavin likes to bike, he wasn’t         I also know when he’s slacking off and must
off training wheels, and a small bike is a lot       remind him to pedal.
slower than our bigger bikes. The answer for me
was an Adam’s Trail-a-bike. This is a child’s        Now that the weather is fine and gas is so
bike that hooks on to an adult bike to make it       expensive, we bike lots of places… to the store,
tandem. Most of the bike shops told me that
to the park, to friends’ homes. And, Gavin can
keep up with the family.                                                         Giants’ Game
                                                                              By Nathaniel Johnston
Ok, we had California covered, but in the middle
of December, we moved to Colorado to help my                   The Giants game on April 26 was a fun time. It
mother. We quickly enrolled the kids in school.                was a cold night but, we stuck through it. The
They fit in well and had a great time. Again,                  boys gave the girls the jackets, so the boys had to
however, my question was how to get to a school                keep warm by sticking close to each other. It was
that was less than a mile from our home. We                    a great time just hanging out with friends and
didn’t have our bikes, so that was out of the                  family watching a classic American sport. It was
question. We tried walking, but it took too long               also a fun experience, for most of us, to ride the
and was too tiring. This time, we used a wagon                 coke bottle slide, while some of us stayed back
for the first few weeks. We saw a lot of nature                and watched the game. While enjoying the game
this way: bunny trails in the snow, a fox                      we saw another LP and introduced ourselves to
crossing the golf course, eagles perched in the                him. Turns out he knew Willem when he was
trees.                                                         young. We filled up on hot dogs and garlic fries
                                                               while we were there, so the parents told us to
We liked the wagon, but Gavin wanted to be on                  stay back! Even though the giants lost we had a
the move himself. We decided to scooter. The                   great time being with each other and just
first week was painful, taking half an hour or                 laughing at the stuff that didn't really happen in
more. However, within a few weeks, Gavin was                   the game. We would like to thank everybody
zooming around. I had to run to keep up with                   who made this event possible, to all the parents
him, plus he was mastering hills and turns that                who provided the transportation and the tickets
made me nervous.                                               and lastly the teens who have a great time
                                                               together no matter what we do. The next thing
Of course, you can’t scooter in the snow, but you              that is coming up is the camping trip which
can sled. Gavin was the envy of all the                        should be a blast !□
kindergarteners when I pulled him on the sled.
Getting home took a little longer; we had to stop
to slide down the golf course hills. For a
California boy, what an adventure! □

                                  Bringing in the Holidays Party
                                      Saturday, November 1st 1:00-6:00
                                            1352 Olympia Ave
                                           Campbell, CA 95008

                                 It's time for the annual Bringing in the Holidays Party at the Larkin-Su home.

This is a potluck party, so please bring your favorite dish to share with at least 10 people. Beverages and desert
will be provided.

The Larkin-Su's have a climbing structure and play house, riding toys, sandbox toys, and small kid toys. They
also have a long concrete slab for riding, skating, and scootering if you want to bring such toys. Please bring
music and entertainment for teens.

Please let Susan know by October 25th if you plan on attending so we know how many to set up for:
susanlarkin@hotmail.com, phone #: 408-369-9518


                                                 Pool Party
                                             Sept 6th from 1:00-4:00
                                                 136 Ward Street
                                                  Larkspur, CA

Lee Uniacke and Shari Weiser will host a pool party for all ages. Please bring your suit and towel. They
will provide snacks and drinks

RSVP by August 30th to the Uniacke-Weisers at (415) 924-6914 or sharisharishari@gmail.com


From San Francisco and points south: Take 101 north to the Tamalpais/Paradise Drive exit (Corte
Madera/ Larkspur). Turn left at the traffic light onto westbound Tamalpais Drive. Continue
approximately 1 mile (road will curve to the right and to the left). Turn right onto Corte Madera Ave,
which changes name to Magnolia Ave at Larkspur's border; continue approximately one mile on
Magnolia Ave. into downtown Larkspur. At the first stop light, turn left onto Ward St. (Left Bank Cafe is
at this corner). Continue 1 1/2 blocks to 136 Ward Street (One house before cross street of Hawthorne).
House is on right, street parking

From the East Bay: Take the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, exiting at the Sir Francis Drake exit 1/2 mile
past the bridge. Continue on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. for approximately 1 1/2 miles, passing the Larkspur
Landing shopping center, passing under under highway 101 (be in the left lane at this point). Take the
southbound entrance ramp to 101; remain in the right lane and exit immediately at the Lucky Drive exit
onto Fifer Drive. Continue on Fifer through traffic light. Turn left at the end of Fifer onto Lucky Drive.
Turn right at stop sign onto Doherty Drive. Turn left onto Magnolia Ave. Drive 1/4 mile into downtown
Larkspur. Turn right onto Ward St. (at the Left Bank Restaurant). Continue 1 1/2 blocks to 136 Ward
Street (One house before cross street of Hawthorne) House is on right, street parking

From the North Bay: Take 101 south to the Lucky Drive exit, exiting onto fifer Drive (exit is just after
the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit). Continue on Fifer through traffic light. Turn left at the end of Fifer
onto Lucky Drive. Turn right at stop sign onto Doherty Drive. Turn left onto Magnolia Ave. Drive 1/4
mile into downtown Larkspur. Turn right onto Ward St. (at the Left Bank Restaurant). Continue 1 1/2
blocks to 136 Ward Street (One house before cross street of Hawthorne). House is on right, street.

                                        Alyla Ginsburg

I am a faithful optimistic dove with hopes that will live forever, even though I will not.
        I wonder if peace shall ever come, and if the inconsiderate war will ever stop.
        I hear the wisp of butterfly wings as the marvelous creatures fly over the tall
             golden grass meadow.
        I see a fairy queen with such elegance dancing with her handsome fairy king.
        I want the horrid animal testing and cruelty to stop; I think we have done enough
             harm to nature already.
I am a faithful optimistic dove with hopes that will live forever, even though I shall not.
        I pretend not to cry when I see the world melting into an immense ocean, of Sorrow.
        I feel the distressed cry of the brave, worthy soldiers in Iraq.
        I touch the winds of change and I know they can carry me wherever I choose to go.
        I worry that the hoarse cries of the wolf won’t be heard.
        I cry when I think of my father so far far away in London, England.
I am a faithful optimistic dove with hopes that will live forever, even though I shall not.
        I understand that there isn’t any point in War; Bush is killing so many innocent
        Soldiers, so many families are put apart because of this.
        I say no one on this planet should be treated differently, no matter what they look
        I dream that I become President of the United States of America and change the
             the world into a better place, for every human creature.
        I try my absolute hardest in life to achieve what everyone else does, but I don’t
             always succeed.
        I hope that someday we won’t remember what Global Warming was, or what
             caused it.
I am a faithful optimistic dove with hopes that will live forever, even though I shall not.

                                                                          May 2007

                                               Pumpkin Patch
                                  Saturday, October 4, 2008, 12 noon – 3:00pm
                                              Countryside Farms

  The farm is run by the Cutter Family who open it during the week to elementary school children who
want to experience life on a farm. On the weekends, however, it is much more private and our group will
once again be well cared for by the wonderful staff. There is a play area with things to climb, a petting
farm, strawberry patch, pumpkin patch, tractor rides, and the biggest hit is the sandbox filled with lima
beans where most of the kids were buried at least one time during the day last time we were here. We
even had relay races, tug of wars, and seed planting classes. It made a great spot for some wonderful
Kodak moments.
$7.00 Adult / $3.00 children
  (Price includes for each child: hay ride, pumpkin, petting farm yard, haystack tunnels, seed planting
and much more.) What a deal!!
  If you wear costumes, keep in mind the activities your child will be doing and dress as comfortably as
   We will have a barbeque/potluck-type fare again this year. So if your last names begin with…please
     A-H..... Meat, condiments
     I-P...... Salad (pasta, potato, jell-O, lettuce with dressing,, chips, etc.)
     Q-Z.... Dessert (brownies, cupcakes, cookies, etc.)
Please RSVP by Sept. 25th, to Lisa at 916-985-0915 or email her at folsomgal928@yahoo.com. Hope to see a lot of you out
on the farm!!!
Coming from the South (Modesto/Manteca):
Head North on Highway 99; Take the Main Street exit; Go 3 miles east; look for Countryside Farms on
right-hand side.
Coming from the North:
Head South on Highway 99; To Fremont St. exit (Hwy 26 East); Then turn right to come to Main Street;
Go ½ mile and look for Countryside Farms on your left-hand side.

                                                    paint and the "Star Wars" insignia; when she
                                                    sees her patients, hustling through the clinic in
                                                    the white lab coats she alters herself; and, when
                                                    she goes out to eat or hits the gym. While on her
                                                    bike, which she bought for $20 on craigslist, she
                                                    has seen motorists hold cameras out their
                                                    windows and snap her picture. Such reactions
                                                    make her bristle -- but they don't make her
                                                    change her ways.

                                                    "That is the remarkable thing about her," said
                                                    Paul Dellemonche, a close friend. "Where the
                                                    rest of us would say, 'I don't want to draw any
No shortage of stature for UC Davis                 more attention to myself,' for Sonia, the bike was
physician: Colleagues admire tiny                   cheap, she liked it and she could give a crap
physician's talent, charisma                        about what people think."
        By Blair Anthony Robertson                  Liu agreed to be interviewed for this story with
  Sacramento Bee Thursday, October 4, 2007          the idea it could clear up misconceptions about
                                                    little people and, perhaps, inspire people of all
Some people watch Sonia Liu because they can't      shapes and sizes to get beyond whatever
help it. Some do double takes. Others flat-out      limitations they may have.
stare because they don't know any better, so
taken aback are they by what they see. But Liu,     But she had concerns about being featured in a
who is in the second year of a three-year medical   newspaper. "I don't want to feel like a circus
residency at UC Davis Medical Center, is            show. I don't want to be put on display," she
oblivious to most of the extra attention.           said. Her friends say that while her short stature
                                                    may be the first thing people notice, it's also
"I really don't think about what other people see   something they soon forget, practically bowled
because I'm just doing my thing," said Liu, 28.     over by her intelligence and a charisma that
"You're given what you have and you don't know      lights up every room.
what it's like to live any other way. I always      "Sonia is like a personality. When she walks into
forget what I look like because my friends don't    a room, you know she's there -- and it's not
treat me any differently."                          because of her size," said Sonny Bains, a fellow
"When I see myself in pictures with my friends      medical resident and friend. "Her glow comes
next to me, I'll say to myself, 'Oh yeah, I am 2    from knowing herself really well. She knows
feet shorter."                                      what she wants with her life, she's doing it and
                                                    she's happy doing it." "She's very disarming and
Liu was born with achondroplasia, the most          she has a great sarcastic sense of humor," said
common medical condition that causes                Dellemonche, a psychiatry resident in
dwarfism. Her head and torso are normal size,       Providence, R.I., who met Liu when the two
but her limbs are much shorter.                     attended medical school at the University of
"Basically, it's a genetic condition where the      Michigan. "Many people in my class thought she
long bones don't grow as fast," she said. "Over     would be an excellent psychiatrist because she
80 percent of the time, it's a spontaneous          has a knack for putting people at ease and getting
mutation, so that most people you meet, like me,    them to open up. It's a great quality to have as a
don't have a family history of it."                 doctor in any field of medicine."

Because she is so active, Liu turns heads in all    Outside of her medical pursuits, Liu is a devoted
kinds of places: when she rides 2 1/2 miles to      traveler, opting to take a year off before medical
work on a child-size bike with the sparkly purple   school to see the world. She's musical and
artistic. She cooks and sews her clothes and           house when she was a child so it would have
makes crafts. She also confronts her fears. To         lower than standard light switches.
get over her stage fright, for instance, she used to   Liu excelled in school at every level and was
take her guitar to dive bars and perform on open       very social. In high school, she had scores of
mic nights.                                            friends. The only thing missing was romance. "It
                                                       sucked, but you just kind of accept it. I think I
Liu exudes confidence and is secure enough to          very much had the little sister syndrome. I think
ask for help, according to Kay Nelsen, a family        part of it was because of my appearance and part
medicine physician who supervises Liu and other        was my relationship with all my guy friends,"
residents. "She rose to the top of her class           she said. "You just accept it as part of life. I
because of that," Nelsen said. "She's a very           don't expect people to look beyond that all the
positive person and that radiates to her               time."
colleagues and her patients."
                                                       When Liu finishes her residency, she will begin
By the time she finishes her residency, Liu will       paying off $104,000 in student loans. She hopes
have seen about 1,600 patients. Many of them           to start her family practice in San Francisco or
will have a lasting impression. "She's very            perhaps Italy. A family physician can expect to
thorough. She listens to you and she wants             make $120,000-$170,000 a year, Liu said.
what's best for you," said patient Leslie Wilkins,
48, who suffers from chronic back pain, arthritis      During a rare afternoon off, Liu was asked how
and asthma. Asked about her reaction when she          she manages not to dwell on things that hold
first visited Liu, Wilkins smiled and said, "I was     most people back. She smiled and said, "I'm a
surprised and then impressed how she got around        busy person. I have to do my laundry -- and I
to things. With her now, you don't really notice       might have to help deliver a baby today."
it." After renewing a prescription for Wilkins
and gently suggesting she quit smoking, Liu                               Around the Bay in LPA
pulled out a small step and washed her hands at           Official Newsletter of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the
                                                                                  Little People of America
the sink. It's the kind of thing she does all the                      Published Quarterly and Available On-line
time, using tools or taking detours to get through                           Website: www.lpabayarea.org
her day.                                                                              ______________
                                                                   All Articles represent the opinions of the authors
                                                                        and do not necessarily represent LPA,
"I'm not the majority of the population and I'm                                its members, or its officers.
not going to be a prima donna about it," she said.                                     _____________
When she needs something on a high shelf, she'll                               National LPA
tell people she's getting it, noting, "I don't want                          1-888LPA-2001
anyone running over and saying, 'Can I get that                            www.LPAONLINE.ORG
                                                       Jon Welch—President
for you?' "                                            417 Donegal Way
Liu has been doing it that way most of her life.       Lafayette, CA 94549-1707
She grew up in a Chicago suburb, the daughter          wellchparty@comcast.net
of high-achieving parents from Taiwan, both of
                                                       Susan Larkin—Secretary/Parent Coordinator, Newsletter Editor
whom are average height. Her father has a Ph.D         1352 Olympia Ave.
and is a radiation physicist, her mother a retired     Campbell, CA 95008
biologist. Liu's brother is four years older and a     408-369-9518
financial analyst in New York.                         susanlarkin@hotmail.com

                                                       Linda Peterson—Treasurer/Teen Coordinator
Early on, Liu's parents realized their daughter        6425 Cockrill St.
was handling being different just fine. Only           Petaluma, CA 94952
years later did Liu realize they customized their      707-664-9421

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
1352 Olympia Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

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