Enterprise Partnership Scheme

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					       Embark Initiative
Enterprise Partnership Scheme
          Vicky Garnett
       Programme Leader
Enterprise Partnership Scheme
• 2004 & 2005 – Pilot

  – 2004

  – 2005
    Microsoft, Intel, Pfizer,   Terry Landers of Microsoft Ireland with Embark
    Janssen Pharmaceutical,     Microsoft scholars Stewart Hickey, Aisling Ni Ruairc
                                and Brendan Sheehan, and Martin Hynes, Director
    Cytec and Henkel Loctite    IRCSET
       Enterprise contribution
• €8,000 per annum per scholarship (1/3 of total)
  – They get…
     • Name on the scholarship, e.g. Embark Intel Postgraduate
     • A very cost efficient link to some of the excellent research
       teams in Ireland
     • Possible recruiting opportunities
  – They provide
     • An industrial supervisor
     • Internship on site for the scholar (optional)
     • Computer Equipment (optional)
                Benefits to the Students
                                                    • More opportunity to
                                                      receive funding
                                                    • Opportunity to experience
                                                      industrial research
                                                    • Additional expert
                                                    • Possible networking
                                                      opportunities that could
Embark Janssen Scholar Christopher Flynn with
(l-r) his supervisor Prof. Anita Maguire, Michael
                                                      benefit future
Napier of Janssen Pharmaceutical and Prof Frank
Hegarty, Deputy Chair of IRCSET
                                                      employment prospects
Enterprise Partnership Scheme –
            Model A

    •Embark Scholars sign form 1             START HERE
        •Enterprise Scholars sign             Call Opens
Terms and Conditions particular to           •Enterprise Partners advertise
               Enterprise Partner                    along with call

       Embark offers scholarships
                                           Call closes
                                        •Embark assesses for scholarships
     Enterprise Partners interview
                                         •Enterprise Partners look at list of
              and select for offers
                                      applicants and select for interview
Enterprise Partnership Scheme –
            Model B

                                      START HERE
     Embark Scholars sign form 1
         Enterprise Scholars sign     Call Opens
Terms and Conditions particular to    •Enterprise Partners Pre-Approve
               Enterprise Partner      Academics and research institutes
                                      •Applicant’s apply to those academics

       Embark offers scholarships     Call Closes
     Enterprise Partners interview    •Embark assesses for Embark scholars
              and select for offers   •Co-funded applicants assessed
  What does the applicant do?

                                           • Make sure you tick the box
                                             on the application form

                                           • Check EPS page on website
                                             for updates

Embark Pfizer scholar Sinead Milner
with (l-r) Charlie Hipwell of Pfizer and
Martin Hynes, Director IRCSET
 What does the Supervisor do?
• If you already have links with industrial
  researchers, contact Vicky Garnett in the
  IRCSET office

• Tell potential industrial partners about scheme

• Contact University / IoT Research office
 Contact Details
      Vicky Garnett
     Programme Leader
Enterprise Partnership Scheme
       Brooklawn House
        Shelbourne Road
             Dublin 4
         Tel: 01 231 5000
     Email: vgarnett@ircset.ie

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