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									Slide 1—Title-
Slide 2—Bristlecone Pine—lives to be a few thousand years old, rocky soil, high elevation, cold
Slide 3—Vampire Squid—Carnivore, lives 800+ meters deep—extreme pressure and cold, little to
no light
Slide 4—lichen and plant growing on a huge rock in Utah, was near 38 degrees C –only soil for the
plant was tiny bits of debris in the cracks,
Slide 5- grasshopper living in a lava field at Mt Etna in Sicily
Slide 6- Dried up area of salt-plain at the Great Salt Lake
Slide 7—plants that are living in the salt plain pictured in slide 6
Slide 8- Tube worms that feed on the microbes that feed on frozen chunks of methane—found in the
Gulf of Mexico—800-1000 meters deep
Slide 9- Sulfur loving microbes giving the rocks the yellow color—near vent of a volcano in Italy
Slide 10- Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone—microbes able to withstand the high temps of the
Slide 11—to give evidence that mammals couldn’t survive the heat in these springs—the picture
shows a coyote skeleton- coyote fell in and was killed
Slide 12- An alga-Chlamydomonas—living in the snow—has a purple photosynthetic pigment that
gives the snow the purple/pink color

                                                            Institute for Systems Biology & Bellevue School District

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