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					Wal-Marts still get Americans worked up
Mary Umberger
Chicago Tribune

I'm having a garage sale on top of my desk. Here's what I think I need to get rid of:

Big boxes are great--over there
The NIMBY concept ("Not in my back yard") as it pertains to development has been
around a long time; now a political consultant for developers has quantified it. That is:
About three-quarters of Americans don't want any new development in their own
communities, though the projects they oppose (landfills, quarries, power plants and Wal-
Marts, for example) probably would be OK somewhere else.

That's from the second annual study by Boston-based Saint Consulting Group, which
looks at public attitudes toward development. The public has softened, a little, in the last
year on the development of apartments and condos; casinos; grocery stores; office
buildings; large shopping centers; and single-family housing, according to the company,
which also has a Chicago office.

But some kinds of projects have lost traction. Those include: biotech research, landfills,
power plants, quarries and Wal-Marts, which seem to merit their own category. For the
latter business, 68 percent of 1,000 Americans polled in September and October said
they oppose development of Wal-Marts, though 61 percent said they liked shopping in
big-box stores.


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