Chapter 5 Business Law Outline by v6XTCxT7


									Chapter 5 - Criminal Law

Directions: Copy the outline and include the necessary information for Roman Numericals I, II, III, and

 I.           What are Crimes? –

        A.   Elements of a Crime
             1. Duty-
             2. Violation of the Duty-
             3. Criminal Intent-

        B. Criminal Conduct-

 II.          Classification of Crimes
              A. Felony-
              B. Misdemeanor-
              C. A Question of Ethics-Read in textbook and following instructions

 III.         Business-Related Crimes
              A. Larceny-
              B. Receiving Stolen Property-
              C. Bribery-
              D. Computer Crime-
              E. Extortion-
              F. Conspiracy-
              G. Arson-

 IV.          In This Case-Read in textbook and follow instructions

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