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									VSD, LLC Signs Partnering Agreement To Be DTM Global’s Product
Line Supplier
Virginia Beach, VA. – February 15, 2011 – VSD, LLC (VSD) entered into an agreement Feb. 7 with DTM
Global to provide product line sales, marketing, engineering, and technical services in support of
computer-based simulation systems software and equipment. VSD’s marketing focus will be in the
Americas and will emphasize the Fleetman maritime family of products.

“We are honored to partner with DTM Global to market their products in the Americas,” stated Chuck
Wythe, managing director of VSD. “Being the sole provider to the Americas of the Fleetman maritime
products will allow us to focus in depth on markets we know are strong and in need of this dynamic
product line. We look forward to pursuing foreign military sales opportunities through the U.S.
government as well as markets right here at home both commercial and defense related. I believe the
combination of DTM Global and VSD’s core strengths will allow us to become a dominant player in the
maritime simulation and training markets, with products that are in high demand worldwide.”

The Fleetman maritime products VSD will market include Fleetman Desktop, Fleetman Bridge Trainer,
and Fleetman Flight Deck Officer Trainer. In addition, VSD will market DTM Global’s Deployable
Electronic Warfare Environment Trainer.

Tim Dewing, chief executive of DTM Global, said, “We have already run one project with VSD and are
delighted to be formalizing our working relationship. This partnership means that we will have our
Fleetman family of products represented in the U.S. by a professional training solutions and simulation
company with a strong track record. We are keen to expand our activity in both the foreign military sales
arena and South American market.”

About VSD
VSD, LLC (VSD) is a leading provider of innovative customized solutions to governments and
corporations around the world. VSD uses technology and creative thinking to provide timely and cost-
effective solutions. We exist to provide value to our clients as experts in our fields of practice.
VSD provides world-class performance improvement, corporate consulting and implementation, media,
engineering, and software engineering services.

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