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									Biography of Dr Phil Pearson MCIPS

After completing an Honours Degree in Chemistry at Lincoln College
Oxford, Phil began his career in Production Management. He held
increasingly senior positions in Manufacturing, Packing, Technical
Development and then Purchasing Departments. His quest for
improvements in business efficiency led to his interest in optimising
performance across the whole of the supply chain.

As a professional buyer, Phil has bought all types of raw and packaging
materials from world-wide sources, organising the supply chain to meet
the diverse needs of both fast changing consumer products and fully
licensed pharmaceuticals. With considerable experience as a negotiator,
he specialises in analysing supply markets to determine the best
purchasing strategy to meet service objectives and to reduce costs.

With a reputation for innovative strategic thinking, Phil is well versed in
business improvements. He believes in developing relationships with
suppliers and using lean supply techniques to improve performance. This
has often involved persuading suppliers to make fundamental changes in
attitudes, systems, procedures and specifications.

Phil has worked with consultants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and
KPMG to implement Strategic Purchasing. He has also directed and
developed an innovative Partnership Program with four major UK
suppliers. This major collaborative program featured the elimination of
waste, systems improvements and supplier integration. Key benefits were
lower prices, lower costs, improved service and faster response times.
The techniques employed have wide application, irrespective of Company
size. Indeed, At the other end of the scale, Phil is particularly keen onto
assisting smaller and medium sized companies where it is common to
find that Purchasing is under-resourced and opportunities are being
missed. Here hHe will augment existing purchasing staff on a project-by-
project basis or even undertakeing supplier negotiations on a client’stheir

Purchasing is an intensely practical subject, a combination ofn art and a
science to arrive at workable and sustainable solutions. In Phil’s
experience, the best solutions do indeed combine theory and practice. In
pursuit of the scientific theoretical side, Phil maintains close contact with
academic institutions. He is a sessional lecturer in Purchasing at the
University of Derby has a PhD from the University of Birmingham on the
subject of price management in long-term supplier relationships.
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