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					                                  Referral Management Centre

 Role:                  Referral Management Centre Administrator
 Function:              Complete administration tasks for the BMI Referral Management Centre
 Reports to:            Line Manager: Director of Reporting, NHS Performance Manager
 Direct Reports:        Supervisor
 Key Contacts:          Process Analysts, IMU Analyst, PCT’s, GP’s
 Location:              North West, Manchester Lifestyle

Role Purpose & Key Accountabilities:

      Manage the electronic booking referrals through Choose and Book Directly
       Bookable Services.
      Monitor and track referral triage in line with standardised timescales.
      Update Choose and Book with referral outcomes.
      Answer telephone enquiries and respond to requests by hospital staff and GP’s.
      Data input of patient information into the computer system IPM.
      Provide patients with documentation relating to their appointment.
      Complete call logs and reports.
      Recommend process improvements.
      To provide a 1st class customer service to the BMI group and patients who use the
      Build relationships with RMC centres around the country

Key Performance Indicators:

      Ensure all hospitals referrals have been processed for the current day
      Ensure all calls are logged and responded to in the working day.
      Ensure all triage referrals are complete and if not the hospital in question is
      Keep contact records up to date for each hospital, NHS email addresses and
       contact numbers.
      To develop relationships with the NHS leads in all BMI hospitals.
      To participate in mandatory training, personal development and the performance
       review process as appropriate.

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Specific Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications:

      Knowledge of Choose and Book
      Understanding of the NHS and provision of secondary care essential
      Knowledge of Microsoft Office
      Good organisational skills and time management
      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with a wide range of
       individuals from a variety of backgrounds and roles.
      Experience of working in professional, service-oriented team
      Demonstrated success in responding to customer’s needs and delivering service
       of high quality
      Good oral and written communication skills


 Developing & Inspiring Others
Not only imparts knowledge to others effectively but also inspires others to see the benefits and
purpose of new systems, business processes and change. Encourages their development in a
way that benefits the individual and enhances business performance.

 Teamwork
Works in partnership across the business in a way that maximises the impact of initiatives on
business performance and demonstrates the value of teamwork.

 Sustainable Relationships
Gains a deep understanding of the needs of key hospital stakeholders, builds strong
relationships and drives action that is mutually beneficial for both individuals and the business.

 Innovation & Change
Generates, collates and effectively proposes new ideas, possibilities and creative alternatives to
enhance overall quality of IT systems and related business processes.

 Organisational & Presentation Skills
Is highly organised and methodical in their approach to work. Follows due process and
procedure. Is confident and clear in presentation including presentation materials and spoken

 Flexibility, Adaptability & Versatility
Able to show flexibility and versatility in all respects including hours, location and technology.
Delivery focused.

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