Computer Skills 7th/8th Grade by aP68V1sd


									                                                   Introduction to Computers 6th Grade
                                                             Class Information

Class Description
Students will learn and reinforce basic computer skills through a project based learning model. Through fun and meaningful
projects, the students will learn aspects of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Windows Movie Maker. (Introduction to Computers
is part of the 6th grade exploratory unit.)

Lab Fee/Donation
I am requesting a donation of $3.00 that will cover printing costs, CD-Rs, and other class supplies and equipment.
         - If paying by cash please DO NOT PAY IN COINS.
         - Make checks payable to: Balboa Middle School.
                  - In the memo section of the check:
                           - Students first and last name
                           - Intro to Comp. Fee

Class Grading
Grading will be based on the following criteria:
*Class participation, effort, work habits, and cooperation
*Completion of assignments
*Quality of work
- I will re-grade any project after the due date with no penalty. Just know that there will be no time to work on past projects in
class. Students need to work on it at home or during the open lab times.

The Virtual Classroom
The Virtual Classroom is a website ( that we use in class for various activities. Your child will have a
username and password (Username: their first and last name, all one word, all lower case Password: student i.d. numbers). It
usually takes a week or two after the beginning of the quarter/semester to get them set up. One of the activities is the Project
Upload link where the students upload their finished work. This is a great way for parents to have a chance to download and
view their child’s work (If the home computer and software is compatible). Late work can also be uploaded for the student to
work on at home for re-grading. Please contact me if you have any questions in regards to the Virtual Classroom.

I look forward to a highly productive and exciting Computer Skills class. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or

Both students and parents please sign and return the bottom portions of this page and turn it in along with your donation by
the first Friday of the quarter.

Larry Anter
Balboa Middle School
Rm 50
(805)289-1800 ex. 2150                                          Check out my blog!

                                                             Computer Skills 6th Grade

I have read the Intro to Computers 6th Grade class information page and agree to meet all criteria. A $3.00 lab fee is enclosed.

Student Name: ________________________________ Per. ________
                (Print First and Last Name)

Student Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________

Parent Signature: ______________________________ Date: ________

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