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					     The 6 year plan!

Prepared by Amy Farrow, School Counselor,
           Horizon Elemenatry
Our Goal for the evening:

To discuss the components of the 6 year plan to
  prepare you for what you should be tracking
  over the next six years.

Following a 6 year plan should lead to:

Each student taking a personal investment in their
  own education as they see how it relates to
  their own future success.
1) Track your own Personal Development

View and discuss:
Learning Style Inventory
Multiple Intelligence Inventory
Career Clusters Inventory

*Online resource where you can take these again
  in the future to see how you grow and change.
2) Track your own Hobbies /Abilities /Interests

Start your own “resume” of what you do for your
   own growth (computer skills, sports, activities,
   jobs, community groups, elective subjects, etc.)
Track volunteer information for Merit Award and
   applications to college / scholarships.

*Online resource for volunteering
*Online resource for finding out how to get
  involved in clubs and sports in Asa Clark
  Middle School and Pewaukee High School
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   What does your report card look like?

   MAP – Measure of Academic Progress
    (2nd- 10th)
    WKCE – Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts Exam
    (3rd-8th and 10th)

   In the Future – EXPLORE (7-9th), PLAN (10th),
    ACT or SAT (college entrance)
    Be a critical thinker and problem solver
   Show leadership skills when collaborating
   Communicate well in oral and written form
   Be flexible yet organized so you can adapt
   Initiative for innovation with imagination
   Know how to access and apply information
    (gained through internet and other sources)
   Be ready to constantly learn – career or college
At the sixth grade orientation!
Students will meet with the Asa
Clark Counselor, Adriana Plach
in their classrooms in January.
Parents and Student should attend
Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Orientation . (at 4:30)
Read through the entire course
description book & attend all orientations.

a) Plan ahead …
b) Know the facts; you may find yourself
    interested in something you had waved
Working backwards helps sometimes:

Step 2) Most who drop out of college by end of
   first semester sophomore year had come in
   freshman year being undecided about their

Step 1) Most who come in freshman year of high
   school without a somewhat focused interest in
   any particular elective area, often reach Senior
   year without an idea about a college major.
   If you want to experiment, do that in Middle
    School, so…
   your plan by High School may have some
    experimenting but by Junior year is pretty
    decisive as far as elective choices, so…
   by the end of Senior year you have a goal for
    college, so…
   when you start college, you finish college.
PHS Graduation Requirements:
English – 4 credits
Math – 3 credits
Science – 3 credits
Social Studies – 3.5 credits
Physical Educ./ Health – 2 credits

Fine Arts – 3.0 credits
Electives – 9.5 credits
TOTAL # of 28 credits
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How can I prepare myself
  for future testing and
better academic scores???
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Pewaukee High School has many avenues to
promote volunteerism. Being a member in
Key Club, the Merit Award and National
Honor Society are a few.

College and scholarship applications will
expect to see volunteer hours. Potential
employers are looking for ways you show
positive citizenship and give back to the
Hearing educational /
career expectations from
parents is the most
influencing factor in a
child’s career planning
Wisconsin Covenant

    January of 2006, the Wisconsin Covenant program was created to inspire
    young people to plan early for a successful high-school career that will
    lead to higher education. Eighth graders in Wisconsin are invited to
    sign the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge, promising to:
1) Earn a high-school diploma.
2) Maintain at least a "B" average in high school.
3) Complete classes needed to prepare for higher education.
4) Demonstrate good citizenship.
5) Apply for state and federal financial aid in a timely manner.
6) Take the necessary steps to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin
    System institution, a Wisconsin Technical College, and/or a Wisconsin
    private college or university.

    In return for meeting these goals and keeping the pledge, a Wisconsin
    Covenant Student will become a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar, earn a
    place within the partnered systems, and receive a financial aid package,
    based on their family's financial need, to help make college affordable.
Remember –
this is a 6 year plan.
   Attend ALL Middle School and High School
    orientations and future Pirate Talks
   Talk frequently about educational expectations
    and potential career paths based on learning
    style, talents, interests, work ethic, skills and
    inventories they can keep retaking
   REALLY read over everything in the Asa Clark
    and PHS course description guides to plan out
    and re-plan and plan again in the next 6 years
   Volunteer; get active and track it!
   Visit the Career Planning Resource section of
    the district’s website and explore the links
   Discuss with your child topics such as their
    work ethic & how it applies to their future
    career; the computer skills they have &
    tracking the technology they can operate.
   What are they doing in school to build their
    academics or 21st Century Success skills so they
    affect their own future positively? (remember
    the links to help with that?)

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