Grade 8 English Year Plan by aP68V1sd


									                              Grade 8 English Year Plan

The following is a list of units that we will be covering this year.

1. Short Stories - focusing on structure, theme, plot, characters, conflict, and
analytical thinking.
2. Novel Study and Literature Circles
3. Media
4. Poetry - – lyrical (music). Specific lessons and interspersed throughout
reading/writing workshops.
5. Writing - Writing Workshop - mini-lessons from a variety of sources and daily or weekly
Types of Writing:
    letters – business
    myths
    poetry
    persuasive essay
    narrative
    fiction
    “how to”
    short scripts
    newspaper article
6. Drama

We will also focus on:
1. Independent reading - 15 to 20 minutes per day plus 20 minutes a day at home.
2. Reading Workshop - Mini-lessons including, but not limited to: why reading is
important; awareness, recognition, and use of strategies (connections, visualization,
predictions, inferring, questioning, finding main idea, identifying character traits, etc.)
3. Writing workshop - creative / portfolio writing / quick writes plus types of letters and
4. Spelling – guided activities and a personal demons lists
5. Grammar – mini lessons several times a week, woven into the units of study.

This list is subject to change and units may be added.

Assessments will include tests, quizzes, group and self assessments, journals, Socratic
circles, conferencing, presentations, assignments, homework and reading logs.

I am available for extra help if you do not understand something. Generally I will be
available before school, lunch and after school on a daily basis.

My email is
My webpage is

We will focus on connections – text to text, text to self, text to world.

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