ENGLISH LANGUAGE LITERATURE Programme Overview by aP68V1sd


									                                                Key Stage 4 Course Outline Planner

Examining Board and Course Assessment Structure

Subject                        GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE

                               GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE

Exam Board                     AQA

Course Tier Information (if appropriate):             FOUNDATION D – G

                                                      HIGHER A - C

Course Assessment:

English Language: 40% exam 60% controlled assessment
English Literature: 40% coursework 60% controlled assessment
A range of texts are studied and you are expected to analyse them and in some units recreate
them. You are also expected to write in a variety of styles for a variety of audiences in both the
examinations and the controlled assessments.

Other Course Information
Course Reading or Set Texts:
These will vary depending on what is chosen for your group

Controlled assessment units:

      1.     Recreations – two pieces of written media
      2.     Multi modal texts- one piece of data analysis
      3.     Shakespeare- one Literature essay
      4.     Speaking and listening – three assessments

You will produce a folder of work, which will be assessed.
Exam units:
     1.Reading non-fiction
     2.Non-fiction writing
     3.Modern prose or drama
     4.Exploring multicultural texts.
     5.Poetry from anthology
     6.Analysis of unseen poetry.

Homework: Preparation of controlled assessments and exam revision.

Useful Website Addresses:

English cop/o/booklet 09-11
                                                      Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map – 2010 – 2012

Year 10                       Autumn 1              Autumn 2                Spring 1              Spring 2             Summer 1              Summer 2
                              Lang unit 3b          Lang Unit 3a            Literature Unit 2a    Literature Unit 2a   Literature Unit 2a    Re-creations
                              Moving Image          Extended Reading        Poetry for exam       Poetry for exam      poetry for exam       Relationships
                              CA (7.5%)             Explore the methods     Character cluster     Character cluster    Exam prep for         CA (7.5%)
                                                    used to present a       (15 poems)            (continued)          cluster and unseen
                                                    character in                                                       poems
                                                    OMAM CA (15%)
                                                    (Of Mice & Men)

                                                    Lang Unit 2                                   Lang Unit 2 S & L
                                                    S & L Discussion        Literature Unit 2a    Presentation         POETRY EXAM
                              Literature Unit 2a    Who is to blame for     Poetry                Monologue based on   (35% of ENGLISH       Lang Unit 1
                              Poetry                the death of Curley’s   6 unseen poems        a poem               LIT)                  Non Fiction Skills
                              6 unseen poems        wife?                                                                                    for exam
                                                                                                                                             Writing skills
Year 11                       Autumn 1              Autumn 2                Spring 1              Spring 2             Summer 1              Summer 2
                              Literature Unit 3     Lang unit 1             UNIT 1 ENGLSH         Literature Unit 1a   Literature Unit 1     LITERATURE EXAM
                              Explore how           Non Fiction Skills      LANG. EXAM (40%)      Modern Drama         Modern Drama          (40% of ENGLISH
                              Shakespeare and       for exam                                      Inspector Calls      Inspector Calls and   LIT)
                              Browning present      Reading                 Lang Unit 3c Spoken                        OMAN revision
                              love in Othello and   skills/revision of      Language Study                             (culture focus)
                              The Lab               writing skills          (10%)
                              CA (25% OF                                    CA                                         Unit 1 revision
                              ENGLISH LIT)

                              Lang Unit 2
                              S & L Role play

CA = controlled assessment

English cop/o/booklet 09-11

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