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									                                             Philosophy 206
                             Discussion Worksheet 3 – Why Study Philosophy?-1

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The question being asked is “Why Study Philosophy?” The task at hand is to review the literature
(literature review) to determine the answer to this question, according to the author. The author of
“Apology” is Plato but Plato was recounting Socrates words at his trial so we will try to determine what
Socrates’ answer to this question is.

1. Literature Review: Using my notes as guidelines, try to pick out two main points that Socrates
   makes, that you think would help answer the question of why study philosophy. You do not need
   to limit yourself to my notes however!

2. Discussion: Choose one of your points above and “contextualize” it. That is, apply a method of
   analysis, in the context of the larger narrative. What example or elaboration does Socrates present for
   the point you chose? Use my notes to guide you.

3. Conclusion: What do you think the answer to the question is (Why study philosophy?) from what
you have learned from your analysis? Do you agree with Socrates? Disagree? Not sure? Did you gain
any important insight?

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