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                                    St Paul’s Secondary School
Form 4                             Liberal Studies 2010-2011
                        IES Worksheet: Question Posing (literature review)

A.   Figure Information
1.   Topic of article: ___Letter to Hong Kong:Generation of The Post 80s_______
2.   Date: ____9.1.2010__________________
3.   Author: ___Chan King Fai_____________
4.   Background
             Chan was born in 1982, he is now aged 29.
             He studied Cultural Studies in Lingnan University.
             Activist of “Post-80s Generation”

5. Reference (related to author)
             “Self-learning Chan King-fai”, Mingpao, 16th November, 2008

             “Interview with Chan King-fai—A Hong Kong local Engineer”, Cultural Studies of
              Lingnan University, Issue No. 4. Released on March 2007. Browsing date: 15 Jul 2011.

B. Issue Details
1. Reference (related to the issue, at least three sets of reference materials)
          Chu Hoi-dick, “ A dispatch on Rail-link strike: The youth will parade around the Legco
            Building for 3 days; Tsoi Yuen Village appear in Central”, Hong Kong In-media.
            Browsing date: 15 July 2011.
          “Secret fighting in long term, Revelation of 5 Anti-Express Rail Youth.” The East
            Week, released on 23 January 2011. Browsing date: 15 Jul 2011.
             Lam Fai, “It is not an easy journey—my memory of social activities”, Hong Kong
              In-media. Extracted from “Before and behind the Post-80s: Transcend Social
              Movement, the narration and imagination o generations” Browsing date: 15 Jul
    這條路不容易走──我的一點社運回憶(收錄於《80 前後:

2. Development of related issues
             Recent year, there are some common faces appeared in the demonstrations, the media
              named them “The Post-80s”.
             They have participated various social activities, including “Protection of Queen’s Pier”,
              “Protection of Lee Tung Street”, “Protection of Tsoi Yuen Village”, and “Anti-Express Rail
             The Post-80a has adopted different demonstration methods, e.g. initiate the mass to parade
              around the Legco Building and “monk strike” in 18 districts in the Anti-Express Rail Rally.

C. Main arguments and themes
1. Main arguments, reasons and evidences in articles
           Main argument                         Reason and evidence                          Controversy
                                                                                       (Hint: Author may respond
     (Hint: Find arguments in the      (Hint: Reason and evidence mainly follow
                                                                                       to the viewpoint of other
     article. Usually each             argument. Sometimes examples are used to
                                                                                       stakeholders, i.e. XX VS
     paragraph has one argument.)      illustrate the argument.)
     Our concept of family is not     The New Town Plaza is the watershed of the       Main concern
     constrained to private           generations.                                     The Post-80s : we emphasis
     residential buildings, but the T The old generation all think the New Town        is on Urban development
     future of Hong Kong, our city. Plaza marks the symbol of urbanization and         VS
                                      city improvement.                                Mr TSANG Chun-wah,
                                      Yet the new generation think the repeatedly      John: The Post-80s matters
                                      building of plaza are boring and                 their own living
                                      monotonous, rather not a symbol of               environments.
                                      improvement and civilization.
     Many ideas in the book “4        The narratives of the book are from the          The Post-80s:
     Generations of Hong Kong”        former generations. They interpret               For a better living, not better
     has been adopted to the Post-    “Generations Struggle” as the Post-80s fight     employment compensation
     80s who oppose the Express       for the promotion opportunities.                 VS
     Rail Link. I think all in all,   Yet, the majority of Anti-Express Rail Link      Mr TSANG Chun-wah, John
     everybody get the wrong gist.    strikers have a stable income, some of them      / Professor Lui tai-lok: (The
                                      are part-time employed, they can still make a    Post-80s are unsatisfied with
                                      living.                                          little chance of promotion.
     We aim at re-emphasize of        We found the core values of Hong Kong lies       Tsoi Yuen Village:
     Space Politics, not economic     on all ordinary people who work hard for the     Lively with peoples’ live
     improvement.                     living and the community, family and stories     stories
                                      that belong to them.                             VS
                                      Unlike us (The Post-80s Generation), I hope      Shopping Malls:
                                      our next generations will not live in an         No history, no neighbors, no
                                      environment surrounding with boring and          live stories
                                      monotonous shopping malls every day.

2. It is worthwhile and interesting to study…
     (Hint: Choose an interesting argument from above, and then transform it into an enquiry theme. A research-
     worthy theme is usually argumentative (i.e. different stakeholders are involved in the discussion) and related
     to concepts of Liberal Studies.)

     What social requests are raised by the “The Post-80s”?
     How do different stakeholders interpret the wills of “The Post-80s”?
     How should I look at their wants and understand them?

3. Related concepts and important glossaries
     Civil Society, Public Participation, Urban Space, Generations Theory, Social Activities

4. Chart: Analysis of article

          Related Issues
                                                                 My Opinion
          “Protection of Tsoi Yuen Village”
                                                                 We fight for the return of urban
          “Anti-Express Rail Rally”
                                                                 space politics, not economic

                                                                 Unlike us (The Post-80s
                                                                 Generation), I hope our next
                                                                 generations will not live in an
                                                                 environment surrounding with
                                                                 boring and monotonous shopping
                                                                 malls every day.

                                                      The Post-80s

5. Views of stakeholders
            Stakeholders                                     Possible Viewpoints
     Government Official              The new generations need to seize the opportunities and well-
     E.g. Mr TSANG Chun-              prepared, with the advantage of rapid economic development in
     wah, John                        mainland. They need not be afraid of not being “promoted”.

                                      Recently there are some Post-80s (The 4th Generation) has adopted
                                      radical ways in order to express their concern on some social issues.
                                      But most importantly, They need to exercise rational and objective
                                      thinking, a wider perspective in the course of discussion.
     Scholar                          The 2nd generations (baby boomers who born in year 1946~1965)
     E.g. Professor Lui Tai-lok       create a decent living conditions because of the bloom of economy
                                      after war. Professor Lui thought the 4th generations (people who
                                      born in year 1976~ 1990) have low resistance and live in
                                      greenhouses are caused by the 2nd Generations.
     Hong Kong Citizens               The “Post-80s” have radical and even unlawful behaviors,
                                      thus social stability is disturbed.

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