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					        Dr Stelios Hadjichristofis
                                FCS(SA)Orth ./ MMed(WITS)Orth.
                               ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON
            cell: 00357 99722555       web:

STELIOS HADJICHRISTOFIS FCS(SA)Orth. , MMed(WITS)Orth. , Orth. degr.(Athens)
                   ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON

Born 22/10/1957 Famagusta Cyprus. Became refugee August 1974. High school First
Gymnasium Famagusta up to1974. Last year of high school in Nicosia – Acropolis Gymnasium.
1975 to 1977 Cyprus Army.

Medical studies and medical degrees:
1984       Graduated with a diploma of higher education in the faculty of Medicine.
           Average score 5,23 - very good .( First to fifth year ).
           Final state exams score 5,7 - excellent. (Final year )
           Sofia Medical school – Bulgaria.

1985-1986 Ten months internship – Nicosia Hospital – Cyprus.
1986 –1987 One year internship – Hamanskraal Hospital – South Africa.

April 1985 Successfully completed examination in internal medicine and Surgery in
           Athens Greece.
          Recognition of my degrees as equivalent to the corresponding Degrees
          awarded by the Department of medicine ( Faculty of Health Sciences) issued
          by the Higher Medical Institution , Greece .

Sept. 1987 South African Medical and Dental Council [ SAMDC ].
           Successfully completed Examination for medical practitioners, for registration
           with the SAMDC.

Sept. 1988 College of Medicine of South Africa - FCS (SA) I .
           Successfully completed FCS (SA) I examination . (Part I examination for
           Fellowship in the college of Surgeons of South Africa - Orthopaedics)

Jan. 1992 Successfully completed FCS (SA) II examination . (Part II examination
          for Fellowship in the College of Surgeons of South Africa).

June 1992 Succesfully completed course in Research Techniques (EXPD 701) 1992 in the
          University of Witwatersrand - Continuing Education.

Oct. 1994 Successfully completed Specialist Orthopaedic exam in Athens Greece and
          registered as a specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon by the Department of Hygiene
          in the Hellenic Republic.

Oct. 1995 Successfully completed FCS (SA) Orthopaedics (final exam) to become Fellow
          of the College of Surgeons of South Africa - Orthopaedics .

May 1997 Awarded the degree of MMed (Master of Medicine) in Orthopaedic Surgery
         for the successful completion of the course work which is prescribed for this
         degree and for the research report entitled : “The prevalence of osteoporosis in
         primary osteoarthritis. Practical and theoretical significance”.
Degrees –Awards – Prizes:

Orthopaedic specialist degree- University of Athens -Greece, Oct.1994.
FCS(SA)Orth. Oct.1995.
MMed(WITS)Orth. May 1997. [Master degree Orthopaedics].
Orthopaedic Training WITS Medical school 1990-1995.

ATLS ( Advanced Trauma and Life Support) course and degree. [ International
degree from the American Trauma Society] Feb. 1999.
SYNTHES SA (PTY) -Orthopaedic prize awarded to the best Orthopaedic Registrar in
the Johannesburg Group of Teaching Hospitals, who is deemed to have contributed
most to the department of Orthopaedic surgery, for academic achievement and for
clinical excellence. Feb.1996.

SAHETI 1995 award for outstanding postgraduate . ( South African Hellenic
Educational and Technical Institute ).

Smith & Nephew Arthroscopy local traveling bursary to improve skills and Knowledge
on the Arthroscopic Surgical techniques. June 1996.

Smith & Nephew Overseas traveling grant in Arthroscopic Surgery - Arthroscopic and
sport centers in Boston ( Massachusetts’s General Hospital and Harvard university),
Pittsburg University. DEC 1997.

Member of the orthopedic association of South Africa, Arthroscopy and sport injuries
society, Trauma society and Arthroplasty society in South Africa. October 1995

Member of the AO ALUMNI Association (AO-ASIF: Association for the study of
internal fixation) (International). Sep 1997

Affiliate member of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons - AAOS. May
Participation in the Educational Exchange program organized by the international
Center for Orthopedic education in association with the American Academy of
Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Orthopedic Association. Two weeks visiting
prominent orthopaedic centers in USA San Francisco and Los Angeles - 1997.
Professional posts

1985– 1986 Intership Larnaca and Nicosia Hospital
1986- 1987 Intership Jubilee Hospital South Africa
1987-1988 Senior House Officer – Orthopaedics Hillbrow Hospital South Africa
1988-1989 Medical Officer – Orthopaedics Hillbrow Hospital South Africa
1990 Surgical Registrar – General Surgery. Baragwanath Hospital
1991-1995 Orthopaedic Registrar. Official Orthopaedic Rotation of WITS University in
four Academic Hospitals; Hillbrow General Hospital, Baragwanath Hospital, J.G.
Strydom Hospital and Johannesburg General Hospital.
1995-1998 Orthopaedic consultant. Orthopaedic unit JHB Gen. Hospital
1996-1998 Head of Arthroscopy unit In JHB Gen Hospital. Consultant in Trauma and
Arthroplasty unit.
1999-2010 Private Practise – Milpark Hospital and Bedford Gardens Hospital

Teaching Experience

1990-1992 Teaching + exams Medical students year 4 - Orthopaedics
1992 – 1995 Teaching Final year students – Orthopaedics
1995-1998 Teaching + examination final year Medical students.
           Teaching Registrars - Theory and surgical skills
1998 – 2007 Teaching selectively Registrars. Once a year lectures on arthroscopic
             Surgery knees and Shoulders.
             Examination of Final year Medical students.
2007-2010 Presentations within Private Hospitals on Arthroscopy and Complicated
            Trauma. Lectures on Arthroscopic Surgery to the staff of the private
International congresses and training in new techniques

April 1997              American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons .Annual meeting –
                        International congress – San Francisco – USA.

December 1997          Current concepts in Joint Replacement. Fourteenth International
                       congress. Orlando Florida.

July 1997               AO Advanced Trauma course – International. Johannesburg

June 1998               Orthopaedic Congress – Greek Orthopaedic association. Nicosia

February 1999           ATLS.Advanced Trauma Life Support – International Degree

May 1999                LCS Knee system. International meeting. Johannesburg.

January 2000            Arthroscopic and reconstructive Surgery – Shoulder and knee joints
                       Metcalf International Congress Scottsdale Arizona, U.S.A –

April 2000              Orthofix : External Fixator International Congress. RIVA Congress
                      Verona, Italy. Rive de la Garda

December 2000           AO-Internal Fixation, International Congress
                       DAVOS, Switzerland

March 2001              The Art of Orthopaedic Surgery – International Congress - Trauma
                       Whistler, CANADA(Fully sponsored)

April 2001               13/4/01 - 29/4/01 . Australia Melbourne and Sydney . Orthopaedic
                       Surgeon of a touring school Rugby team

February 2002          Orthofix External Fixation Symposium

March 2002             AO Advanced Hand course – Pretoria, South Africa

July 2002              40th Charnley Celebration meeting - Midrand, South Africa

November 2002             Corail presentation (Total Hip Replacement) –JHB, South Africa

December 2002           The Corail in Primary and Revision Surgery, Learning centre ,
                        Annecy France.

April 2003              3rd Combined Arthroplasty and Knee Surgery congress –
                        Drakensberg, South Africa

August 2003              Naples, Florida – USA: Classroom and Surgical skills cadaveric
                        Training on advanced Surgical treatment of shoulder and knee
                        reconstruction procedures – Arthroscopic surgery
                        Boston USA: Visiting of Cartilage laboratories.
November 2003     Molndal,Sweden : “Evolution in the management of
                  Thromboembolic Conditions: New millennium, New era”
                    Development of Ximelagatran by Astra Zeneca.( Fully sponsored)

December 2003     DAVOS Switzerland. AO Interrnational advanced courses in
                  Trauma. Table instructor.

March 2004         San Francisco American Academy of orthopaedic Surgeons; Annual
                     Congress. (Fully sponsored)

March 2004        Silverado Symposia on Orthopaedic Technologies. Silverado ,Nappey
                  valley California.

March 2004        the BHR Clinical & Scientific Meeting - Cape Town

November 2004    Total Knee & Minimally Invasive Unicompartmental Knee Computer
                 Aided Surgery Course - Hamburg-Norderstedt, Germany
                 2005 -2006 – 35 knee replacements – Computer Aided Surgery.

January 2005     5th Advanced Course on Shoulder Arthroscopy - Val d’Isere, France

April 2005       Internal and/or External Fixation course – Verona, Italy

April 2005       3rd International Trauma Symposium – Rome, Italy

October 2005     International Fall Trauma Conference – Athens Greece

July 2006        Intelligent Hip and Knee Surgery course. Johannesburg South Africa.
                 International course. Part of the panel – Debate: Total Knee CAS
                  (computer assisted surgery) – overcoming the learning curve.

December 2006    Current concepts in Joint Replacement. Orlando USA

May 2007         Biennial IAKOS congress. Florence Italy
                 International society of Arthroscopy, knee surgery, and Orthopaedic
                 sports medicine.

October 2007     The international sport medicine and arthroplasty meeting. Prague
                 Check Republic.

December 2007    AO Masters Course . DAVOS Switzerland. Trauma Masters

July 2008        CAS interest group meeting. (Computer assisted Surgery).

September 2008   Learning center AMIS 9Anterior minimally Invasive Surgery)
                 Laboratoire d’ anatomie, Tours France

October 2008     Annual Orthopaedic Congress – Athens Greece.

April 2009       Biennial IAKOS congress. Osaka Japan
                 International society of Arthroscopy, knee surgery, and
                 Orthopaedic sports medicine.
April 2009               CAS course. Computer Assisted Surgery Total Knee replacement. Osaka

October 2009             CAS meeting and workshops. Durban South Africa.

May      2010            Internet conference Total hip replacement and Total Knee Replacement

June 2010                EKKSA. European Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy congress.
                         Oslo Norway.

March 2011               MENAFLEX Training course. Tubingen Germany.
                         Artificial Replacement of Meniscus.

July 2011                 Smith & Nephew Knee center Leuven Belgium. Workshop new

September 2011           Mediterranean Trauma Conference. Ayia Napa Cyprus
                         Presented four papers:
                         1. The Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Primary Osteoarthritis. Practical
                            and Theoretical significance.
                         2. Femoral Intertrochanteric and Subtrochanteric Fractures. Personal
                            Experience using an Intramedullary Nail with Integrated
                            Cephalocervical screws and Linear Compression.
                         3. Fracture Dislocation of Hip with Neurological Problems and
                            Complex regional problem Syndromes CRPS.
                         4. External Fixation versus Conversion to Internal Fixation for
                            Definitive Management of fractures of the Femur and Tibia.

One of the letters from foreign patients report back. Dr Karl Seydel. He was involved in a serious
accident in Mozambique. Hospital File No: T449402000 – Our File M3993

Dr. Hadjichristofis;
This is Karl Seydel, the patient from the US that you fixed the hip, ankle
and wrist on recently. I just wanted to let you know that I went to the
orthopedic surgeon here in California today and the doctor was VERY
impressed. The doctor is the chief of orthopedic surgery at Stanford
University. He looked at the X-rays, took some new X-rays, examined me, and
said "you received better care than most people in the US would have". I
think he expected sub-standard care - it being Africa. You definitely
changed his opinion of African medicine. He has referred me to physical
therapy, but has said I need another 6 weeks (12 weeks total) of non-weight
bearing on the ankle. So I am trying to be patient. As expected he is
worried about avascular necrosis and heterotopic ossification.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you again and let you know that your
handiwork was appreciated here.
SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS – To top National and International meetings:

1.     HIV infection in Neonates. SAPOS (South African Paediatric Orthopaedic Society)
       Meeting, April 1992 Johannesburg.

2.     Treatment of civilian gunshot fractures of the Femoral shaft. 39th Congress of the South
       African Orthopaedic Association, September 1993 – Bloemfontein.

3.     Retrospective study of intra-articular calcaneal fractures treated operatively, through a lateral
       Approach. 43rd Congress of the South African Orthopaedic Association – September
       1997 Cape Town.

4.     Surgical treatment of intra-articular calcaneal fractures in Johannesburg Hospital. My own
       Series. Cyprus Orthopaedic Congress 1998.

5.     The prevalence of Osteoporosis in primary Osteoarthritis. Practical and theoretical
       significance. 43rd Congress of the South African Orthopaedic Association – Cape Town.

I.     SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS – To Local or Regional meetings:

A.     Orthopaedic conference – case presentation

 1.    Atlanto – Axial instability in Down Syndrome (Spinal Unit). August 1991.
 2.    Distal Femoral varus osteotomy for valgus deformity of the knee. (Arthroplasty Unit). November
 3.    Septic Arthritis and HIV – infection in neonates and children. (Paediatric Orthopaedic Unit).
       February 1992.
 4.    Supracondylar Humeral fractures with vascular compromise in children. (Paediatric Orthopaedic
       Unit). April 1992
 5.    High Tibial osteotomy in Blount’s disease. (Paediatric Orthopaedic Unit). June 1992.
 6.    Treatment of civilian gunshot fractures of the femoral shaft. (Orthopaedic Unit J.G. Stry
 7.    dom Hospital). February 1993.
 8.    Cervical fusion in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Atlanto-Axial instability in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
       (Arthroplasty Unit). February 1994.
 9.    Wrist stabilization in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. (Hand Unit). March 1994. 9. Osteoid
       osteoma – unusual presentations. (Arthroplasty Unit). April 1994
 10.   Avascular necrosis of Humeral head after radiation therapy for Ca breast. (Arthroplasty Unit).
       October 1994

B.     Fracture Conference. Orthopaedic Department University of the

1.     Supracondylar Humeral fractures in children. August 1990.
2.     Fractures distal Radius. November 1993.
3.     Ankle fractures. February 1995.

1.   The prevalence of Osteoporosis in primary osteoarthritis. Practical and theoretical
     significance. (Thesis for Mmed degree in Orthopaedic Surgery).

2.   Results of surgical treatment for intra-articular Calcaneal fractures. Own series. (Presented).
3.   Surgical reconstruction of knee ligaments after knee dislocation. (Collecting data – 7 own cases).
4.   Approach to posterolateral instability of the knee. (Collecting data – 30 own cases).(2000)
5.   Presented four papers: Mediterranean Trauma Conference. Ayia Napa Cyprus

       1. The Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Primary Osteoarthritis. Practical
          and Theoretical significance.
       2. Femoral Intertrochanteric and Subtrochanteric Fractures. Personal
           Experience using an Intramedullary Nail with Integrated . Cephalocervical
          screws and Linear Compression.
       3. Fracture Dislocation of Hip with Neurological Problems and Complex
          regional problem Syndromes CRPS.
       4. External Fixation versus Conversion to Internal Fixation for Definitive
           Management of fractures of the Femur and Tibia.

     1995 – 1999 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Jhb Gen. Hosp. In charge of Arthroscopy-
      knee surgery.

      !999 – 2010 South Africa. Johannesburg. Milpark Hospital- Biggest privateTrauma centre
     in Southern Africa and Bedford Gardens Hospital (Also Private).

     Special interest : Trauma, Arthroscopic Surgery, Arthroplasty,

     Some of the operations performed

       5.    Arthroscopic Shoulder Acromioplasty. +/- 30 to 45 minutes
       6.    Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair
       7.    Arthroscopic Bankart repair
       8.    Total Knee replacement – Computer assisted surgery .
       9.    Total Hip replacement.
       10.   Total shoulder replacement.
       11.   Arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL and PCL with hamstrings and artificial
       12.   Arthroscopic repair of cartilage in the knee
       13.   Arthroscopic meniscectomy and debridement +/- 15 t0 30 minutes
       14.   Complicated reconstructions of complicated knee dislocations.
       15.   Advanced foot surgery.
       16.   Complicated hand trauma
       17.   Complicated fractures of Pelvis.
       18.   Complicated intraarticular fractures
       19.   Dealing with severe bone infection

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