Curriculum Vitae by aP68V1sd


Derrick Alan Ward
805 Ridgewood Dr.
Russellville, AR 72801
Phone: (479) 967-2113


To obtain a position in development/design of database/client-server or artificial intelligence software.


Arkansas Tech University, B.S., Computer Science, 2001 GPA 3.2
University of Arkansas, M.S., Computer Science, 2003 GPA 3.5

Work Experience:

August 2001-May 2003
Teaching Assistant
University of Arkansas
Taught introductory computer science labs. I provided all materials and exams. Courses included
Introduction to Computer Science Lab, and Introduction to Programming Lab (C programming).

December 1999-May 2001
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Arkansas Tech University
Developed software in C and assembler for four robots at Arkansas Tech University.
Robots were entered in IEEE competitions and the Trinity College fire fighting competitions. Projects were
partially funded by NASA EPSCOR.


• C++, Java, assembler (Z80,DSP), PERL, CGI, SQL, COBOL, RPG
• Windows Programming
• Database Programming
• Client-Server Programming
• GUI Design

Graduate Courses:
• Advanced Compilers, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Nets, Multi-Agent
Systems, Database Management, Algorithm Design, Intentional Agents

• Thesis: The Impact of Deception in a Multi-Agent System - Developed a Java agent simulator which was
used to explore the effects of deceptive interactions among agents.


Boggs, W., and Islam, S., and Sartogo, A., and Ward, D. Implementing an Interpreter in Java: A Web-
Based Programing Environment for a Subset of C++, Proceedings Journal of the Arkansas Undergraduate
research Conference, (April 2001), 26-33.

Ward, D., Hexmoor, H. Deception in Agents. KIMAS '03 (2003), 94-99.

Ward, D., Hexmoor, H. Deception as A Means for Power Among Collaborative Agents. International
Workshop on Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments (COLA)
(October 2003), 61-66.


Dr. Henry Hexmoor
Department of Computer Science & Computer Engineering
University of Arkansas
Engineering Hall, Room 328
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 575 2420

Dr. Randy Brown
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Arkansas
Bell 3174
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 575-6581

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