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					American Literature
Miss Nieminski

                       The Woman Warrior Research Paper
                                   75 points
                                 Due March 9th

                      “In a time of destruction, create something.”
                                         ― Maxine Hong Kingston

The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston is a novel that brings many important
issues to light, including issues surrounding immigration, gender, and identity. For this
research paper, you are required to choose a prompt that will explore either
immigration or gender and identity. You will be required to write 5-6 pages on
whichever prompt that you choose.

Subject: The Woman Warrior
Occasion: You have the opportunity to write a research paper that will further your
understanding of issues presented in The Woman Warrior.
Audience: You are writing for your teachers and your peers, who are invested in the
text as well as your understanding of it.
Purpose: You will be comparing and contrasting The Woman Warrior with outside
research on a related topic.

Prompt #1
As depicted in The Woman Warrior, immigration continues to be a widely debated topic
that affects many Americans. Select and research a community that has immigrated to
the United States, other than Chinese-Americans. Compare and contrast their
experiences to those of the characters in The Woman Warrior.

Prompt #2
The Woman Warrior presents issues surrounding gender and identity, and especially
demonstrates how those issues affect Chinese-American women. Select and research an
issue that affects gender and identity in America today. Compare and contrast the issue
presented in outside research to the issues that faced the characters in The Woman

   The paper must have a narrow, specific, analytical thesis that will require 5 to 6
     pages to answer.
   It must include information from 3-4 difference sources, not including the novel
     or any sources used in class.
   The paper must contain all the parts of an essay:
         o An introductory paragraph
         o An identifiable thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.
           o Body paragraphs that explain and support your thesis with textual
           o Cited, direct quotes from your sources to support your assertions. (Use
              MLA citations. Remember that information and paraphrases, not just
              direct quotes, must be cited with parenthetical references.)
           o A logical conclusion that leaves something for the reader to consider.
           o A Works Cited page (this does not count toward your 3 to 4 pages).
      Quotes must be integrated into the test of your paper (include as part of a
       sentence you have written), not simply dropped into a paragraph.
      The quotes must be explained and their relationship to the thesis should be made
       clear through analysis and discussion.
      The paper must have appropriate transitions between paragraphs.
      Every aspect of this assignment must be on time.

   No title page
   Typed, 12 point font in Times New Roman
   Double-Spaced
   Proper Heading with a Relevant Title
   MLA Format
   Number every page except the first one in the upper right corner.

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