Senior British Literature Research Essay by HC121001082654


									                                    Senior British Literature

                           Informative/Explanatory Research Essay

Purpose: Write a 5-8 paragraph informative/explanatory essay that discusses the code of chivalry
and answers the following prompt:

       “The Code of Chivalry is a well-defined set of rules followed by knights during the
       Middle Ages. Write a well-developed essay detailing what chivalry means, how it
       impacted medieval society, and what aspects impact our current society.”

In your essay you must:
    1. Explain what chivalry is.
    2. Explain how its ideals impacted medieval society using specific details and examples
       from the literature and your research.
    3. Relate chivalry to modern society and describe what aspects of it impact us today.

9/10 - Day One – Meet in computer lab 1.297 – Research using sources available online through
        the Media Center link. Media Center webpage > Social Studies > Junior Reference
        Collection or SIRS Issues Researcher or World History in Context or ABC CLIO
        Databases or any of the others that lead you to good articles  Create 5 notecards for
        quotations that you think you may be able to use. Create a works cited page with a
        minimum of three entries. Make sure if you create a notecard from a source that it is also
        on your works cited page.

9/11 - Day Two – Meet in computer lab 1.590 – Complete all research – begin outlining ideas.
        Make sure you have all information that you need to properly cite your support. Create
        five additional notecards. Add to your works cited page as needed. Make sure to save
        your works cited page. You will need to have it printed to use Wednesday and to turn in
        on Friday. You may NOT print in the lab today or in the classroom on Friday!

9/12 - Day Three – Meet in the classroom – I will discuss the rubric and documentation with
        you. Outline your main points and plan where you will put your citations then begin
        writing your rough draft.

9/13 - Day Four – We will NOT be working on the essay today at all – continue working on your
        draft and get someone to edit it before you come to class on 9/14.

9/14 – Day Five – Computer lab 1.549 - Type the final draft in class. (MLA – Double spaced!)
       Essay due at the end of class on Friday! (Please bring paper to print your essay on.)

Research Guidelines:
    MLA format, double spaced
    3rd person only
    No use of contractions or slang in a formal essay
    Five or more well-developed paragraphs.
      Works Cited page
      In-text citations (parenthetical references) for all borrowed material such as direct quotes,
       summaries, or paraphrases)
      Minimum of three (3) sources
      Rubric, final copy, rough draft
      Must have an introduction with a well-written thesis statement
      Must have body paragraphs that explain with facts and details for each part of the prompt
      Must have a well-written conclusion
      Must have a minimum of three parenthetical references within the essay that support and
       detail your text

You need to find a minimum of three sources to reference in your paper. You should reference
      them three times (CP) or five times (Honors). You may only use the sources that are
      available through the Media Center webpage. Do not use any other sources. If you have
      any questions, please ask me before using the source!
***Make sure you type the works cited page in the lab on Monday or Tuesday. You will need to
      turn in a works cited page with your final draft and rough draft! Remember most of the
      sources have an option to get the works cited page information in the correct format! If it
      is available, please use that option!!!

Helpful website: – A website that helps to format your sources correctly to place them on your
       works cited page

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