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									Discontinued items as of 11/4/10

-- Books
JR GS Handbook
JR GS Badge/Sign book
JR Handbook/badge book set
JR GS Leader book
JR GS Leader guide Spanish
BR Handbook
BR Try-Its Book
BR Handbook Spanish
Guide for BR Leaders
Guide for BR Leaders Spanish
Guide for Daisy Leaders
Guide for Daisy Leaders Spanish
Daisy GS Activity Book
Cadette GS Handbook
Resource Book Senior GS
Interest Projects 11-17

-- Interest Projects
Global Girls
On Your Own
G.O. Girl
Couch Potato
Hi Tech Hide & Seek
B Xtreme
It's About Time
Heritage Hunt
Women Through Time
Folk Arts
Graphic Communication
Rolling Along
Smooth Sailing
Architecture & Environment
A to V Audiovisual
Build a Better Future
News Desktop Publishing
Digging Through the Past
Inventions & Inquiry
Math, Maps & More
Media Savvy
Once upon a Story
Planet Power
Public Relations
Why in the World
Writing for Real News

-- JR Badge
Doing Hobbies
Family Living Skills
Sport Sampler
Globe Trotting
My Heritage
On My Way
Women's Stories
World in my Community
Now & Then Stories
Oil Up
Business Wise
Car Care
Computer Fun
Food, Fibers & Farming
Rocks Rock
Ms. Fix It
Ready for Tomorrow
Science In Action
Science in Everyday Life
Science Sleuths
Water Wonders
Weather Watch
Cyber Girl Scout
Environmental Health
Humans and Habitats
Winter Sports
Write all About It
Jr. Patriotism
Outdoors in the City
Discovering Technology
Girl Scouting in My Future
Consumer Power
Collecting Hobbies
Folk Arts
Toy Maker

-- Participation Patches
Get With the Land Patch
GS Water Drop Patch

-- Pins:
SR Leadership Pin
CAD Leadership Pin

-- Try-Its
Listening to the Past
People of the World
Citizen Near and Far
Space Explorer
BR Girl Scouts through the Years
Computer Smarts
Building Art
Creative Composing
Me and My Shadow
Point, Click, Go
Wave the Flag

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