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					Ms. Sallee
American Literature
10 December 2008

                                                      Transcendental Experiment
                                                             Design Phase
Timeline:                                                                    Name:
Before December break: Formulate experiment and hypothesis about its results Date:

During the design phase of the experiment you’ll want to decide on what quotations from Emerson or Thoreau you’ll wish to use as inspiration for your project. Choose quotations
that trigger thoughts about some feature of your life that you wish to change or explore. You may develop an experiment that flows out of the simplicity exercise or you may settle
on something entirely different. The experiment should be original and should fit with who you are and the values you espouse. Once you have chosen a couple of quotations for
inspiration, think about how you would test the validity of the thoughts in modern terms in your own life. You need to make sure that the experiment does not interfere with your
life or responsibilities as a student, yet if it is to be useful, it should be a genuine test of some principle that interests you. Once you have a thought, complete the following chart.
Bring a hard copy of your design to class on Thursday, December 18th. Project journal-log and reflection paper due 1-15-09.

Formulate experiment and hypothesis about results:
Quotations and author-source          Reason the quotations interest        Specific ways in which you             Hypothesis about effect or             Method for measuring or
(please write in full quotation)      you                                   will implement these ideas in          results you expect                     tracking the effect or result
                                                                            your own life for a period of                                                 (using log or journal, both
                                                                            6-10 days and your time frame                                                 of which will be kept on
                                                                            (during and/or after                                                          your computer)
                                                                            December break but ending
                                                                            no later than 1-12-09

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