Creating Policy and Procedure Manual by alicejenny


									Creating Policy and Procedure
    (Mentoring Program)
     This guide will offer
  everything your program
     will need to create a
 sustainable set of program
     rules, guidelines, and
   procedures that acts as a
 guiding document for your
program and mitigates many
 of the problems associated
   with staff turnover and
   uncoordinated services.
Section 1. Organizational
• This section will help you
  organize essential information
  about your program and
  agency. This information is
  important because it helps to
  define and outline the core
  structure of your organization. If
  you consolidate these
  documents into your Policy and
  Procedure Manual, they will be
  easy to access and available
  for quick reference.
Section 2. Program Policies

• This section identifies core
  critical policies that your
  program should have to
  govern your mentoring
  program. These are
  always amendable.
Section 3. Program Procedures
• This section of the manual
  addresses the mentoring
  program procedures that
  support and operationalize
  your program policies. The
  procedures you develop
  will need to be customized
  to meet the specific
  requirements of your
  program design.
Section 1.
Organizational Documents
•    Organizational Documents Included In
    This Section:
    – Program History
    – Mission Statement
    – Vision Statement.
    – Organizational Chart
    – Program Coordinator – Mentoring Job
    – Memorandum of Understanding
• Other Organizational Documents to
    –   Agency Bylaws
    –   501(c)3 Letter
    –   Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s)
    –   Relevant Grant and Contract Documents
        or Other Agency Agreements
Program Policies Included in this Section:
• Recruitment Policy
• Inquiry Policy
• Eligibility Policy
• Screening Policy
• Training Policy
• Matching Policy
• Match Support and Supervision Policy
• Recognition Policy
• Record-Keeping Policy
• Confidentiality Policy
• Transportation Policy
• Overnight Visits and Out-of-Town Travel Policy
• Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
• Use of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and Firearms Policy
• Unacceptable Behavior Policy
• Closure Policy
• Evaluation Policy
Forms Included in this Section:
Recruitment Procedure
• Mentor Job Description
• Annual Recruitment Plan
• Annual Recruitment Plan Timeline
• Quarterly Recruitment Activity Plan
• Inquiry Procedure
• Mentor Orientation Session Outline
• Mentee Orientation Session Outline
• Volunteer Inquiry Tracking
Mentor Screening Procedure
• Application Packet
• Mentor Application
• Information Release
• Personal References
• Mentor Interest Survey
• Mentor Interview
• Personal Reference Interview
•Mentor Assessment Summary
•Mentor Acceptance Letter
•Mentor Rejection Letter
•Mentor Contact Sheet
Mentee Screening Procedure
•Mentee Referral
•Parent/Guardian Referral Letter
•Application Packet
•Mentee Application
•Contact and Information Release
•Mentee Interest Survey
•Mentee Interview
•Mentee Assessment Summary
•Mentee Acceptance Letter
•Mentee Rejection Letter
•Mentee Contact Sheet
•Training Procedure
•Mentor Training Outline
•Mentee Training Outline
•Training Evaluation
•Mentor Training Completion Worksheet
•Mentee Training Completion Worksheet
Matching Procedure
• Match Worksheet
• Mentor Contract
• Mentee Contract
• Parent/Guardian Contract
Match Support and Supervision Procedure
• Mentor Report Log
• Mentee Report Log
• Parent/Guardian Report Log
Recognition Procedure.
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
• Child Abuse and Neglect Report
Closure Procedure
• Match Closure Summary
• Mentor Exit Survey
• Mentee Exit Survey
• Parent/Guardian Exit Survey
• Closure Letter
Evaluation Procedure

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