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					Using XStreamRipper (XSR)

XSR lets you record and listen to Internet radio stations broadcast
in the popular mp3 and Ogg formats. XSR will record a broadcast
by splitting the broadcast into individual songs saved as
appropriate files.

Supported radio station formats:

1. ShoutCast
2. IceCast

Currently, XSR has no support for radio stations that broadcast in
RealAudio, WindowsMedia, or Peercast.

With XSR you can group your favourite radio stations, and keep a
list of recorded songs. There isn't any management of the actual
song files as most users are probably already comfortable with
doing this via Finder, iTunes and iPod.

To create an entry for a radio station you can

1. Drag'n'drop from iTunes, albeit one at a time... :-(
2. Drag'n'drop a web link to a Playlist e.g. from
3. Drag'n'drop a Playlist file (filenames end in .pls) from Finder
4. Create a new radio station and enter the details yourself... :-(

If you're feeling lazy, you might want to try using the Tuner menu
to import some radio stations straight off the web.

By default, songs are saved in a directory named after the radio
station. Within this directory there is a folder named 'incomplete'
where songs are initially recorded. On completion, they are
moved out of this directory. Many radio stations cycle through a
number of songs, so duplicate recordings are likely. By defaults,
duplicates are left in the 'incomplete' folder.

Can't connect?
- Do you have a network connection?
- If you can't connect, please check with iTunes. Often radio
stations are very busy
- Have you updated the URL recently? That is, try dragging the
station from iTunes again. URLs often go "stale" (out of date)
- Check to see if a new version of the program has been released,
which may fix your problem...
- Report it as a bug.

Can't hear anything?
- XSR broadcasts a relay over the network - so you could listen to
the tunes on another computer, e.g. record at home, listen at work
- Firewalls can cause problems! One solution is to choose a free
port, say, pick a number like 12345, and enter that in XSR
network options. Then, open your FireWall preferences (System
Prefs) and enable this port.

--- Wai (Simon) Liu, Oct 2002
--- Yoav Yerushalmi
Updated Mar 2007

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