Senior IS Self-Reflection Project by jlOY3V


									                     Final Reflective Essay
ASSIGNMENT PROMPT:                        Literature, art, and history often portray a
reflective view of the world, be it written or visual, especially during the Renaissance
period in literature. In Hamlet, Hamlet spends much of the play deciding whether or not
to take action against his Uncle/Step-Father. Eventually, he does decide to do something
and that decision affects the remainder of his life.

        For this assignment, you will write a 600-800 word reflective essay examining
your life and your place in the world. Choose a defining moment or difficult decision
you were forced to make that required you to take action and explore how this event
affected you then, affects you now and into the future.

The report should include:

      Essay – (200 point evaluation of the final essay)
           1 inch margins-12 point font (Times New Roman)
           Double-spaced
           MLA format
           600-800 word count

      Visual Component - 50 points
           Some visual representation of the significance of your chosen moment.
           Examples include a collage, a short powerpoint presentation, a painting, or
              any other two or three dimensional form you choose.
           The Visual Component must also be explained in a short separate

Late papers will not be accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

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