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									Centre for Career Education
Co-op Job Competition for the Winter 2013 Work Term

Please return to:        University of Windsor, Centre for Career Education
                         401 Sunset Avenue, Room #111 Dillon Hall, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4
                         Phone: 519-253-3000 Ext. 3895 Fax: 519-973-7046 Email:
                         This form can also be located on-line at


Organization/Division:                                                    Industry:
First Name:                                                     Last Name:
Title:                                                                    Phone:
Email:                                                                    Fax:
City:                                               Province/State:
Postal Code:                                        Country:

Academic Qualifications: (Please check as many Programs / Areas of Concentration as you deem appropriate)


   Business Administration

   Computer Science

   Engineering                            Civil                       Electrical / Computer
                                          Environmental               Mechanical / Materials

   Master of Engineering*                 Electrical / Computer       Mechanical / Materials


   Physics (High Technology, & Medical Physics)

* Note that Masters Co-op Students are available for 4 or 8 month placements.
Centre for Career Education
Co-op Job Competition for the Winter 2013 Work Term

Co-op Job Title:

This position has been previously posted. Please use the description on file.      Yes       No

# of Positions Available:                Salary:                   Location of Position(s):

Application Documents Required:               Cover Letter       Resume         Transcript        Other:

Application Packages should be (to above contact):               Emailed        Mailed            Other:

Does this position require a Valid Driver’s License?             Yes       No      Type of License:

Does this position require Access to a Vehicle?                  Yes       No

Does this position require Canadian Citizenship?                 Yes       No

Does your company require Security Clearance?                    Yes       No

If Yes, please indicate what type of clearance is required:

Does your company offer any relocation and / or accommodation assistance benefits to students?
  Yes    No

If Yes, please indicate what they are:

Job Description:      (Please specify duties, responsibilities, etc.)

Qualifications Required:

Accessibility Statement:

A standard Employment Equity statement has been developed for your convenience. Would you like this statement
included with your job posting?       Yes    No
           “In pursuit of Employment Equity, members from the designated groups (Women, Aboriginal
           Peoples, Visible Minorities and Persons with Disabilities) are encouraged to apply.”

     I authorize the Centre for Career Education to record this information in a database and post it to students
in order to gather employment applications for my review.

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