House Joint Memorial 81 Task Force Overview by 13ZgpL


									  Wire New Mexico
Rio Grande Backbone

   Project Certification Committee
        September 23, 2009

 Deputy Director Maynard M. Salazar
Department Of Information Technology
Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
     Goals and Objectives

  Provide High Availability and Redundancy of
   Network Infrastructure

  Deploy high speed backbone for collaboration
   between Universities and State Agencies

  Provide cost effective broadband services in
   the Gigabit range

Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
       Applications and Uses

  Disaster Recovery for Network Services

  Convergence of Voice, Video and Data services that
   include VOIP and Tele-Conferencing

  Distance Learning

  Tele-Medicine

  Provide alternate transport for 2-way radio communications

  High speed connectivity to NLR at access points in
   Albuquerque, NM and El Paso TX

  High speed connectivity to Encanto (Super Computer)
   from NMSU, NM Tech
Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
    Network Diagram

Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
    Network Diagram-cont.

Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
       Financial Expenditures

  $2 million
   Laws 2004, Chapter 114, Section 8, Sub-section 11
     $1,845,751 was expended
     $154,249 reverted

  $72k was expended from DoIT Operational Budget
Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone
       Lessons Learned

  Not enough involvement with technical groups at the
   beginning of the project.

  Better planning to avoid having to expend funds from
   Operational Budget instead of from Appropriation.
Wire NM-Rio Grande Backbone



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