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                  New Nominations & Renewals, With & Without a Concurrent CFI request
                ISI FACILITATION           ISI CONTACT PERSON                                   CONTACT INFORMATION
                Round Coordinator          Randall Little, Senior Advisor, R&D                  514 398-8209
                                           Ada Sijercic, Grants-Officer Pre-Award               514-398-1583
                                           Nathalie Foisset, Associate Director                 514 398-8965
                                           Tracy-Ann Leith, Administrative Coordinator          514 398-7873
DEADLINE         Responsibility               CRC alone (no CFI)                                 CRC-LOF (concurrent request to CFI)
                                  NEW NOMINEES: create portfolio via then contact ISI with PIN to
  ASAP                PI          link it to McGill.
                                  RENEWALS: contact ISI to access renewal forms on-line
                                  PI to arrange 3 letters of reference to support nomination.
                                  *** Important: Applicants should familiarize themselves with the new guidelines to avoid the nomination being
  ASAP                PI          withdrawn from the cycle ***
                                  Letters must be sent or postmarked directly by referees to the CRC no later than midnight October 15 ,
                                                                          PI contacts Round Coordinator to discuss CFI-LOF application process
                                                                          and budget preparation
                                                                          All applicants must complete a Research Equipment and Space
                                                                          Needs Assessment Form (available on the OSR website) and return it
                                                                          to Round Coordinator.
  ASAP                PI                             N/A                  If you are planning CFI-funded renovation/construction:
                                                                          On campus: contact Facilities Development to obtain an estimate
                                                                          ( at least 3 months prior to
                                                                          submission deadline (i.e., July 15 , 2012).
                                                                          Located at a Hospital: please contact your renovation facilities manager
                                                                          to obtain an estimate.
                                                                             CFI-LOF: PI e-mails completed Application Budget Builder + draft
          th                                                                 budget justifications for equipment + quotes to Round Coordinator
 Aug 27               PI                           N/A
                                                                             for technical review.
                                                                             Note that ISI can prepare the budget builder for you.
          th      Faculty         Submission of CRC dossiers to the Office of the Associate Provost (Faculty Affairs and Resource
 Sept 4
                    /PI           Allocation) by Faculty for Internal review as per the instructions provided to Deans.

                                                                             CFI-LOF: PI posts application module texts on-line and e-mails
                                                                             complete draft in Word to Round Coordinator (+ cc to mentor) for
          th                                                                 review and feedback. PI enters project information in the online
 Sept 10              PI                           N/A
                                                                             Quebec submission portal (SiiR,
The week of        FARA           Faculty will receive comments and recommendations of the Provost Internal Review Committee and convey
 Sept 24           Office         them to the PI.
No later than                                                                ISI returns review and feedback comments to PI on all CFI-LOF
 Sept 24
          th          ISI         N/A
                                                                             Application modules.
                                  CRC: PI addresses all comments provided by the Provost internal committee review and posts complete
         st                       revised application module texts on-line.
 OCT 1
(or earlier)          PI                                                  CFI-LOF: PI ensures that the final revised version is posted on the CFI
                                                                          and Quebec portalsCRC: PI addresses all comments provided by the
                                                                          Provost internal committee review and posts complete revised
                                                                          application module texts on-line.
  Oct 4
                      ISI         ISI returns final administrative review comments to PI (if any).
(or earlier)
          th                                                                 PI delivers one signed copy of the complete CRC application + signed
 Oct 10                           PI delivers one signed copy of
                      PI                                                     LOF submission checklist to ISI. ISI ensures that electronic
(or earlier)                      complete CRC application to ISI.
                                                                             signatures for the Quebec form are obtained.
 Oct 15               ISI         ISI obtains the Institution’s signature for main application, and submits application on-line and via courier.

                                                            Institutional Strategic Initiatives (ISI)
                                                               Office of Sponsored Research
                                                           James Administration Building, 2nd floor

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