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									Biomedical Research Foundation
Little Rock, AR
Loretta Phillips, Executive Director

Approval of Payments:

Excerpt from Policy Manual:

                                  Purchasing Procedures
“All supplies purchased to support research/education activities such as chemicals,
animals, laboratory supplies, office supplies, etc. must be requested by the Principal
Investigator/Educator by submitting a BRF Purchase Order Form Exhibit (C) to the BRF
Administrative Office. Purchase Orders must be signed by the Principal
Investigator/Educator authorizing the expenditure of funds, and certifying that the
purchase is related to their research or education activities. All orders will be delivered to
the BRF Administrative Office unless prior arrangements have been made and approved
by the Executive Director. The Principal Investigator/Educator will be notified when the
order is received and will be responsible for seeing that the order is picked up in a timely

If it is more practical to make a purchase directly (such as by credit card) the Principal
Investigator/Educator can make the purchase and submit a request for reimbursement
along with their original receipts (credit card receipts are not acceptable).
Reimbursement request will be reviewed by the Executive Director. If there is any
question as to the legitimacy of the purchase, i.e. the relationship to a research or
education activity prior approval must be obtained from the from Executive Director. All
direct purchases in excess of $200.00 must be approved by the Executive Director prior
to purchase.

No funds will be expended from a Research or Education account without the prior
written approval of the Principal Investigator/Educator.”

Additionally, all requests for travel reimbursements, payments of patient travel pay,
payments for study participation, etc. must be submitted over the Principal Investigator’s
signature. Such requests are then reviewed and approved by the Executive Director.

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