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									                                                                                             Date: Feb 2012

                                                JOB DESCRIPTION


 Job Title                          Tutor: Literacy & Numeracy

 Reports To                         Performance & Delivery Manager

 Location                           Tottenham Hale (KIS Training Head Office)
                                    9.00 – 5.00pm
 Standard Hours                     (Monday –Friday Including one hour daily unpaid for lunch)

 Salary Range                       £21000 - £25000 Full Time

 Contract Type                      Open

                                        To contribute to the vision and success of the organisation
                                        To provide high quality, personalised T&L delivery that maximises
                                         attainment, increases learner progress, raises achievement and meets
                                         Contract requirements
                                        To empower learners to develop knowledge, skills and competencies to
                                         grow in confidence and take responsibility for their own learning
 Objective                              To enable learners to progress into further education, employment
                                         and/or training
                                        To supply the line manager with information, data, reports and records
                                         as required in a variety of appropriate formats
                                        To operate within the requirements of national and local statutory, legal
                                         and good practice frameworks

                                         To challenge barriers to improvement and contribute to a problem
                                          solving and ‘can do’ ethos
                                         To teach young people & adults in accordance with KIS funding streams.
                                         To ensure that all Schemes of Work & Lesson Plans are prepared and in
                                          place before the start of each programme and are actively used and
                                          updated as required.
                                         To ensure that all Individual Learning Plans & reviews are completed in
 Responsibilities of the                  a timely manner with each learner in line with the KIS Quality
 post                                     Framework, Funding Requirements and best practice.
                                         To completed Class Registers for student attendance at the start of
                                          every session.
                                         To contribute to the achievement of contractual performance targets
                                          by delivering against a range of contractual measures
                                         To ensure curriculum content and materials are differentiated and meet
                                          the needs of all learners, regardless of where and when learners engage
                                          with the organisation

Keeping It Simple Training - Job Description Tutor (Literacy & Numeracy)
                                         To take responsibility for the learning environment in which tutors and
                                          learners engage
                                         To use data effectively to monitor learner progress and ensure such
                                          data is updated on a regular basis
                                         To ensure all contact, sessions (taught, group, one to one, outreach etc)
                                          and delivery is of the highest quality and fit for purpose
                                         To monitor learner progress, evaluate programmes, receive feedback
                                          from learners in order to secure continuous improvement
                                         To share good practice and give a lead in developments within the
                                          specific pedagogical learning area or subject that the post holder is
                                          engaged in (eg. literacy, numeracy, vocational learning)
                                         To liaise effectively with other internal staff and external support
                                         To plan, prepare and complete all necessary documentation to ensure
                                          adherence to contract / quality compliance, Awarding Body and
                                          inspection requirements
                                         To adhere to all regulations regarding confidentiality and accessibility of
                                          data and records
                                         To be an excellent role model and exhibit high expectations of self,
                                          staff, partners and learners
                                         To take ownership of personal continuing professional development
                                          (CPD) to maintain professional standards in line with QTLS
                                         To carry out duties commensurate with the post and directed by the
                                          line manager to ensure:-

                                         Achievement is raised
                                         Learners have high expectations of self, peers and staff
                                         Learners gain in self confidence
                                         The quality of T&L has a high percentage of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’
                                         Work is personalised and differentiated to meet the needs of all
 Key Deliverables
                                         Work is regularly reviewed with learners so they are able to take
                                          responsibility for their own progress
                                         Data on progress, success, attendance, attainment and achievement is
                                          used in an effective way to inform T&L and curriculum offer
                                         Deadlines are met
                                         Act as an ambassador for KIS

 Skills, Abilities & Knowledge
 Essential                                                          Desirable
      Commitment to the Vision and ethos of KIS                        Knowledge of North London community
      Experience of delivering targets in a                               and the challenges it faces
         challenging environment                                        Additional languages that could be utilised
      Ability to work with and support learners                           in the delivery programme
         with diverse needs and backgrounds
      Empathy with learners whilst capability of
         challenging unacceptable or inappropriate
      Proven knowledge of T&L improvement

Keeping It Simple Training - Job Description Tutor (Literacy & Numeracy)
           strategies, theory and practice
          Proven good practice in ECM and
          Excellent record in identified subject
          Ability to use assessment for learning
          Accurate record keeping and monitoring
          Excellent ICT and general communication
           and presentation skills
          Demonstrable ability to meet deadlines
          Ability to multi-task and be flexible

 Essential                                                          Desirable

          Proven ability to plan and prioritise                              Experience of working in an urban, multi-
           workload to meet deadlines and objectives                           cultural area
          Proven successful behaviour management                             Experience of working and supporting
          Excellent record working with learners                              young people and learners who have
           from diverse and challenging backgrounds                            previously suffered educational

 Essential                                                          Desirable

          Qualifications Literacy Subject Specialism                         Evidence of continuing professional
           role L (eg, degree, Cert Ed, C&G 7407,                              development
           Assessor/Verifier Awards, PTLLs, CTLLS,
          Enhanced CRB

 Personal Qualities

                                                                          Excellent interpersonal skills
     Results driven
                                                                          Positive and enthusiastic
     Clear spoken and written English
                                                                          Empathetic to staff and learner needs
     Highly motivated
                                                                          Flexible and adaptable
     Commitment to Equality of Opportunity
                                                                          Good sense of humour

  The contents of this job description are not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive, they represent the regular
                               duties (envisaged & actual) at the time of their creation.
  Staff are expected to show a reasonable degree of flexibility in undertaking additional or ad-hoc duties for which
                                        training and support may be provided.

Please note – To be considered for the position, you must send a completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring form
(available to download from our website) with your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Keeping It Simple Training - Job Description Tutor (Literacy & Numeracy)

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