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Leader 1

           Adherence Assessment Survey

               Team Leader Role
Leader 2

           Team Leader Responsibilities (1)

    Ensure the facility is expecting the team on the appointed
     day and that it is a day when the facility is expecting to see
     a number of patients

    Ensure the team arrives at the facility by the time the clinic

    Ensure there are enough data collection forms for the
     exercise and a laptop with data entry forms loaded

    Introduce the team to the facility management and ensure
     work starts promptly
Leader 3

           Team Leader Responsibilities (2)
    Assess the record keeping system, decide how to sample for the
     retrospective records, and start the process

    Find a suitable place for doing the exit interview and brief the
     dispenser on what is needed to direct relevant patients for

    Find a suitable place for extracting data from the records

    Manage the work of the team so that everyone is continuously
     busy, and that there are no bottlenecks, such as people without
     work because more sampling and record extraction is needed

    When the appearance of patients for interview speeds up or
     slows down, move data collectors to fulfill the need as
Leader 4

           Team Leader Responsibilities (3)

    When the work is underway, do the Facility Interview

    Review the work of the team as it occurs to ensure the
     forms are being filled in correctly

    Participate in the work where there is greatest need

    When 50-70 retrospective records have been extracted,
     start one person on data entry on the computer. This may
     be the team leader as a way of quality control

Leader 5

            Team Leader Responsibilities (4)

          Make a note of what the sampling process was
           and any special attributes of the facility to help
           later interpretation

          Note the names and telephone number of key
           staff, such as the in-charge pharmacist or

          Say goodbye to the facility management and
           give initial feedback as to your experience

Team Leader Responsibilities, (5)

   Get the team to the next survey site in order
    to be able to start promptly the next day

   Ensure the data has been double entered into
    the computer

   Check for any discrepancies on the double
    entry and decide the correct interpretation

   Communicate with the survey coordinator to
    brief them on experiences of the day


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