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Technology Integration - Download as PowerPoint by 13ZgpL


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        Technology Integration
   Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

             Want to follow along?
 PowerPoint available
Go to and click on
          Web 2.0

         Library Thing:
Create your own online library…

     Help record books…
       Three Goals for Today
• Big picture stuff
• Lots of group sharing
• Chance to engage in project-based learning
                 Main Ideas
• The ultimate goal is to get technology in the hands
  of students, but for now, you’ll be working with
• Technology can support learning in all kinds of
  classrooms. The WIDE View
• Teachers need help to negotiate the demands of
  integrating technology and that’s your job!
        Keeping Up

Virginia’s Community of Learning
          VSTE Forums
                      To Do:
• Subscribe to relevant lists: Blue Web’n, MarcoPolo,
• Join an organization: VSTE, ISTE
• Learn about research: CARET
• Read weblogs:
• Find professional development resources: PT3Now,
  GLEF, NetFiles
      Off the Top of My Head
• Have a job aide available for every piece of
• Hold “certification” classes for using
• Hold “just in time” and “make and take”
• Use students for development and
  troubleshooting work.
What Do You Already Know?
What’s been your biggest success so far in
terms of instruction?
What’s been your best idea?

A quick snapshot of your teachers and
     Ask the THREE Questions

Technology Coach Handbook, pp. 32-34
The Future Is Now

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Two Views of the Present

       Overhead Projectors

  Lesson: Take the wide view of
Lesson: Not everything is a nail…
The Purpose of Education

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 Technology and the Curriculum
• Learning from (technology provides curriculum:
  drill & practice, integrated learning systems,
  textbook enhancements)
• Learning about (technology as curriculum:
  “computer” lab or class, programming, skills
  taught in context)
• Learning with (technology supports curriculum:
  may include some version of the other two)
            The System
         Administrative and

        Vision        Access

        Skills        Time

         Technical Support
What do your teachers need in order to
  integrate technology effectively?
               Integration is…
• It’s about reflecting on our practice.
• It’s about solutions to problems.
• It’s about meeting needs.

Two Stories About Blogs:
Reflecting on my own practice: The Secret Life of
Reality: Chris B’s Blog; Chris B’s Source, The rest
   of Chris’s class! EEK!!
It’s also about objectives, appropriate activities and
   aligned assessment.

         Ideas About Integration
• Doing the same thing we’ve always
  done…but better…transparent technologies
  –   Communicate
  –   Acess Information/Research
  –   Practice
  –   Present
  –   Assess/Reflect
• Professional Development Tool:
Technology and Teaching Strategies

  Sharing Your Lesson Plans
        What is the teacher doing?
        What is the student doing?
         Where are they doing it?
     How are they using technology?
If you’ve done it, how did it go? Ideas for
   differentiation, different grades, etc.
Lunch Time
Thinking About Inquiry

 Project-based, inquiry-based,
  problem-based learning…
Getting Rid of Bullies

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   ACOT Stages: the long version
Entry           Teacher is learning the basics of a technology, e.g., how to set
                   up equipment and operate it.
Adoption        Teacher begins to use the technology in management areas,
                   e.g., computer generated quizzes or worksheets,
Adaptation      Teacher begins to use software to support instruction, e.g., a
                   commercially produced content area program or
                   productivity tools (word processor, data base)
Appropriation   Teacher begins to focus on collaborative, project-based
                   technology use and technology becomes one of several
                   instructional tools.
Invention       Teacher begins to develop different uses for technology, e.g.,
                   creates projects that combine two or more technologies.
                ACOT and LoTI
Entry                 Nonuse or Awareness

Adoption              Exploration

Adaptation            Infusion

Appropriation         Integration

Invention             Expansion and Refinement
                    Handbook, p. 38
Handbook, page 38
Problem-Based Learning
 Activities (pp. 19-20)

• Vreeland on Projects and Standards
   – What’s her message to you?
• Project-Based Learning Webquest
Technology and Assessment

    Let’s Take an SOL Test…


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