Boy in the Painted Cave Objectives by 2Js0Tdf


									                  The Cay Objectives
Essential Questions for all Literature Units
 How is scholarly reading different than
    reading for pleasure?
 How do the struggles characters endure similar
    to and different than the struggles people
    experience in today’s world?
 How does the setting impact the story?
 What motivates the characters’ actions?
 What message does the author communicate
    through the characters’ experiences in this
 What parallels can you draw between the
    experiences of the characters in this story to
    your life?

Essential Questions for the Boy in the Painted
Cave Unit:

 How does this story demonstrate people’s bias
    based on slavery in the past?
 How does Phillip change throughout the story?
    How does foreshadowing, flashback, and
        symbolism influence the movement of the
 How does the type of conflict: man vs. man,
 man vs. nature, man vs. himself lead to themes
 in the story?
 What parallels can you draw between the
 people, places, events and ideas communicated
 in this
        story and other stories you have read?

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