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									                What is "Computer Science?"
More than 'programming' ...
Programming and Programming Styles
Data Structures, Classes, Objects
Software Engineering
Computer Systems Science
Computer Architecture
Algorithm Design
Properties Programming Languages
Compiler Design and Implementation
Operating Systems
Networks Computer
Graphics and Scientific Visualization
Computation Theory
Database Systems
Artificial Intelligence
   and many other areas
                 What is Software Engineering?
SE is the study and practice of techniques and processes for the development
and maintenance of large scale scale software systems.

Software Engineers are concerned with the cost
effectiveness of software, Software Reliability, and usability.
Mathematics Core
MA1160: Calculus with Technology I                               4
MA2160: Calculus with Technology II                              4
MA2330: Intro to Linear Algebra
MA2720 or 3710: Statistical Methods / Engineering Statistics      3/4
                                   Mathematics Subtotal:       14 -
Lab Science                                         8 credits
Lab Science or Math Elective                      3 or 4 credits

Note: Science and Math should total 26 credits.
              What is Computer Systems Science?
Focuses on Computer Systems such as: Operating systems,
                                     System Administration,
                                     Performance Analysis,
                                     and Security.

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