I found a SBC webpage (http://www

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I found a SBC webpage (http://www Powered By Docstoc
					I found a SBC webpage
(http://www.sbc.com/gen/general?pid=1365) that lists 46
companies with their websites. I looked at several and
some do not offer service in the Monterey Bay area. It is
a national listing. The services provided include dial-up,
DSL, web hosting, and T1 connection among others. Of the
ones I looked at, here are the ones that seems to provide
the best bang for the buck whether it be business or
residential use in this area.

DSLExtreme   http://www.dslextreme.com
Red Shift    http://corp.redshift.com
SBC          http://www.sbc.com/gen/landing-pages?pid=3308

These three businesses provided nearly the same prices,
within a buck or two a month, for the same services.
Depending on the exact speed someone was looking for, one
of them is cheaper or the other. This was true of any of
the services provided. I already have SBC DSL and am happy
with the service I am getting, so I would recommend it
based on personal use.
Yahoo! Search

Stanton                                  3,250,000
Stanton International                      600,000
Stanton International furniture             51,300
Stanton International furniture Oregon      16,800

The last search actually dropped the website that I was
looking for from the top of the list.

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