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									                                    Educational Technology:

   Using Cooperative Learning and Computer-Assisted Instruction to Increase Student


                                      Professor Aries Cobb

       Aries Cobb, Assistant Professor of Educational Technology in the Division of Education

works with teaching professionals on how to integrate technology in the classroom. Most

recently, she had an article published in the Distance Learning Magazine entitled “e-Portfolio:

Action Research Team Professional Development Plan. Aries Cobb, formerly the Principal

Investigator of Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) for the Cleveland

Metropolitan School District assessed the EETT program, provided teachers with instructional

strategies to integrate technology in the classroom, and assisted teachers in increasing their

student academic achievement by maintaining an e-Portfolio for their students. The above-

mentioned project has sparked research interest for the scholar.

       The professor’s research interest includes:

      How can teaching professionals provide quality instruction for students while utilizing

       technology and media?

      How can teaching professionals successfully plan instruction to increase student

       achievement with cooperative learning and computer- assisted instruction?

      What ways can teaching professionals maintain cooperation among students while using

       instructional technology?
Contact Information:

Aries Cobb

Division of Education-=Wheeler Hall

Office: 440-826-8062

Fax: 440-826-3779


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