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									May 2007

                            Lancashire Probation Trust

                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

EMPLOYER:                 Lancashire Probation Trust

LOCATION OF JOB:          Blackpool Talbot Road

JOB TITLE:                Temporary Receptionist

GRADE:                    Band 1 (£14,325 - £16,742)

HOURS:                    37 hrs per week

RESPONSIBLE TO:           Senior Probation Officer


To provide effective and efficient reception services to assist in the achievement of LPT


    Reception and Telephone Duties

    Operation of database(s) – input and extract of data as required.

    Faxing, Filing, photocopying and mailroom duties.

    Managing conference/meeting room diary and preparation and maintaining room for
     events and functions

    General office and admin duties as may be required from time to time appropriate
     to the admin nature of the post.
     e.g. Maintenance of up to date information in various documents relating to
     procedures and conditions of service; weekly absence returns; photocopying.

This job description forms part of the contract of employment of the person appointed
to the post. It reflects the position at the present time and should not be regarded as
exclusive or exhaustive. There may be other duties and requirements at the same or
lower responsibility level associated with this post.
                              PERSON SPECIFICATION

Job Title:         Receptionist                        Team:       Administrative

Grade:             Band One                            Date:       May 2007

          Short-Listing Criteria          Essential/           Assessment Method
                                          Desirable       (How it will be measured
                                            (E/D)       whether a candidate meets the


1. Wordprocessing qualification               D        Application form / certificates
2. NVQ Customer Care                          D        Application form / certificates


1. Previous relevant reception work           E        Application form / interview
                                              E        Application form / interview
2. Software packages e.g. Microsoft
   Office applications.

3. Knowledge of confidentiality issues        E        Interview

4. Experience of dealing with members
of the public, both face to face and by       E        Application Form / Interview


1. Ability to operate a reception desk        E        Application form /interview
   and work competently in that

2. Ability to interpret and accurately
                                              E        Test
   collate and distribute information.

3. Ability to deal with customers in a        E        Interview
     professional manner.

4. Ability to deal with competing             E        Interview
     demands and prioritise work
5. An ability to communicate                        E        Application form /interview
   effectively both orally and in writing
   with a range of people, some of
   who are experiencing difficulties or
   who are in stressful situations

6. An ability to work in a busy and
                                                    E        Application form / interview
   challenging environment


1. Commitment to Equal opportunities                E        Interview
   and Diversity in the workplace
2  Willingness to be flexible in working            E        Interview
3. Demonstrate a good attendance                    E        Pre employment checks

* Lancashire Probation Trust has a target of no more than 9 days absence per employee per annum.
Candidates who are offered a conditional offer of employment will, therefore, be required to
demonstrate that this can be reasonably achieved by them detailing their absence record including
dates and reasons for each period of absence over the last two years and by completion of a medical
questionnaire and assessment by Occupational Health. Absences related to a one-off medical
complaint, now resolved, e.g. operation and pregnancy-related illness will be disregarded in this
assessment. Absences related directly to the DDA will also be disregarded.

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